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2005 №4

Economics and Informatics
Agriculture and Plant Cultivation
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine
Mechanization and Power Engineering

UpEconomics and Informatics

Full textGusakov V.G.
Actual question of melioration: past, present and future

Full textIlyina Z.M.
Food safety: international aspects
The aspects of solution of food problem and reaching of food safety at a global level have been researched, some aspects of activity of international organizations deciding this problem have been considered, the development trends of cooperation of Belarus and Food and Agricultural organization of the United Nations (FAO) have been justified in the article.

Full textMikulich A.V.
Participation in profits is one of forms of longtime motivation of labour
Enhancing of labour motivation through a system of participation in profits and formation of worker’s property are directions of effective mechanism of management in market conditions. Variants of use of participation in profits system at longtime motivation of labour in conditions of financial resources deficit, and possibilities of funds using for future development and stimulation of workers labour have been presented

Full textSaiganov A.S., Drozdov P.A., Anikevich D.P.
Modern state of development of mechanistic detachment at flax-scutching mills and main directions of rising of effectiveness of their functioning
Analysis of modern practice of functioning of mechanistic detachment at flax-scutching mills has been done. Main reasons containing development of these sub-units have been opened. Role and place of these sub-units in a reproduction system of linen sub-complex have been determined. Typical optimal model of organization of work of mechanistic detachment of flax-scutching mill at long-fibred flax cultivation on 750 ha has been presented. The economic mechanism of delivery of ground areas of agricultural organizations to of mechanistic detachments in temporary use based on joint economic activity as a agreement of simply comradeship, and effective mechanism of interaction of mechanistic detachments and service consumers based on efficient planning of two-sided agreement relations have been proposed.

Full textShundalov B.M., Rudoi A.A.
Economic effectiveness of fruit growing concentration
Low level of fruit-berry production and its low-commodity characteristics do not allow satisfy needs of population and processing industry. Influence of production concentration onto main indexes of economic effectiveness of fruit growing of Belarus has been shown. Disunity of gardens and berry patches having low level of production concentration is typical at the modern stage. Concentration of fruitgrowing was shown to promote increasing of economic effectiveness of production and to create favorable conditions for reception of competitive productions.

UpAgriculture and Plant Cultivation

Full textSevernev M.M.
Intensification of plant cultivation is a base of food safety
Standards of needs in food raw materials for supplying with foodstuff of the Republic population, needs in techniques, in mineral fertilizers and working stuff for food safety of the Republic have been given. Ways of further growth of food raw materials production enhancing of delivery of foodstuff to home and foreign markets have been proved.

Full textBogdevich I.M.
Agrochemical indexes of soils fertility and their improvement
Dynamics of main agrochemical properties of Belarus soils which indicate the yield and quality of agricultural production has been shown for last 3 decades. The needed measures for soil fertility improvement and for maintenance of optimal soil property values have been discussed.

Full textManarkhovich S.V., Yakovleva G.A.
Influence of different factors into electrophoresis profiles of potato tubers protein
Identification of potato varieties is important at all stages of selection and seed-growing. Results of studying of protein electrophoresis possibilities at identification of potato varieties have been presented. Protein patterns of potato tuber parenchyma were unique for every variety. Environmental factors don’t influence onto profiles of potato tubers protein. Electrophoresis patterns of proteins can be used for sort identification independently from time of tubers storage at considering one strip appearing for growing tubers. The strip is identical for all varieties.

Full textShlapunov V.N., Nadtochaev N.F., Sholtanyuk V.V.
Sowing terms and sealing-off depth of maize lines and hybrid seeds
It has been stated that shallow sealing-off (depth — 2 cm) lines and hybrids seeds into sandy-loam soil and a sowing term аn the end of April provide highest field seeds germination. Seeds productivity at various depths of sealing-off is in close correlation with plants density. Line and hybrid productivity is not differing significantly at various depths of seeds sealing-off at close to optimal plants density. Seed productivity weakly depend on sowing terms but at its delay moisture content increase in seeds. The best indicators of economic efficiency are run up at sowing of line seeds and maize hybrids at an end of April at shallow sealing-off (depth — 2 cm) without harrowing. At a lateness of sowing in one decade seeds should be sealed at a depth of 4 cm.

Full textBuga S.F., Artiomova O.V., Iliuk A.G.
Pathogenesis рeculiarities of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum Z.) ear at inoculation of Fusarium spp. fungi
Mycological analysis of winter wheat ear components has been carried out after an artificial contamination of plants by Fusarium spp. fungi. It has been stated that the most quantity of these fungi concentrate in basal part of ear, lesser quantity — in a middle part and minimal quantity — in an apical part of ear. An essential difference in the aggressiveness of different species of Fusarium genus isolates has been noticed. The most competitive from studies species was F. culmorum whereas isolates of F. oxysporum were characterized by low aggressiveness at their ability to quick colonization of a host-plant. The highest speed of colonization is characteristic for F. poae isolates. The sources of winter wheat caryopsises contamination by a fungus of Fusarium species have been determined.

Full textPikun P.T., Korotkov M.M.
Lucerne and its possibilities
Data about possibilities of Lucerne use in a mixture with perennial grain crops of various precocity have been presented. Lucerne seeds are obtained better from after-grass in condition of Belarusian marshy woodlands. Grass cutting is important element of technology of obtaining of high harvests of Lucerne seeds. Use of Lucerne in herbage together with early ripening grain crops gives possibility to receive in addition high harvest of green mass, balancing in protein from first hay-crop, and Lucerne seeds to receive from after-grass.

UpAnimal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine

Full textSheiko I.P., Petrushko I.S.
Rational use of genetic resources in animal husbandary of the republic of Belarus
Modern state of animal husbandry in the republic of Belarus has been analyzed. Some measures of rational use of genetic resources in animal husbandry, ways of improving of breeding animals’ genetic potential have been shown. The necessity of storing and creating of scanty and disappearing breeds has been proved. It will allow to achieve animals productive indexes correspond to state Program of village rebirth and development in 2005-2010, and to keep the genetic variety for our issue.

Full textRadchikova G.N.
Effectiveness of feeding of mixed fodders with various mineral-vitamin admixtures to calves
Results of investigation of effectiveness of feeding of Kostovit Forte and Oligovit extra mineral-vitamin admixtures to young cattle have been presented. It has been stated that introducing in mixed fodders composition to calves of 50—140 kg living weight these mineral-vitamin admixtures allows to receive daily increase of 870—885 g at forage expense of 4.25—4.29 F.U. or at the same level when standard PKR-1 and PKR-2 premixes were used.

Full textReviako V.A., Kovalevski V.F.
Digestibility and use of nutrients by calves at feeding them with sapropel addition
It has been presented materials of physiological experiments on studying of digestibility and use of nutrients of ration in which concentrate part was enriched with sapropel feed addition (SFA) and PVMA having 3wt% SFA in a grain mixture. Use of SFA was found to increase digestibility of nutrients by 1.3—3.7% and balance and use of nitrogen — by 20% and 2.8% respectively.

Full textKozinets A.I.
Influence of preserved rolled triticale grain into productivity and meat quality of young cattle
Effectiveness of feeding to young cattle of rolled triticale preserved by AIV-3+ and NB-2 has been studied in scientific-production experiment. Results of organoleptic, physic-chemical and biological investigations of meat and liver of cattle have been presented. Introducing to the ration of preserved rolled grains was stated to have positive influence onto productivity and quality of meat of young cattle.

Full textVorobiov D.N., Kirikovith Yu.K., Zhuk N.F.
Effectiveness of provoking of polyovulation for Aberdin-Anguss cows-donors
Use of prolonged FSH-super allows to facilitate the polyovulation provoking method for Aberdin-Anguss cows-donors. High effectivess of polyovulation provoking for cows-donors has been found as a result of recearches by one-time putting of a total dose of FSH-super together with 12% solution of polyvinyl alcohol.

UpMechanization and Power Engineering

Full textBulgakov V.M., Holovach I.V.
Differential equation of spatial movement of the cleaning blade at interaction with a head of tuber
On a base of the obtained differential equations of motion of a cleaning blade which is installed on the drive shaft with a horizontal axis of rotation, the new mathematical associations have been presented. They justify basic parameters of the given technological process. The conformities allow to value optimal means of the constructive and cinematic parameters of the cleaning blade.

Full textSharshunov V.A., Kruglenja V.E., Kudrjavtsev A.N., Alekseenko A.S., Katsuba V.I.
Research of process of drying of flax heap by a two-story rotary drum dryer with cultivation and hashing
Results of researches of the process of drying of flax heap at a two-story counter-flow rotary drum dryer have been presented. The second rotating trellised platform is installed above the loaded layer of a heap for effective drying a fine fraction of flax heap in dryer. As a result the working out agent on the bottom platform of drying is used for preliminary heating and removals of a surface moisture from loaded on the top platform flax heap. To provide uniformity of drying a material is loosen and is mixed during drying with the help of the loosening device installed as casing on unloading cutter. Duration of drying flax heap with hashing is at 13-17 % less than without hashing. Preliminary heating of flax heap on the top trellised platform allows essentially (at 15-20%) to speed up its drying, and hashing with leveling a layer to increase productivity of drying installation at 40-50% and to lower power inputs on drying to 1,6 times.

Full textPetyushev N.N., Roschina E.V., Lisovskaya D.P.
Differentially thermal and thermo-gravimetric evaluation of native and extrusive potato starches
Results of thermal analysis of starches have been presented. Loss of mass, thermal effects and temperature changes have been determined simultaneously at obtained data. Extrusive starches obtained from native industrial starches of various areas of Belarus and from imported Polish starches too have been investigated for the first time.

Full textZhakova K.I., Romanov S.L., Kovalenko L.F., Zaichenko O.A.
Physiological and bio-chemical peculiarities of baking yeast cultivation in media containing mineral selenium
The information about influence of a microelement of selenium (Se) on an organism of the person has been presented. The results of the researches of influence of mineral selenium into physiological and biochemical features of baking yeast have been discovered. The dynamics of a change of the such famous biochemical parameters as zymasie’s and maltasie’s activities and specific growth rate have been investigated. Concentration of a selenium source has been established that allow to receive the baking yeast enriched with selenium having high quality indicators.

Full text
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