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2011 №4

Agriculture and plant cultivation
Animal husbandry and veterinary medicine
Mechanization and power engineering
Processing and storage of agricultural production
Scientists of Belarus


Full textGusakov V.G.
Development of management system in agroindustrial complex of Belarus
The paper demonstrates summarized assessment of the existing management system, representing its drawbacks and discrepancies. Also the models of a perspective organization of management in agroindustrial complex regarding the development of market relations are formed. A special attention is focused on the development of bases of a new paradigm of management in agroindustrial complex. On the basis of this paradigm conceptual frameworks of building an effective system of management in agroindustrial complex in the republic, district and at an agricultural enterprise are formed. Besides, possible and reasonable models of a perspective organization of enterprises for a group of financially and economically stable entities are presented.

Full textSuboch F.I.
National food competitiveness: its condition and regularities of development
The article deals with the essence of the strategy of national food competitiveness (NFC) which enables to establish that the innovative constituent is an integral part of competitive benefits formation. That is why the innovative way of development, in spite of the difficulties of its implementation, is a principal strategy of an advancing development of agriculture. The essence of the innovative activity of different spheres of agroindustrial complex in the aspect of strengthening of national food competitiveness is identified. The most important characteristics of NFC are efficiency and competitiveness reflecting the conditions and regularities if its development which together form the process of production. The above mentioned characteristics allow to research economic process, methods and regularities on NFC strengthening.

Full textBogush A.A.
Methodological bases of the assessment of labour efficiency in agriculture
Theoretical theses of labour efficiency and its assessment are researched and summarized in the article. Methodological approaches to the substantiation of criteria and indices of the assessment of labour efficiency in agriculture are considered. The methodology of the assessment of labour process, working conditions and productivity, use of human resources and staff is substantiated.

Full textZaharova I.V.
Identification of hidden economic potential of agrotourist business on the example of brest oblast
The methodology of identification and calculation of hidden potential of the regions in agrotourist sector of economy is worked out. The concepts of potential and hidden potential are discovered. The example of calculation of hidden potential for Brest region is given, the variants of agrotourism development in this district are analysed in accordance with the use of potential possibilities.

UpAgriculture and plant cultivation

Full textPirahouskaya G.V., Gribko A.P., Philipenko S.V.
Influence of brewing barley fertilization on technological characteristics of malt
The results of the experiments on sod-podzol light loamy soil with a high fertility level on the study of the influence of different forms of complex fertilizers with additives of microelements (copper and manganese) with their application in soil on the yield and quality of malt from brewing barley grain of ataman and browar varieties show that the application of new forms of fertilizers with additives of microelements in the technology of brewing barley cultivation ensures the increase of yield by 3.3-6.1 c/ha (with the yield of 60.2-60.0 c/ha of ataman barley and by 42.7-46.0 c/ha of browar barley) in comparison with the mixtures of standard fertilizers. The best complex fertilizers with microelements on these soils are the following: N:P:K = 9:13:18; N:P:K = 13:19:25; N:P:K = 10:16:19. They ensure the grain increase within 4.2-6.1 c/ha and quality grain indices (protein and starch content) and malt on the level of required standards.

Full textBosak V.N., Koloskova T.V., Minyuk O.N., Martsul O.N.
Comparative biological value and amino acid composition of cereal and leguminous crops depending on application of mineral fertilizers
The research shows that application of mineral fertilizers to sod-podzol soils promotes the increase of the content of limiting and essential amino acids in the grain of cereals and leguminous crops. The grain of soya, vegetable legumes and winter triticale turns to be the best in respect of balance of amino acid composition and biological value of protein which corresponds to the standards recommended by FAO and WHO on the content of essential amino acid.

Full textAnokhina T.A., Dubovik E.I., Kadyrov R.M., Chirko E.M.
Characteristics of adaptability and grain productivity of tetraploid varieties and samples of buckwheat differed by plant morphotype
The analysis of fifteen varieties and breeding samples of buckwheat has shown that most of tetraploid populations have a high potential of grain yield, however, not all of them ensure sufficiently high stability of the given characteristic in changeable environment, what is reflected in a sharp reduction of the yield level in less favourable years. It is necessary to select not only high-productive varieties, but also to develop populations with high homeostasis of fruit formation, especially it is required for forms with determinate type of plant.

Full textКoltun N.Е., Yarchakovskaya S.I., Mikhnevich R.L.
Phytomonitoring of cranberry tree plantations (Viburnum opulus L.) in Belarus
The research of the specific composition of phytophages in cranberry tree plantations and substantiation of the system of optimization of their phytosanitary condition with the use of biological preparations show that the main pests both by incidence and number in Belarus are water elder leaf beetle – Galerucella viburni Payk., beet aphid – Aphis fabаe Scop., rose leaf roller Archips rosana L. Seldom damage is made by European fruit lecanium - Parthеnolecanium corni Bouch. The application of a biological preparation melobass, manufactured on the basis of Beauveria bassiana ensures water elder larvae decrease by 68.5–71.4%. The efficiency of the experimental sample of lecanicyl preparation produced on the basis of high-effective strain of fungus Lecanicillium (Verticillium) lecanii (Zimm.). Zare et W. Gams st. BL-1 against beet aphid reaches up to 59.5–65.5%.

Full textRupasova Zh.A., Garanovich I.M., Shpitalnaya T.V., Varavina T.I., Krinitskaya N.B.
Peculiarities of microelements accumulation in fruits of cornelian cherry varieties of Ukrainian breeding introduced in the conditions of Belarus
The article describes the results of a comparative study in a two-year cycle of observation of the content of microelements in fruits of the natural wild form of Cornus mas. L. and its 5 varieties of Ukrainian breeding (Vladimirsky, Vydubetsky, Eugenia, Lukianovsky, Radost) introduced in the conditions of Belarus. Distinct genotypic differences in the parameters of their accumulation, which depend to a great extent on weather conditions during the vegetation period, are identified. It’s shown that the highest content of nitrogen in fruits is observed in Vydubetsky and Radost varieties, that of phosphorus ― in Radost, that of potassium ― in Vladimirsky and Lukianovsky, that of calcium ― in Eugenia, while there is no distinct genotypic differences in magnesium content. Most of the introduced varieties of cornelian cherry, especially in the first year of study, exceeded its natural form in the content of nitrogen and phosphorus in their fruits, while potassium and calcium content showed an ambiguous direction of differences. As far as magnesium content is concerned, there were no differences observed. At the same time weather conditions of the vegetation period not only determined to a great extent the parameters of microelements accumulation in Cornus mas. L. fruits, but had a considerable impact on the extent and direction of differences in their content in variety forms and in the natural form.

Full textKauhanka M.U., Bykhovets A.I., Zalatar R.M., Chepik A.P., Sokolov S.N., Charnou Iu.G., Kashkan Zh.N.
Evaluation of toxic effect of the steroidal 3β,5α,6β-triols and 3β,5-dihydroxy-6-ketone derivatives containing α-chloropyridine fragment on colorado beetle larvae leptinotarsa decemlineata say. (coleoptera)
The insecticidal effect of 3β,5α,6β-trihydroxysteroid and 3β,5-dihydroxy-6-ketosteroid derivatives of cholestane and stigmastane series containing 2-chloropyridine fragment in their structure on Colorado beetle larvae has been studied. Several of the compounds have been found to possess high insecticidal activity.

UpAnimal husbandry and veterinary medicine

Full textYakybovsky M.V., Kuzminsky I.I.
Immunity of cattle at gastroenteric nematodes
The article deals with the data on the research of dynamics of some immunity and blood indices after deworming of animals against gastrointestinal nematodes. On the example of the domestic complex preparation “Tetragelmintocid” the advantages of the simultaneous use of antiparasitic preparation and immunostimulants are shown.

Full textKovaliov N.A., Gusev A.A., Buchukury D.V., Usenia M.M., Krasochko P.A.
Immunologic efficiency of liquid cultural inactivated adjuvanted vacccine against rabies and canine parvovirus enteritis “PARVORAB”
The article presents the results of studies of immunologic efficiency of liquid cultural inactivated adjuvanted vaccine against rabies and canine parvovirus enteritis “PARVORAB” which contains strain KMIEV-14 b with titer 6.8–7.0 lg cultivated in cell culture ВНК-21, virus PVES KMIEV-14 b in titer 7.0–8,0 log2 cultivated in cell culture CRFK, teotropin of 0.15% concentration (inactivator), Hidrocsal of 10% concentration (adjuvant). The vaccine is identified to be a safety, sterile and highly immunogenic preparation which is not inferior to foreign vaccines. The vaccine has been successfully tested and is recommended for practical use.

Full textDobruk V.M., Gorbunov Yu.A., Minina N.G., Kozel A.A.
Clinical-physiological and productive indices of cows-would-be-donors under different conditions of management
The article demonstrates a scientific substantiation of cows-donors’ exercise which facilitates the increase of milk productivity, prophylaxis of postdelivery diseases, and the increased number of calves-transplants.

Full textYakovchik S.G., Ganushchenko O.F.
New concentrate in the composition of whole milk experimental substitutes at calves breeding
The research shows that the increase of the content of components from biologically valuable domestic raw materials in the composition of experimental types of whole milk substitutes (WMS) ensures the reduction of their price (by 22–27%) in comparison with actually used substitutes (analogues). Unsoldering of calves with cheap experimental types of WMS with highly nutritious extruded concentrate on the basis of flax seeds promotes the increase of daily gain by 14%. As a result, the payback of experimental types of WMS has raised by 1.5 times as compared with the substitutes used actually in Vitebsk oblast (“Vitamilk-P3” and “Telenok-K23/12”).

Full textSosnovskaya A.A., Shadyro O.I., Edimecheva I.P., Simirski V.V., Nasonov I.V., Fesina V.V., Logvinov O.L.
Use of rape oil distillate in poultry keeping
While studying the composition of distillate to be formed in the course of physical refining of rape oil it’s determined that the content of tocopherols in distillate is 1.8–4.0%, phytosterols – 6–12%, free fatty acids – 74–84%, including 42.2–54.6% of oleic acid, and Vitamin F (linoleic and α-linolenic acids) – 20.2–26.0%. It is shown that the use of distillate as a vitamin-containing concentrate for broiler chicken fattening allows to increase poultry safety and average daily weight gain, as well as decrease cholesterol and total lipid content in blood serum and meat of poultry, at the same time feed consumption is reduced and nutritive quality of poultry meat is increased.

UpMechanization and power engineering

Full textPodskrebko M.D.
Theory and practice of identifying mechanical characteristics of soil
The theory and practice of identifying mechanical characteristics (stress strain, Poisson ratio, proportionality limits, yielding points, strength limits) are worked out. The device for taking soil samples is proposed.

Full textSkoybeda A.T., Supin B.B.
Load capacity increase of tractor “Belarus” gear drive by means of multiple contact application
Gearing with high contact ratio (HCR) has other properties then gearing formed with the standard shape profile. It is characterized by increased load capacity. In this paper the solution to the problem of stress concentration in the root of gear is based on the boundary element method (BEM). HCR-gearboxes with tooth fillet of multiple contact remain unchanged.

UpProcessing and storage of agricultural production

Full textLovkis Z.V.
New directions and technologies in raw materials processing in the Republic of Belarus
Nowadays the national food industry is rapidly growing that causes the increase of research intensity of food production. The article states a brief analysis of the results of studies of new efficient processes which are used in the technologies for raw materials processing, designs of new machines and equipment for food processing industry and new food products in the Republic of Belarus.

UpScientists of Belarus

Full text
Zenon Valentinovich Lovkis (To the 65 th Anniversary of Birthday)

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