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2014 №1

To the 85th Anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Agriculture and Plant Cultivation
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine
Mechanization and Power Engineering
Processing and Storage of Agricultural Production
Scientists of Belarus

UpTo the 85th Anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Full textGusakov V.G.
Factors and mechanisms of the stable economic development of agriculture


Full textIlyina Z.M., Mirenkova G.V.
Strategy of the sustainable development of local rural areas: methodological aspects
The article deals with the methodologies of forming the strategies of the sustainable development of local rural areas which are the basis of the general concept. To develop this concept it’s necessary to establish motivation mechanisms of changes of ecological, social and economic system determining the strategic goals. The methods and means of strategic goals achievement, including government support, as well as economic mechanism of the system development should be differentiated and correspond to local conditions, include the innovative constituent of economic growth.

Full textGanush G.I.
Social and economic prerequisites and methodological principles of creating organic agricultural production
The paper substantiates social and economic prerequisites for creating and efficient functioning of economic entities specializing in the production and sale of ecologically safe (organic) food products. Methodological principles of creating organic agricultural production on farms are presented.

UpAgriculture and Plant Cultivation

Full textNikonchik P.I.
Role of the main field crops in the accumulation of organic matter
The results of the long-standing researches (1980-2010) in the stationary experiment on the study of the role of different field crops of crop rotations in the accumulation of organic matter in soil are presented in the paper. The total plant biomass removed with yield (q/ha of dry matter) and remained in soil with roots and crop residues is determined. The share of plant residues (root, stubbles) as percentage of total plant biomass and of the removed yield is shown.

Full textLapa V.V., Lopukh M.S., Kulesh O.H.
Effect of various fertilizer systems used in five-field grain-grass crop rotation on the dynamics of agrochemical properties of sod-podzolic light loamy soil
The article presents the data of five-year researches on the study of the effect of various fertilizer systems in crop rotation on the changes of the main agrochemical indicators (рНKCl, humus content, mobile forms Р2О5 and К2О, CaO, MgO) of sod-podzolic light loamy soil.

Full textSоrока S.V., Tsyganov A.R., Sоrока L.I., Yaкimovich E.A.
Efficiency of metribuzin-containing herbicides when they are applied to winter grain crops in spring and autumn
When metribuzin containing herbicides are applied to winter grain crops, 80–95 % of Stellaria media, Сapsella bursa-pastoris, Myosotis arvensis, Galeopsis tetrahit, Thlaspi arvense, Apera spica-venti die as well as 40–80 % of Viola arvensis, 30–60 % of Cirsium arvense and Sonchus arvensis, 70–90 % of Chenopodium album and Tripleurospermum ssp. When this kind of herbicides is applied in spring the efficiency is 10 % lower than in autumn, but the yield is almost the same or differs slightly. The cost of treatment of 1 ha of seeds with herbicides is compensated by 0.6–0.9 dt/ha of winter wheat, 0,8–1,3 dt/ha of winter triticale, 0.9–1.6 dt/ha of winter rye.

Full textValasevich N.N., Kukharchyk N.V., Sidorenko T.N., Levsikova E.G.
Vegetative poductivity of raspberry (Rubus Idaeus L.) Plants after in vitro propagation
The vegetative productivity of raspberry varieties Alyonushka and Meteor after in vitro propagation is evaluated, and the productivity of raspberry plants grown in different regions of Belarus is compared. It’s established that vegetative productivity of raspberry plants after in vitro depends on a variety, plants age, and the region of growing. The largest amount of young plants per one mother plant of Alyonushka variety was obtained after the first year of plant growing, and Meteor variety – after the third year. It’s shown that the vegetative productivity of Alyonushka variety is higher when it’s grown in Gomel region.

Full textNalobova V.L., Shaitura I.V.
Correlation between economically valuable traits of parthenocarpic cucumber for plastic greenhouses
The article presents the statistical analysis of correlations between economically valuable traits of cucumber for plastic greenhouses. The positive correlation between yield and number of fruits per plant (r = 0.82), yield and duration of fruiting period (r = 0.85), number of flower buds and the number of fruits per plant (r = 0.74), duration of fruiting period and number of fruits (r = 0.73), yield and number of flower buds (r = 0.68), downy mildew and powdery mildew affecting (r = 0.77) are identified. The negative correlations between the period from germination to fruiting and the number of fruits (r = –0.78), yield and the period from germination to fruiting (r = –0.81), yield and downy mildew (r = –0.64), yield and powdery mildew (r = –0.60) are determined. At the same time correlation between the olive spot and downy mildew affecting (r = 0.02), olive spot and powdery mildew affecting (r = 0.05) is not identified.

UpAnimal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine

Full textSheyko I.P., Brilo I.V.
Concept of the development of animal husbandry branches in Belarus
The paper demonstrates the analysis of the major animal husbandry branches in the Republic of Belarus. The ways of the development of dairy and meat cattle and pig breeding for the period up to 2020 are stated. The analysis is carried out and the options are presented for obtaining competitive animal husbandry products by improving the genetic potential of farm animals and organizing proper feeding.

Full textGolushko V.M., Kozinets A.I., Nadarynskaya M.A., Kozinets T.G.
Rape cake and sapropel fodder concentrate
Developed is the method of including sapropel into the feed for highly productive cows due to which it’s possible to use the feed rich in biologically active substances without preliminary drying. Feeding cows on the fodder concentrate “Agroproduct” consisting of sapropel and rape cake has a positive effect on the level of milk yield and brings about the increase of average daily yield by 7.5 % and fat by 3.6 %. At the same time the production costs per 1 kg of milk are reduced by 6.0 %.

Full textGorchakova O.I.
Efficiency of application debikir egg hens
After debeaking the research on studying the growth, development and performance of hens and cocks of egg crosses was conducted. The rational technologies for layer hens debeaking with the assessment of their economic efficiency were developed.

UpMechanization and Power Engineering

Full textEfimenko A.G.
Development of motor services aic in the competitive
The paper presents theoretical and methodological bases of functioning of the market of automobile transportation services in the agricultural and industrial complex (AIC) of Belarus and recommendations concerning the adaptation of automobile transportation organizations of the AIC to the conditions of the open competitive market. Suggested are the conceptual approaches to the efficient development of the automobile transportation services market providing for the creation of the common information-logistic space and development of the strategy of transport-logistic business.

Full textBakach N.G., Basareuski A.N., Mazhuhin I.E.
Substantiation of the parametres of the cutting part of knives of a greenland mower
The paper presents the theoretical substantiation of the basic design parameters of the knife of a greenland mower KP-6,2 and kinematic modes of cutting. The method of programmed design of the section of the knife cutting part is described.

Full textLeonov A.N., Kitikov V.O.
Optimization of machine milking process
Developed is the theory of machine milking allowing to upgrade machine milking in order to get maximum possible quantity and quality of milk and increase the productive longevity of animals.

UpProcessing and Storage of Agricultural Production

Full textSharshunov V.A., Urbanchyk E.N., Shaluta A.E.
Optimization of modes of pea germination
Optimization of modes of pea germination is made. Dependence of germination on air temperature is established. Nomograms, allowing to determine the optimal modes of pea germination without additional calculations depending on air temperature are developed.

Full textPochitskaya I.M., Subach V.P., Roslik V.L.
Apple and apple juice composition investigation by means GC/MS and LC/MS
The content of volatile and non-volatile components of apples and apple juice are investigated by means of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GCMS) and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LCMS). A number of apple components are identified.

UpScientists of Belarus

Full text
Mikhail Efremovich Matsepuro (To the 105th Anniversary of Birthday)

Full text
Viktor Stepanovich Shevelukha (To the 85th Anniversary of Birthday)

Full text
Valery Mitrofanovich Lemesh (To the 75th Anniversary of Birthday)

Full text
Alexander Rimmovich Tsyganov (To the 60th Anniversary of Birthday)

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