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2003 №2

Economics and information technologies
Arable Farming and Plant Growing
Animal Breeding and Veterinary

UpEconomics and information technologies

Full textGusakov V., Svyatogor A., Gorbatovsky A.
The efficiency of utilizing the resource potential of agriculture in grain production
The article analyses the dynamics of cereals production during 1960-2002 in Belarus. On the basis of individual regions and different types of farms the reasons and consequences of the yield and gross output have been considered with regard to the degree of the resource potential utilized. The article provides the assessment of the factors and conditions, which form the intensification basis, and which is regarded as the main mean of developing the efficient cereals production.

Full textDemidov V., Khrustaleva O.
The assessment of the level of organizing the production processes
The article considers one of the directions of increasing the efficiency of the agricultural businesses, in particular improving the utilization of the production potential. The authors suggest the methods of assessing the level of organization of the production processes, which allow for making objective analysis, controlling and stimulating the workers depending on the economic results. Such approach increases the efficiency of the agricultural businesses.

Full textSumonov M.
Gross domestic product and its structure in different countries
The article provides the information on the gross domestic product (GDP) per capita in various countries, its structure and rates of growth. The share of the agricultural input in GDP and the factors influencing this share are analyzed. The comparison between the EU, CIS and Belarus is provided as well.

Full textMikulich A.
The incentive and the feedback
The author suggests the model of inter-accounting system within an agribusiness and the system of stimulating the works of different divisions of one farm.

Full textSaiganov A.
The peculiarities of the production - technical maintenance in agriculture
Is revealed and the connection between major features of conducting an agriculture and adequate organization its industrial and technical service, in modern conditions is shown, it is expedient to take into account at formation of effective market sphere of agrarian service.

Full textMitskevich P.
Investing in agribusinesses by young farmers in the northern Poland
The article illustrates the processes of upgrading in Polish agribusinesses managed by young farmers. The sources of financing and the influence on economic efficiency of agricultural production and financial results of the farms are outlined in the article.

Full textRastorgoueva E.
Organization of normative and technological maintenance of high quality pork production
Normative technological maintenance organization is one of the basic directions of effective total quality management creation in pig breeding. The order of normative technological maintenance organization of the branch is stated in the article. The use of it will allow adjusting effective, continuously working system of updating appropriate documentation. These are conditions which guarantee high competitiveness of domestic pig breeding production.

UpArable Farming and Plant Growing

Full textAutko A., Yankovskaya G., Naumoya G., Zhmakova N., Klyauzze I., Makarova N. T. Ovchinnikova
Biologically active preparation, based on natural raw materials and their influence on nitrate accumulation in marrows
The ankle provides the results of the research of the marrow applied biologically active preparation of humus and melanoidine nature, received from peat and plants' wastes, which were used on growth regulators and means of reducing the level of nitrate accumulation. It has been demonstrated that the application of the preparation resulted in increasing the marrow yield by 5-25% and reducing the nitrate accumulation level in the main fruit hearing period by 23-49%.

Full textGrib O.
Selection of the high-lysine barley, the methods and perspectives
The article provides the approaches and methods of selecting the high-lysine barley, suggests the improved technology of selection and multiplication process, formulates the model of the norm-creating variety.

Full textNadtochaev N., Shimansky L., Meleshkevich M., Turovets V.
Competitive capacity of Belarusian maize hybrids
The comparison of the results of the control and competitive tests of maize hybrids of Belarusian and foreign selection in two ecological areas of Belarus has shown that the first ones do not concede to the foreign selection in productivity and in fitness to the soil-climatic conditions of Belarus even exceed them. This is followed by the conclusion about the expediency of building a factory on drying, calibration and chemical disinfection of seeds building aimed at increasing the production up to 50001 and more as well as at obtaining high-quality seeds that will allow for 1/3 reducing hard currency expenditure on importing such seeds.

Full textPshihodsky G.
Adaptive amelioration of the contaminated soils of Mogilev region
On the basis of the scientific research the theoretical grounds for the adaptive amelioration of the radionuclide contaminated soils aimed at safe tiring and getting safe agricultural products have been developed. Territory organizing is determined by agroecological conditions and types of business. Such understanding is the basis of the decision making for rehabilitating the lands. It may be used in territory organizing in the CIS contaminated regions.

Full textLeuto I., Spartak V., Pivovarova Yu.
The productivity of the bean-cereals mixtures on sloppy areas of Poozerie (near lake areas)
The article provides the results of the research of annual mixtures of bean-cereals cultures efficiency on lands with complicated soil conditions in sloppy areas of Poozerie. It demonstrates the harvest of the dry matter and the yield of the feed units per hectare of the mixtures from sloppy land plots; the sufficiency of fodder with digestible protein; the materials of the fodder chemical composition.

Full textBiryuk E.
The changes in the peroxidase content of apple leaves under the influence of low temperatures
With the help of the method of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis the author studied the polymorphism of peroxidase in the apple leaves depending on the temperature and the terms of frost in 2001-2002. The article provides the comparative analysts of the isoenzymes of peroxidase at various temperatures and terms of frost. It was determined that specific isoenzymes occur after frost only at the grades with a weak resistance to the frost.

UpAnimal Breeding and Veterinary

Full textYalyushkin K., Yushkovsky E.
The influence of vitamin and mineral top-dressing on natural immunity of pregnant cows and their reproductive function
As a result of the research it has been established that there is a positive influence of the vitamin A and и complex top-dressing on natural immunity of pregnant cows and their reproductive function.

Full textPostrash I.
The connection of calcium and magnesium with iron exchange in calves organism
The problems of iron exchange status in real calves are considered n this article. The correlation between plasma indices of iron exchange and calcium and magnesium concentrations in blood serum has been studied. It has been proved that animal's iron provision is connected with magnesium exchange and does not influence calcium concentration.

Full textLevkin E.
The influence of Pietrain boars meat productivity of pigs of the Belarusian White-and-Black breed and its crossbreds
The influence of Pictrain boars used to male sows of the Belarusian White-and-Black breed and its crossbreds was studies. It was determined that Pietrain boars had improved carcass meat content of their progeny. Crossbreed pigs had lower back fat thickness (25,50-30,02 mm) and higher meat content (58,52-61,68%).

Full textBorovaya E.
Utilizing the oily radish as a biological conservant when feeding ruminant animals
The influence of the oily radish, being a biological conservant, on the fertility and digestibility of the maize silage has been studied. It has been determined that using this culture as a conservant improves the quality parameters and digestibility of the maize silage. The correlation between the maize silage and oily radish of 75 % to 25 % ensured the highest digestibility of protein and other nutrients.

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