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2006 №3

Economics and Informatics
Agriculture and Plant Cultivation
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine
Mechanization and Power Engineering
Processing and Storage of Agricultural Production
Scientists of Belarus

UpEconomics and Informatics

Full textIl’ina Z.M., Baigot L.N.
Common agrarian market of the Union State: problems of market formation
The problems of development of integration processes within the framework of the regional trade and economic Agreements in the agrarian sphere are considered in the article. The estimation of foreign trade of agricultural products and foodstuffs of Belarus and Russia is made. The problems on creating the Common agrarian market of the Union State are studied and the measures on their solution are justified and offered.

Full textGorbatovsky A.V.
Effective directions of further intensification of animal husbandry and fodder production branches
The basis the of high-effective usage of animals is the following interrelated complex of factors: animal king – animal feeding – animal breeding. If the factor of animal feeding is paid less attention, the other measures on the branch intensification may have a negative effect. The intensification directions development scheme should be based on the balanced feeding, enough amount of forage, cheaper feeding rations for complete and effective usage of the scientific-technical progress results and high recoupment of production resources.

Full textSuboch F.I., Pilipuk A.V.
Aspects of development of milk and meat industry in the integration system from a position of the marketing strategy
In the article, the aspects of development of milk and meat industry in the integration system from a position of the marketing strategy are considered. To increase the efficiency of milk and meat subcomplexes, it is offered to create the organizational-administrative model of the upright – integrated marketing structure in the south of the Minsk region. The basic elements of the marketing strategy and the stages of its development are distinguished.

Full textSaiganov A.S.
Perspective lines of the development of an effective dealer system of technical servicing of agricultural commodity producers
Effective offers and recommendations on increasing the functioning efficiency of the firm technical servicing system in the agroindustrial complex of the Republic of Belarus are developed.

Full textBelchina E.M.
Property of workmen as a form of the labour motivation under market conditions
The way to enhance interest of a workman in the activity of an enterprise lies through the efficient guiding a person, the understanding of his motivations. The most interest is the economic labour motivation. The article presents a classifi cation of main and additional forms of the economic motivation and studies the structure of population incomes of the Republic of Belarus. The essence of labour motivations through the mechanism of the workman participation in the property (capital) of an enterprise is revealed. The characteristic of systems of the participation of workmen in the property is given by the example of USA, Japan and countries of the West Europe. The scheme of setting up the labour participation fund in the profits of the agricultural production of a co-operative society is offered. The designed standards of the deductions to the labour participation fund depending on the margin of net proht per workman ate developed.

UpAgriculture and Plant Cultivation

Full textGoncharova N.N., Voytekhovich A.I.
Breeding value of potato inbred lines
The article presents the results of the study on the combining ability of seven inbred lines of potato with regard to the productivity, number of tubers per plant, tuber mass, starch and reducing sugar content, resistance to the late blight of potato. Recomendations on their use in breeding have been proposed. The best hybrid combinations have been selected.

Full textMikhailovskaya N.A.
Quantitative estimation of the K-mobilizing bacteria activity and application for winter rye growing
The methods for quantitative estimation of potassium biological mobilization were developed. The activity of K-mobilizing bacteria in respect to the use of potassium from micas and hydromicas was determined in experiments. It was shown that the activity of potassium mobilization depends on soil mineral structure and bacteria strain characteristics. The potential K-mobilizing bacteria capability mobilization of different-form potassium from muscovite was found. The effectiveness of K-mobilizing bacteria for winter rye growing was tested in field experiment on sod-podzolic loamy sand soil characterized by different levels of K-supply. Bacterization of winter rye resulted both in the improvement of yield component and in the increase of grain yield. The most effectiveness of K-mobilizing bacteria was observed on soils characterized by a relative deficit of mobile potassium. Development of new types bacterial fertilizers was shown to be perspective biological soil management.

Full textPutyatin Yu.V., Seraya T.M., Sokolik A.I.
Influence of potassium nutrition and acidity of the sod-podzolic loam sand soil of the crop yield and 137Cs and 90Sr uptake by rapeseed and potato
In field experiments, close negative correlation dependences between the 137Cs and 90Sr uptake by potato tubers and spring rapeseeds and a content of movable potassium in the sod-podzolic loamy sand soil are revealed. In laboratory experiments with spring rape, it is established that when the potassium content in the culture medium is increased by a factor of 34, the 137Cs accumulation in the roots decreased by a factor of 87, in the surface part by a factor of 38, which apparently speci?es the potential ability of «potassium therapy» while reducing the radionuclide accumulation in plants. Under field conditions, the minimum of the biological availability of radionuclides for spring rape is seen when the soil contains movable potassium at a level of 450 mg/kg. For potato the minimum of the biological availability of 90Sr is marked when the soil contains movable potassium at a level of 493 mg/kg, that of 137Cs – 465 mg/kg, which on the average is by 240 mg/kg higher than the agrochemical optimum. Radionuclide accumulation and industrial crop yield were essentially varied depending on the dose of potassium fertilizers.

Full textKrasinskaya T.A., Koukhartchyk N.V.
Effect of ion exchange substrate BIONA-112 on Cesarus Mill. plants morphological development during ex vitro adaptation
The influence of adaptation substrates (peat and ion exchange – BIONA-112) on the processes of adaptation, growth and development of rootstocks (GiSelA 5, OVP-2, VSL-2) and cultivars (Vyanok and Novodvorskaya) of Cerasus Mill. at ex vitro adaptation was studied. It was established that the adaptation substrates and Cerasus Mill. plant genotypes much affected the quantity of survived plants and their morphological development at ex vitro adaptation. The after-effect of ion-exchange adaptation substrate upon the plant morphological development was observed during further plant cultivation on traditional substrate. The positive after-effect of ion exchange substrate upon a further growth of the above-ground part of rootstocks was established on a significant high level. At the post-adaptation stage, the cultivars underwent repeated stress, resulting in the plant growth inhibition.

Full textShpaar D., Rabenstain F., Kastirr U., Khabekus A.
Viral diseases is the severe threat to the growing of grain crops in Europe
In the article it is informed that in Europe recently the amount and the spreading of viruses that affect grain corps have increased, which reduces their yielding capacity and economic losses. It is shown that in addition to the phytosanitary measures, the creation and cultivation of grain crops stable to viruses are the important factor to reduce the harm of the viruses. It is marked that for the monitoring of sowing and for the selection of grain corps stable to viruses, of importance is the development of diagnostic methods and their use for exact identification not only of viruses but also of their pototypes.

Full textDovnar V.S.
Method for determination of combustion heat of dry matter of plants and amino acids
On the basis of the data published in the literature on organic compounds with different degree of restoration from oxalic acid to methane, it was found that the amount of energy releasing at their combustion was in a strict, direct dependence on the oxygen consumption for their oxidation. According to the dependence, a new method for determination of combustion heat of dry matter of plants and amino acids was worked out. The combustion heat values of dry matter of spring crops made up 3.47–3.83 kc/g of barley; 3.37–3.92 of spring wheat; 3.82–4.16 of oats and 4.50 kc/g of yellow lupine were determined. For amino acid they were was from 4.08 to 7.57 kc/g, depending on the structure of a side radical. The method is high-efficient up to 10 analyses for 1 hour and its accuracy is about 1%.

UpAnimal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine

Full textSheyko I.P., Loban N.A., Vassiliuk O.Y., Drabinovitch D.S.
Selection of profilacy improvement of large white sows by the molecular genetic method
The appearance frequency of genotypes and alleles of ESR estrogen reception was studied. It was established that the appearance frequency of B-allel in Large White pigs was from 0.32 to 0.64. Sows of BB genotype had a litter size by 0.87–1.57 of piglet higher than those of AA genotype (р < 0.05; р < 0.001). Sows productivity depending on parental genotypes was analyzed. A new selection method is developed and the scheme of profilacy improvement of Large White Sows is proposed.

Full textYanovich E.A.
Productivity of Belarusian meaty animals mated to landrace boars
The efficiency of landrace boars and Belarusian Meaty sows crossing has been studied. There was a positive effect on reproductive performances, fattening and carcass qualities of Belarusian Meaty sows and their progeny when mated to landrace boars. The high heterosis effect by prolificacy (5.8-15.1%) was created by individual application of landrace boars of 7 lines: Zvon, Zevs, Zоnt, Zaliot, Zaboi, Zaslon, Zubr. There was an increase of prolificacy by 6.6%, lit here weight by 0.9%, weight of piglet at weanling by 3.5%, when compared to purebred Belarusian Meaty sows. Crosses of Zubr 1389 and Zaliot 1690 lines had a better growth energy rate and a high slaughter carcass yield - 843–862 g and 68.9–69%, respectively; crosses of Zont 572, Zenit 269 and Zaliot 1690 lines had thin backfat - 22.7–22.9 mm; crosses of Zont 572 and Zenit 269 had large «loin area» - 38.1–38.8 cm2. Crosses of these lines had superiority at the age of reaching a live weight of 100 kg and average daily gain by 3.0–5.6% than their mates.

Full textKozinets T.G., Haracheu I.I.
Productivity and haemotogic indices of replacement steers depending on different level of dietary molybdenum
The results of our investigation have shown that young cattle premixes supplemented with 1.0 mg/kg DM of Mb increased daily gain, developement and biochemical performances of breeding steers. During summer and winter experiments, the daily gain of group II was 970.9 g and 975.1 g, which was 3.3–5.1%; 3.6–5.5% higher than that of other groups. Feeding steers of group II with premixes supplemented with molybdenum had a positive effect on the blood morphologic composition and increased the haemoglobin level, red cells, reserving alkalinity, carotin, vitamin A, Ca, P by 3.0–20.8%; lowered feed expenses by 3.1–3.8% / FV, when compared to controls.

Full textGavrichenko N.I.
Postoestrus uterine bleeding: the metabolic structure of the blood and the endocrine status of cows
The endocrine status and the metabolic structure of the blood of cows with postoestrus uterine bleeding have been studied. It has been found that the most important reason for postoestrus uterine bleeding (Metrorrhagia) of cows is the disfunction of the anterior pituitary, which is shown by the low-level follicular stimulating hormone (FSH) and a higher level of the luteinizing hormone (LH) at the day of heat. Changes in the balance of gonadotropin result in the infringement or in the changes of the content of progesterone, testosterone and estriol. To a greater extent, a low level of estradiol during the heat period and a higher level after the heat period, instead of a sharp decrease of its content after ovulation, and also other changes in steroidogenesis are the reasons of a weak display of sexual libido, occurrence of uterine bleeding and a subsequent decrease in the reproductive ability of animals.

Full textAbramov S.S., Morozov D.D., Zasinets S.V.
Pathogenetic therapy of calves affected by abomasoenteritis
For the last few years unknown areas of pathogenesis of abomasoenteritis in calves have been discovered. It was found out that the general intoxication of an organism is the main component in the progressing of the disease. It appears as the disorder of liver, kidneys and the main varieties of metabolism. Moreover, latent ferrum-insufficient anemia in this pathology is developing as well as the signifi cant process. New remedies were researched relating to mentioned branches of pathogenesis. Enterosgel and Sodium Hypochloritis were applied for removal of intoxication symptoms. Intraferr-100 was used for elimination of ferrum-insufficient anemia’s symptoms. Administration of these drugs assisted earlier rehabilitation of calves due to removal of intoxication and ferrum-insufficient anemia’s symptoms.

UpMechanization and Power Engineering

Full textBulgakov V.M., Holovach I.V.
Longitudinal vibrations of a continuous elastic body with one fixed end
The longitudinal vibration theory of a continuous elastic body with one fixed end is devised. The Ostrogradskii–Hamilton principle of stationary operation is applied. Using Ritz’s method, Ritz’s equation of frequencies for a considered oscillatory process is obtained. In particular, analytical expressions for determination of the first and second fundamental frequencies of body vibrations and the amplitude of forced vibrations of any body cross–section are obtained.

Full textLisovsky V.V.
Investigation of the influence of the parameters of receiving and transmitting devices on metrological characteristics of primary measuring transformers of SHF moisture meters of grain
We have investigated the problems on raising the accuracy of measuring the moisture content of products of agroindustrial complexes using SHF moisture meters. In the series production of SHF moisture meters, of very important and the problems on providing the identity of reproducting nominal grade characteristics of devices for express test of moisture content. The results of research of main parameters of receiving and transmitting devices and their influence on the metrological characteristics of SHF moisture meters of grain are presented. The obtained calculations show that the deviations of the aperture size of aerials produce a less influence on a general error in measuring SHF energy attenuation by moist material and, consequently, by the moisture content itself as compared to the deviations of the acrial height. The experimental check of the obtained ratios provides a favourable coincidence (within 10%) with the calculated parameters. The results of the research have been implemented in designing the equipment for the series production of initial transformers of laboratory and conveyer SHF moisture meters of the “MICRORADAR” line.

UpProcessing and Storage of Agricultural Production

Full textShimanovich S.L., Shimanovich O.V., Krasnitsky V.M., Liudchik L.M.
Ecologically safe ozone technologies in agriculture and food industry
In the review, the modern techniques of application of ozone for clearing and disinfection of air from polluting substances, dangerous viruses and bacteria, as well as for creation of favorable conditions for storage of foodstuffs, for disinfection and sterilization, for increase of the production efficiency in various branches of argiculture and industry are described.

UpScientists of Belarus

Full text
Vladimir Grigorievich Ivanyuk (To the 65-th Anniversary)

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