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2002 №3

Economics and information technologies
Arable Farming and Plant Growing
Animai Breeding and Veterinary

UpEconomics and information technologies

Full textGusakov V., Svyatogor A., .Corbatovsky A .
The problems and perspectives of increasing the efficiency of fodder production and animal breeding
The article analyses the status and the perspectives of different enterprises to uptake fodder production and raise the competitiveness of animal breeding on the basis of regulated labor and material costs. According to the results of the research and a seminar on this matter there are reserves for efficient developing of the fodder production and animal breeding by means of implementing advanced experience and the results of the scientific research.

Full textKiveisha E.
The way to the sustainable development of the agrarian economy
The article justifies the need for: a balanced proportion between private and state ownership of land; state ownership of agricultural land of commercial usage; leased forms of land usage; development on this basis of different large scale agricultural enterprises of different forms of ownership; the dominance of a corporate (artel (cooperative)) form in private sector; gradual transformation of land lease into cooperative (artel) ownership, provided the highest efficiency of agricultural production is achieved on the leased land The above issues are considered from the point of view of the specific conditions of a transition economy of Belarus.

Full textKovel P.
Organizational and economic aspects of fodder production in agricultural enterprises
The article considers the problem of economic expediency of separating fodder production into an individual branch, analyzing the restraints and the advantages. The issues of organizing a separate branch organizationally viewed as based on permanent staff, short term lease of the hard ware and lands as well as internal self accountancy. To economically stimulate the staff it is suggested to strengthen the branch in comparison with grain production.

UpArable Farming and Plant Growing

Full textNikonchik P.
The impact of the intermediary crops of the rotations on the balance of the organic matter in soil
The article provides the results of the research on the effect of different intermediary crops of the crop rotations (winter, subordinate, post harvest), including legume, cereal and cruciferous when using them for fodder and green manure on humus balance in soddy-podzolic light loamy soils.

Full textPrischepa I.
Complex using of chemical means as the basis for stable harvests
The article analyses complex usage of chemical means on cereals crops, which provided for stable harvest without detriment to the quality. It outlines the role of the mineral fertilizers in increasing the efficiency of pesticides and reveals the interrelation of the pesticides and fertilizers on the cereals' yield. A complex protection of the cereals by using tank mixtures of pesticides allows for an individual assessment of each factor and alterations in the mixtures' content. At the same time the required level of protection is reached by means of simultaneous effect of the complements of a mixture on pests, existing in the agrocenosis of the cereals. The article draws attention to the ecological safety and economic justifications of using chemical means in complex (separately or together) provided technological requirements are met.

Full textSmeyan N., Tsytron G., Shibut L., Gorkunov V., Pesetskaya O., Tsytron E.
On the ecologically safe systems of arable farming in Belarus
Scientific research has been the basis for the developed theoretical grounds of the economically efficient and ecologically safe systems of land use in Belarus. Soil protection of a territory, adopted for individual landscapes is the scientific basis for the systems of arable farming in each individual soil-climatic region.

Full textBosak V.
The influence of the fertilizers on the productivity and quality of lvolga variety of the spring wheat on sod-podzoiic light loamy soil
Аs a result of the research in a long term field experiment on sod-podzolic light loamy soil it has been found out that the optimal system of the fertilization of the Ivolga variety of the spring wheat is the rate of N60P70K120 per hectare during pre-sowing cultivation together with the N30 additional fertilization during the first node stage, which provided the gross yield of grain of 5,14 ton/hectare with 12,3% of protein and 30,4% of gluten content In order to increase the productivity and the quality of the grain of spring wheat it is justified to spray the plants in the first nod stage with copper sulfate (120 g/hectare), which should provide for additional 0,16 ton/hectare of grain which will have 065% higher protein content.

Full textPikun P., Borovik A., Kravtsov V.
The impact of the organic and mineral fertilizers on the formation of the elements of the productivity and yield of the seeds of the Caucasian goat's rue
The article provided the data on the impact of the organic and mineral fertilizers on the formation of the elements of the productivity and yield of the seeds of the Caucasian goat 'a rue.

Full textShimansky L.
Three-line hybrids of maize with modified paternal form
Using the related (sisterly) lines as paternal forms when creating three-line modified hybrids allows for realizing the high potential of the productivity and ensuring their more reliable and profitable seed growing.

Full textKozlovskaya I.
Developing the tomatoes plants on the organic substrates when using a small space method of growing in winter greenhouses
The article provides the results of the research on developing the tomatoes plants on the peat substrates with added flax boon when using a small space method of growing in winter greenhouses. The research has established optimal correlation between the volume of cation exchange and the substrate content, which provides for the best physiological development of the plants. For the peat substrates with added flax boon the optimal rate is 35% of boon.

Full textSemenas S.
The impact of the concentration of BA on the coefficient of the in vitro micro propagation of some varieties of the straw berry
The article studies the effect of various ВA concentrations on the clonal in vitro micro propagation of 16 varieties of straw berry. The optimal concentration for the studied varieties propagation has been established.

UpAnimai Breeding and Veterinary

Full textSheiko I., Tanana L., KIimov N.
Utilization of 2 duration of the intrauterine development as a test for forecasting the productivity of agricultural animals
The article demonstrates the productive properties of pigs and cattle of different durations of intrauterine development in Belarusian farms. The article provides the results of the research on interrelation between the productive properties of agricultural animals and the duration of their intrauterine development.

Full textLaman N., Shashko K., Kapustin N., Zinovenko A.
The nutritive value of green grass and silages from grass-leguminous forage and its use as cattle fodder
The article provides the comparative assessment of the productivity and chemical composition of green binary grass-leguminous mixtures and their components. The optimal sowing rate for oat-vetch and barley-lupine mixtures providing for the highest dry matter content, fodder units and digestible protein has been established According to the given characteristic of the chemical composition of the grass-leguminous mixtures the peculiar feature of the latter is the concentration of energy of 0,86 F.U. or 10,33MJ of metabolizable energy and 91,6g of digestible protein per I kg of DM. These silages when fed to the cows allow for increasing milk productivity by 8-12% at lower levels of concentrates in the diet by 30-40%.

Full textMedvedsky V., Svistun M.
Natural resistance of the body and productivity of the pig sows after adding the mineral additive pikumin into their ration
Adding the mineral additive pikumin, containing the wide range of macro and micro elements, into the ration of pig sows allows for increasing the cell-humoral factors of organism '$ protection. It has been establishes that the additive has positive effect on the reproductive properties ofthe pig sows. When doing so the newly born piglets had an increased growth energy and was less exposed to the diseases. The best effect was reached when adding 0,6-0,8% ofpikumin per 1kg of thefodder's dry matter.

Full textKhitrinov G., Pekarsky V., Zayats O.
Complex utilization of phosphorous and new growth stimulator Karolin (beta-carotene) in the combined fodder KR-2
The article provides the result of the research, conducted on the calves aged 1,5-2,5 months, which were fed with a fodder enriched with carotene and different amounts of phosphorous. It has been established that when adding 1% of Karolin and increasing phosphorous content by 58% in the fodder the efficiency of fodder usage was increased almost by 20%. Using for this purpose defluorinated phosphate does not lead to any substantial changes in the calcium-phosphorous correlation.

Full textKuzmich R., Kpasochko P., Krasochko I., Kot N.
The status of the immune system of cows during endometrites of infectious etiology
The data of the status of the immune system of during endometrites of infectious etiology is presented in the article. It has been found out that the appearance ofthe endometrites in com can be forecasted on the basis of immunity indices. Endometrites of infectious etiology arise in cows against the background of secondary immune deficiencies. So, the disease sensitive cows had 11-18% less of T- and B-lymphocytes, immunoglobbulin G, immunoglobulin M and phagocytic activity of leukocytes were lower by 29,3-32,7%, 16,2-38,0% and 12,7-30,7% respectively.

Full textGasanov F., Radchikov V.
The enzymatic preparation Fecord U-4 as an additive to the mixed calves' fodder
As it was demonstrated in the field and physiological trails, feeding Fecord U-4 to young steers did not have a negative effect on the ration digestibility and the physiological state of the animals. This preparation being added in mixed fodder at the rate ofl,5l/t and 1,75Ut ensures better digestibility of nutrients by 2,9-6,2% and 3,21-6,73% respectively. The average daily weight gains were also improved by 7,8% and 9,2% respectively.

Full textPosyvailo O.
Concentration of copper in the blood, hair and milk of cows, depending on its content in their ration
The article provides the results of the research on the transition of copperfrom fodder into cows ' organism and its ejaculation with milk. It has been established that there is direct correlation between the level of copper in daily rations, its concentration in the blood, hair and milk.

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