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2005 №3

Economics and Informatics
Agriculture and Plant Cultivation
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine
Mechanization and Power Engineering
Scientists of Belarus

UpEconomics and Informatics

Full textIl’ina Z.M.
Development of world food system and food safety
Regularities and tendencies of formation and operation of world food system and their influence on national food safety based on self-sufficiency of an agricultural production and solvency of population have been investigated. Directions of agricultural production import sub-stitutions providing food independence of the state in conditions of the development of international integration have been proved.

Full textKovel P.V.
About criteria and guiding lines in perfection of price mechanism in agriculture
Problems of agrarian economy proving actuality of further perfection of price formation of agricultural production have been considered. Main criteria and guiding lines at transition to equivalent exchange and parity of economic interests of national economy branches have been formed and proved. Systematic approach has key role in methodology of price formation.

Full textKrupich A.I.
Formation of the mechanism of feed agricultural unions
Problems of formation of the mechanism of finance-production groups, economic groups, consumption co-operations and order of formation and operation of associations representativing and protecting common interests of organizations of food sub complexes and holding companies in management of state shares. Present material shall promote to some extent to development and forming food factory-farm structures.

Full textSaiganov A.S., Chernyavski K.P.
Prerequisites and perspectives for creation and development of the secondhand market of agricultural techniques in Belarus
Prerequisites and perspectives of creation and functioning of the secondhand market of agricultural techniques in Belarus have been investigated. Its development gives possibility to improve equipment of agricultural commodity producers of wide range who cannot buy or receive on lizing new machines and for who to buy new equipment is economy inexpediently. Objective conformity in creation and develop-ment of the secondhand market of agricultural techniques has been discovered as a result of data of special questionnaire poll among heads and chief specialists of agricultural organizations and agri-servise enterprises of Minsk and Grodno regions. It is important as for agri-servise enterprises that will renew agricultural techniques as for agricultural organizations that are consumers of these techniques. It has been presented experience of functioning of the secondhand techniques market in USA, Grate Britain, Germany and some regions of Russia it needs to use the experience in conditions of Republic of Belarus taking into account an interpretation.

Full textBorisevich M.N.
Administrative labour expenditures of a head of region veterinary station
It has been shown that effectiveness of administrative activity of veterinary head is determined by automation of his daily labour expenses. In grate extend it can be achieved due to introducing to his work of modern information technologies (almost up to 89%). Information block takes 10% of his working time, calculations take 3% and creation block takes 87% of his working time at total automation of administrative activity.

UpAgriculture and Plant Cultivation

Full textGusakov V.G., Likhatsevich A.P.
State of reclamation projects and perspectives of reclamation lands use
Objective scientific characteristics of acting reclamation projects have been done; structure of reclamation lands has been analyzed. Reasons of insufficient using of reclamation projects have been discovered, and mistakes making at large-scale reclamation building have been estimated. Facts of growing of reclamation lands productivity have been shown, and the directions of improving of reclamation projects state have been determined. Perspective directions of drainage lands use have been stated.

Full textZhdanovich V.P., Podolyak A.G., Arastovich T.V., Demidovich S.A., Odintsova L.E., Ivashkova I.I., Polovkov N.N.
Accumulation of 137Cs and 90Sr radio nuclides by leguminous plants of various kinds
Decision of protein problem at territories polluted by radio nuclides as a result of the accident at Chernobyl NPP is not possible without increase of the sowing areas of leguminous plants (peas, lupine and soybean). Introduction of sorts having low level of accumulation of radio nuclides (peas — Aist, Agat, Gomelskaya; soybean — Mageva, Pina, Severnaya zvezda) into agriculture shall allow have agricultural production complying with demands: «Republican acceptable level of a content of 137Cs and 90Sr in agricultural raw materials and forages» at arable lands at their higher density of radioactive pollution: 137Cs — 925—1110 kBq/m2 (25—30 Ci/km2) and 90Sr 15—18 kBq/m2 (0.40—0.50 Ci/km2).

Full textZhebrak I.S.
The mechanisms of introduction of Сorynebacterium glutamicum into sterile and not sterile soil
The Corynebacterium glutamicum population, which is industrial producer of lysine was added into sterile and not sterile soil. Soil microbe complex influenced negatively on researching population surviving, because introduced bacterium survived twice longer in sterile soil than in not sterile and were not detected only on 60th day. The adding of Corynebacterium glutamicum into not sterile soil caused growing of microorganisms total number and increasing of catalase activity. These parameters were not differed from the control after one month that indicates soil microbe complex restoration with alien population dying.

Full textVeremeichik L.A.
Influence of long-term application of mineral root-inhabited medii onto productivity of tomato fruits
Results of investigation of dynamics of properties changing of mineral friable substrates carrying out in hothouse conditions for proving their duration and optimization of food mode of operation improving tomato production have been presented. Perspective substrate for Republic of Belarus is the claydite possessing row of advantages.

Full textDovnar I.V.
About effectiveness of entomophilies pollination of meadow clover (Trifolium pratense)
Dependence of seed productivity on a level of entomophilies pollination of meadow clover (Vitebchanin sort) has been studied at various phones of saturation of sowings by insects-pollinators at close sowing and continuous sowing. It has been found that seed productivity can reach up to 10 centners/ha at saturating phone of insects-pollinators (60000 effective visits of flowers per 1 m2). Clover can have potentially high seed productivity in sowings of special constructions that significantly activate work of insects-pollinators.

Full textIvanyuk V.G., Lisovets S.V.
Development of fungi of Fusarium genus — causal organism of fusarium diseases of narrow-leaved lupine (Lupinus angustifolius L.) in dependence on a temperature and nutrient medium composition
Morphological-cultural peculiarities of species of F. oxysporum and F. avenaceum — causal organisms of fusarium diseases of narrow-leaved lupine and role of temperature and acidity of nutrient medium in their development and accumulation of infectious material have been studied. It has been stated that the most favorable condition for cultivation are potato-glucose agar at temperature of 20—27 °C and at pH of nutrient medium equal to 5—7.

UpAnimal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine

Full textRadchikov V.F.
Comparative effectiveness of use of cakes from different oil crops in calves ration
Negative influence of introducing to KR-3 mixed fodders composition of rape and mustard cakes onto forages consumption, nutrients di-gestibility, physiologic state and productivity of young cattle has not been stated as a result of scientific-economic and physiologic experiments. Nutrients digestibility was 78,6—91,3% at feeding of experimental groups of calves by mixed fodder including 15% rape and mustard cakes and that was 71,6—91,5% at feeding of control group by mixed fodder including sunflower cake. Average daily growth of living mass was 846—875 g at 9,70—9,97 f. u. fodders expense per 1 kg of growth. Any differences on slaughter indexes and meat composition have not been stated.

Full textSheyko I.P., Yepishko T.I., Gridiushko I.F., Gridiushko E.S.
Use of DNA-technologies in stress sensible determination and productivity of pigs
Carried out researches and DNA-testing of purebred and crossbred Belarussian black-and-white and large white pigs had shown the connection between polymorphysm of RYR 1 gene and fattening and meat productivity. It has been marked a decrease of meat productivity indexes of black-and-white and large white crosses having blood relationship of 25% of Landrase and Pietrain breed being heterozygous on RYR 1 gene at 8,4—2,8% and 0,3—8,0% respectively.

Full textGerasimchik V.A.
Fauna parasites of silver-black foxes (Vulpes fulvus) in beast farms of the Republic of Belarus
Data of parasitologic investigation of 1625 silver-black foxes (Vulpes fulvus) in 5 beast farms of Belarus have been presented. 524 Foxes (32,45%) have 4 sorts of isospores: Isospora vulpina (45,23%), Isospora buriatica (31,68%), Isospora canivelocis (1,53%) and Isospora triffitti (1,14%), Eimeriavulpis (8,21%) and three sorts of nematodes: Toxocara canis (10,69%), Toxascaris leonina (0,76%) and Uncinaria stenocephala (0,76%). 68,13% Foxes have been infested with one sort of these endo-parasits. 31,87% infested foxes have mixed invasion.

Full textPutchka M.A.
Heat engineering characteristics of fences and their influence onto microclimate forming in cow-sheds
It should be take into account at projecting and building of new farms, reconstruction of existing milk producing farms and complexes that heat engineering characteristics of fences (for walls — R0 — 0,68, for floor — R0 — 0,93 m2 K/W) do not guarantees optimal parameters of microclimate in cow-sheds at stock keeping without a leash. Enhancing of heat protection of fences up to 1,26—1,30 m2 promotes to formation of microclimate corresponding to norms.

Full textHadleuskaya N.N.
Exogenous enzymes influence on forages digestibility by carp
Results of investigations on influence of exogenous enzymes in a composition of fish mixed fodders onto digestibility by carp of basic limiting elements of forages have been presented. It has been stated that enrichment by them of fish mixed fodders enhances assimilability of protein, fat and cellulose that rules to decreasing of forage costs at carp growing.

Full textDokuchaeva S.I.
European catfish as object of resources saving in pond pisciculture of the Republic of Belarus
t has been shown higher economic effectiveness of European catfish reproduction by elaborated ecological-physiological method to comparison with known factory method. Economic effectiveness of its groups of different ages cultivation in pond conditions of the Republic of Belarus has been analyzed.

UpMechanization and Power Engineering

Full textBulgakov V.М., Holovach I.V.
Theory of cleaning of heads of standing root crops by a flexible blade
New theory of interaction of a root cleaner with a surface of heads of root crop during its cleaning when they are not cutting down has been proposed. It has been considered a case when plane of rotation of a cleaner is located strictly along rows of the root crops.

Full textNagorsky I.S., Dashkov V.N., Azarenko V.V., Lovkis V.B.
Interaction of a cutter with a sod
Conditions of quality realization of the technologic process by working parts of soil cutter of the MTD-3 machine elaborated at the Institute of a farm machanization of the National academy of sciences of Belarus have been studied and proved by the method of mathematic modeling. This soil cutter is designed for legumes seeds undersowing to a of haymakings and pastures without application of herbicides.

Full textLovkis Z.V., Pashkevich N.I.
Intensification of the frying process at potato products production
Perspective ways of potato treatment to foodstuff and range of potato products have been written. Technology and equipment complex of crispy potato production as a most popular among consumers have been considered as an example. Brief characteristic of potato products frying process has been done. Possible ways of its intensification has been considered. Working wheel of improved construction allowed to work with high temperature liquids has been presented.

Full textPetyushev N.N., Roshchina E.V., Lisovskaya D.P.
Comparative estimation of the viscosity of extrusion potato starches
Results of comparative research of extrusion starches viscosity obtained at domestic two-screw extruder from native starch of different region (Gomel, Grodno and Poland) have been presented. Differences of starches under research in viscosity properties and particularities in dependence on heating temperature in a range of 20—100 °C and different shift gradients have been shown.

UpScientists of Belarus

Full text
Academician Skoropanov S. G. — scientist, organizer of agriculture science and production

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