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2009 №4

Agriculture and Plant Cultivation
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine
Mechanization and Power Engineering
Processing and Storage of Agricultural Production
Scientists of Belarus


Full textGusakov, V.G., Belsky V.I.
Stages of development of agriculture in Belarus from 1991 till 2008 and in the future
The article analyzes the stages of development of agriculture in Belarus since 1991 up to now. Special attention is paid to the last period that is specified by the action of the State Program on Revival and Development of a Village for 2005–2010. At this stage the agroindustrial complex of the country has acquired stable paces of development and targets of effectiveness. Also, it is shown that at present the Concept is put forward and mechanisms of the new State Program are being developed. It must be accepted as the continuation of the acting Program. Standard criteria, which the development of agriculture of the country in the nearest perspective should obey, are presented.

Full textMikulich A.V.
Income growth of employees due to their participation in profits under the conditions of long-term work motivation
In the article the market mechanism of the growth of incomes of employees due to their participation in profits under the conditions of long-term work motivation, including specifications of profits tax in the property of members of labor collective,order of personification of profit, charge of percent, and their capitalization with future use of means for property acquisition,is offered.

Full textBychkov N.A., Metlitskiy V.N.
Cost estimation of professional reputation of agricultural business in the republic of belarus
Professional reputation (goodwill) is an intricate and inconsistent phenomenon. But goodwill is that helps to include such agents of production like operation of the business system more exactly without which it is impossible to compete in the modern market. The increase of the investors’ interest in the enterprise acquisition at the price of contract needs to carry out previous restructing to make investments more attractive. When an enterprise is sold, positive goodwill gets bonus to the price. Such a bonus is a kind of hope for future economic benefits. The size of negative goodwill helps to evaluate the depth of the crisis and how many resources are needed to overcome the crisis when agricultural organizations are under reformation.

Full textKondratenko S.A.
Model of stability of the regional food market
The model of steady development of the regional food markets should be oriented to creation of stable economic relations between the subjects and fissile competitive environment by means of realization of system monitoring of stability of the food market and installation of legible reference points of development, including the purpose, tasks, controlling instrument of stability, forecast of development, criterion and indicators of stability of the food market, tools of stabilization. The system of criteria and indicators of stability of the regional food system is justified permitting it is duly to reveal and to evaluate the destructive factors and potential threats to security. The offered model of stability of the regional food markets will allow one to provide the implementation of the following development trends: social orientation, innovational strategy, perfecting of the economic mechanism, usage of advantages of an inter-regional division of labor and rise of the efficiency of foreign trade activities.

Full textShundalov B.M., Rzheutskaya O.V.
Economic efficiency of domestic forage product
In the article attention is paid to a necessity of objective evaluation of the efficiency of domestic forage product. A methodological approach and a methodical variant of calculation and estimation of economic index of principal kinds of forage product are set out. It is determined that the green masses of grass and maize are the most economically rational kinds of domestic forage product; the derivatives from the most economically rational kinds of domestic forage product are haylage, silage and hay, whereas the unprofitable kinds are potato and forage edible root.

UpAgriculture and Plant Cultivation

Full textTarasenko S.A.
Change in the fertility of sod-podzolic soils under the conditions of long Application of elevated norms of fertilizers
The investigations carried out at the Grodno State University have shown that the long use of organic, mineral and lime fertilizers on light sod-podzolic soils increases the content of humus by 0.46–0.63%, of total nitrogen – by 110–170 mg/kg, the number of movable forms of phosphorus is increased by 45–68, potassium – by 47–61 mg/kg of soil, magnesium and calcium – by 15–36%, copper, zinc and boron – by 50–143%. The activity of soil enzymes – catalases and cellulase enhances, the nitrification ability of soils grows. More essential changes in the soil fertility are found for sandy soil. However essential changes in the direction of soil processes when acted upon by fertilizers are not seen – the invariable structure of the nitrogen fund and the carbon-nitrogen relation in soils are preserved.

Full textLapa V.V., Seraya T.M., Bogatyrova E.N., Biryukova O.M.
Influence of long -term application of fertilizers on the lability of humus substances of sod-podzolic light loam soil
As a result of carrying out researches in long-term field experiments on sod-podzolic light loam soil it is established that the liming of soil decreased the absolute and relative contents of carbon of labile fraction humus substances, on the average,by 1003 mg/kg and 9.91 %. The application of mineral fertilizers promoted the increase both in absolute and relative contents of mobile humus substances. Manure in a dose of 12.5 t/ha crop rotation areas reduced the relative share of mobile humus compounds in increasing their absolute contents. The greatest supplies of mobile compounds of humus were provided by organic-mineral fertilization: in strong acid soil – 11592 kg/ha, by soil acidity optimization – 9067 kg of carbon per 1 ha.

Full textTsyganov A.R., Vildflush I.R., Liashchyna M.A.
Efficiency of complex and separate application of cas (mixture of carbamide and ammonium saltpeter solution, 30% n) with growth regulators and microfertilizers at cultivation of оаts on sod-podzolic light loam soil
The article presents the three-year research results on the efficiency of combination of operations of introducing growth regulators and complex microfertilizers being applied separately and jointly with CAS (mixture of carbamide and ammonium saltpeter solution, 30% N) on oats. The action of the studied preparations on qualitative and quantitative parameters of crops is estimated: the area of a sheet surface, productivity, payback of fertilizers, weight of 1000 grains, maintenance and yield of crude protein. The calculations of the net profit and the profitability level have revealed that joint entering CAS with the studied preparations is more preferable in comparison with separate one, which is caused by the growth of the analyzed indicators.

Full textPrivalov F.I., Urban E.P.
Current state and perspectives of winter rye cultivation in Belarus
The article analyzes the state of winter rye cultivation in the Republic of Belarus, the problems of grain usage. The basic selection results and the characteristic of sorts included into the Public Register are shown.

Full textPolotenko V.N.
Effect of growth regulators on the production of environmentally safe yield of long-fibered flax seeds
The article presents the results on physiologically active substances of natural origin, their effect on the harvest quality to grow flax. The study of interaction with chemical growth regulator elements showed a high pattern that manifested itselfin the action of the physiological depend ence of active substance in the whole period of vegetation development plants.

UpAnimal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine

Full textPopkov N.A., Sheyko I.P., Zhdanovich E.A.
The possibility of record identification in pig breeding of Belarus to Common European System
The article analyses the possibility of transfer of the republic to the common european system of pig carcasses muscling score. On the basis of the European countries and Russia the proposals to improve the estimates system existing in Belarus are stated.

Full textBudevich I.I., Budevich А.I., Vorobyev D.N., Kochetkov V.V., Kuzmich R.G.
Usage of cows as embryo donors after reparation of their reproductive function
Complex schemes for normalization of the reproductive system of potential embryo donors with a further induction of multiple ovulation that let us raise the number of cows (up to 81.3% of the general amount of animals subjected to cure) that are the source of embryo material are developed. Usage of highly productive cows after restoration of their reproductive function as donors of embryos let us get high estimates of superovulation in the technology of cattle embryos transplantation, has no negative influence on the quality of biological material, and the embryo development stage corresponds to the time frameworks of their extraction.

Full textKhodosovsky D.N.
Technology of growing replacement pigs for industrial breeding
Studies on perfection of replacement pigs growing technology at industrial complexes are carried out. It is determined that passing gilts to the insemination section is good to carry out considering individual traits of animals’ maturation. Their live weight should be not less than 115 kg. It lets us cut the growing period at 14 days (5.4%) and the quantity of gilts not in rut – at 3.4%. Early transition of pigs in the industrial area of a complex promotes better adaptation and lets us get 1.4% more farrowings without the litter size decrease. Sows of industrial herd of a complex should correspond to transitional type parameters that are able to resist unfavorable factors of industrial technology.

Full textKovalev N.A., Savelyeva T.A., Krasnikova E.L
Monitoring of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome in Belarus
We generalized the results of serologic researches of reproductive and respiratory syndrome (RRSS) in pig-breeding farming of Belarus for the period from 2004 till 2008. The researches carried out show that the contamination with pathogenic organisms by reproductive and respiratory syndrome infections of swine in Belarus for the indicated period was 68.1%. The high percent of seropositive not vaccinated swine to virus RRSS testify about the virus persistence in farms and latent infection of pigs.

Full textAmosova L.A., Lomako J.V., Moskaleva N.V.
Developing a way of obtaining superficial protective antigens s. Dublin and s. Typhimurium by means of muriatic acid hydroxylamine and urea for preparation of vaccine components against the salmonellosis of cattle
The article considers the ways of obtaining protective antigenes S. dublin and S. typhimurium with the help of hydroxylamine muriatic acid and urea. The selection of various concentration extractive substances, bacterial cages, inactivating agent allowed obtaining a non-toxic sample for further immunization of animals.

Full textTrophimov A.F., Brylo I.V.
The influence of drinking water quality on cattle productivity and health
The problem of animal breeding supply with drinking water is of great importance not only for Belarus, but for the whole world. The purpose of the paper is to consider the peculiarities of cattle farms water service, the quality of water sources and the influence of water supply on cattle. It is established that cows productivity is reduced by 6,9-13,6% when water with a high nitrates concentration is used. It is also shown that the use of water with a high contaminants concentration reduces cows productivity by 10,5 %, calf crop – by 7 % and increases service-period by 161 %. The average gain of calves drinking water with a high contaminants concentration is 7,8-11,3 % lower.

UpMechanization and Power Engineering

Full textGorin G.S., Zaharov A.V., Vashchula A.V.
Influence of small mutual moving of a tractor and the hinged agricultural tool on traction and general dynamics of their interaction
Preconditions on the basis of the experimental and literary data for additional research of tractor’ s interaction and the agricultural tool taking into account their small mutual movings are resulted. The equations and the settlement schemes connecting small relative longitudinal-angular movings of a tractor and the agricultural tool, and also calculation algorithm of additional forces and the reactions arising at trims of a tractor back,caused by case movings at moving of roughnesses macro- and a microrelief and also are offered by deformation of tyres.

Full textShilo I.N., Chebotarev V.P., Mihaylovski E.I.
The ways of increasing the efficiency of the application of a grain dryer m–819
The article presents the prolongation reserves of the operation life of grain dryers M–819. The possibility and the method of increasing the productivity by placing into the dryer zone a grain cooler with its functions in the autonomous bunker-cooler are stated. Variants of replacement of an air heater of the grain dryer and also the possibility of reducing fuel expenditures and electric energy due to increasing efficiency of preliminary grain clearing are proposed.

UpProcessing and Storage of Agricultural Production

Full textSharshunov V.A., Shulyak V.A., Evdokimov A.V.
Developing the directions of perfection of equipment for preparing powder food additives from sprouted grains
The design of a dryer and the principle of its operation are described. The dryer allows simultaneous drying and crushing of grain crops and producing ready food additives in the form of powder. On the basis of experimental research the analysis of the combined crushing and drying processes in the dryer for sprouted grains is made. Data on the fractional structure of prepared powders depending on the moisture content of the processed product, installation productivity and a grinder rotation frequency are obtained. Quality indicators of the crushing process for sprouted grains in the form of the dependence between the crushing degree and the Froude number are defined.

UpScientists of Belarus

Full text
Sergej Nikolaevich Vyshelesskij (To the 135th Anniversary of Birthday)

Full text
Grigorij Iosifovich Lashkevich (To the 105th Anniversary of Birthday)

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