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2012 №2

Agriculture and Plant Cultivation
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine
Mechanization and Power Engineering
Processing and Storage of Agricultural Production
Scientists of Belarus


Full textGusakov V.G.
Improvement of the mechanism of government regulation of agroindustrial complex
The proposals on restructuring the directions of the government support of the agroindustrial complex are formulated in the article. It’s suggested excluding national measures from the system of support measures and referring them to budget expenditures, and including only direct measures into the measures of centralized support of agroindustrial complex. The recommendations on the improvement of pricing of agricultural products and evening up the domestic prices for food with the Customs Union countries are given. The measures to optimize credit and taxation mechanisms, to regulate the system of administrative management of agroindustrial enterprises are proposed.

Full textPilipuk A.V., Zapolskiy M.I., Suboch F.I.
Institutional model of the national food competitiveness
The article presents the results of research of the national food competitiveness problems. The institutional model of the food competitiveness is proposed and three crucial institutional fields – innovation, investment and integration – are identified. The ways and criteria of food competitiveness strengthening are indicated regarding the necessity and reasonability of intensifying the government’s efforts to create the conditions, instruments and mechanisms of improving the identified fields.

Full textTimoshenko M.V.
Index estimation of competitiveness of enterprises for milk production
The article presents the results of estimation of agricultural enterprises competitiveness in accord with the level of milk producers’ competitiveness referring to resources usage efficiency within different administrative regions. The use of information statistical processing methods for the analysis allowed to carry out an accurate classification of the farms for each of the regions within the frameworks of the given task. Due to the obtained results it’s possible to differentiate the regions according to the level of competitiveness of milk producers, the level of efficient use of resources what will promote making relevant management decisions.

UpAgriculture and Plant Cultivation

Full textNikonchik P.I.
Scientific bases of land use systems: science and practice
The article demonstrates the results of 50-year research in long-term stationary experiments on sod-podzol light loamy soil on the study of land use systems on the basis of the improvement of various types and kinds of crop rotations, cropping patterns and their combination with fertilizer systems.

Full textLapa V.V., Ivakhnenko N.N., Gracheva А.A., Shumak S.M., Bachyshcha A.V.
Duration of aftereffect of residual quantities of phosphoric and potash fertilizers
The research shows that with application of the annual dose of mineral fertilizers N63Р40К82 the maximum annual productivity is 60.0 c k. ea/ha in the experiment for the last 11 years, phosphorus and potash content in soil has beer reduced by 13 and 65 mg/kg (annual phosphorus decrease – by 1.2 mg/kg and potash – by 5.9 mg/kg). The duration of aftereffect of phosphorus fertilizers in sod-podzol loamy soils is 7 years and the duration of aftereffect of potash fertilizers is much lower, 3 years.

Full textHarelic U.U., Grib S.I.
Effectiveness of selection of rye genotypes with dominant gene of short stem in breeding of tetraploid rye
The proposed method of selection of rye genotypes with dominant gene of short stem is adaptation of the method of "reserves" for tetraploid rye with the difference that includes testing of elite plants’ progenies in two generations. The method is effective for creation of homogenous-in-plant-height populations of tetraploid rye with dominant gene Hl of short stem. At the same time it allows to improve economic value of populations. Due to the practical use of the method it’s found that the trait of short stem controlled by dominant gene Hl has chromatid type of segregation in generations as well as the type corresponding maximal crossingover. The impossibility of selection of Hl gene homozygotes under morphological characters of plants is confirmed. The influence of Hl gene doze in genotype on its’ progeny productivity isn’t detected. Variety Zazerskaya 3 is bred with the use of this method. This variety has been included into the Belarusian List of varieties in 2012.

Full textLikhatsevich A.P., Vaga A.V.
Influence of air temperature on water consumption of crops
The parameters of empirical formulae to calculate water consumption of vegetable crops (late cabbage, table beet, carrot) and perennial grasses according to the average decade temperatures of air are determined. The tendency of increase of closeness of relations of crops water consumption with air temperatures when they move from the north of Belarus to the south is established. For estimation of water supply in plants it’s suggested using biothermal coefficient equal to the algebraic sum of familiar indices of plants water mode.

UpAnimal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine

Full textPаrtny А.I., Drygakova V.A.
Nature of interrelation of the level of somatic cells with quantitative and qualitative indicators of milk
The article deals with the results of the estimation of the nature of interrelation of the level of somatic cells with quantitative and qualitative indicators of milk. It is found that the correlation between the level of somatic cells in milk and the yield of milk varied from r = – 0.63 up to r = 0.44. The excess of physiological norm of the level of somatic cells in milk for healthy cows causes a steady decrease in their milk producing ability. The positive interrelation of the level of somatic cells and bacterial load and also the fat status show that the increase of the first parameter causes the increase of the second one. The nature of interrelation of the level of somatic cells and protein content of milk shows that with a slight increase of this parameter protein content increases, and the development of the disease leads to its decrease. With the increase of the number of somatic cells in milk the amount of milk sugar in products decreases and the point of their freezing rises.

Full textTanana L.A., Epishko N.I., Sheyko I.P., Trakhimchyk R.V.
Indices of beef productivity of sons and grandsons of servicing bulls-carriers of immunodeficiency syndrome of cattle (BLAD)
As a result of research it is found that the differences on the daily average gain of live weight between sons and their herdmates, grandsons and their herdmates, the servicing bull Drozd 400092 vary within Р < 0.05 – Р <0.01; during the periods of post-natal development the herdmates in both experiments are characterized by a higher level of relative live weight gains. The dynamics of these gains witnesses about the ability of the cattle of these groups to retain a high growth rate for a long period. The study of a morphological composition of the half carcasses of experimental cattle shows that considerable distinctions on meat yield were observed in humeroscapulars, necks and legs of half carcasses of bulls (Р < 0.01 – Р < 0.001) which were not immunodeficiency syndrome carriers.

Full textSitko A.V.
Performance of stores at different levels of metabolizable energy in fodders
The results of the experiment on determining the level of metabolizable energy (ME) when fodder lysine is used to the utmost by swine (yorkshire x landrace) show that their maximum performance is reached when the content of metabolizable energy in 1 kg of fodder is 13.8, 13.4 and 13.4 MJ, of lysine – 0.8, 0.71 per 1 MJ of ME for the period of growing, the early and the late fattening periods.

Full textSkurat E.K., Dzegtyarik S.M., Grebneva E.I., Benetskaya N.A., Govor T.A., Kovtik A.S., Lemeza A.N., Asadchaya R.L.
Experiment of the creation of new preparations to fight against fish ectoparasites
The article deals with the information on the new preparations Disol-K and Disol-Na recommended for fighting with fish ectoparasites such as Trichodina sp., Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, Dactylogyrus sp. and others. The prophylactic and therapeutic efficiency of these preparations as well as their influence on a fish organism are identified.

UpMechanization and Power Engineering

Full textPodskrebko M.D.
Peculiarities of working conditions of plowing units
The article demonstrates the results of research of the range of humidity, hardness, coefficient of soil friction on steel, speed changes of a plowing unit. Canonical decomposition of the draught resistance curve as an accidental function of a trace is stated and four harmonic components with the period of more than 2 seconds are identified. It’s shown that engine overload is caused only by the first and the second component of draught resistance due to humidity and hardness changes and changes of field macrorelief.

Full textPrishchepov M.A., Andrush V.G.
Running of automotive diesels with the modes according to the power of mechanical losses
On the basis of the experimental research the formula to calculate the necessary duration of running depending on the average speed of changes of mechanical losses power, mechanical losses power at the beginning of running, and oil temperature isreceived. The obtained algorithm and device for the duration of running has been developed. All this allows to reduce the average duration of running not less than by 15% and save fuel-energy resources in comparison with the rational mode.

UpProcessing and Storage of Agricultural Production

Full textKondratova I.I., Hershonchik K.N., Kurchenko V.P., Gavrilenko N.V.
Research of the influence of proteolytic enzyme and wheat flour on proteolysis of confectionary dough while producing soluble biscuits for baby feeding
The influence of proteolytic enzyme Neutrase and content of gluten in wheat flour on organoleptic and physical and chemical indices of the quality of soluble biscuits, and the level of protein proteolysis in ready made products is studied. It is found that for production of soluble biscuits with required indices of quality it is necessary to use wheat flour of superior quality with 25% gluten content, the optimal quantity of proteolytic enzyme is 0.15% of the mass of wheat flour.

UpScientists of Belarus

Full text
Petr Ivanovich Alsmic (To the 105th Anniversary of Birthday)

Full text
Petr Ivanovich Nikonchik (To the 80th Anniversary of Birthday)

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Anatoliy Pavlovich Likhatsevich (To the 65th Anniversary of Birthday)

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