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1999 №2

Economics and Information Technologies
Arable Farming and Plant Growing
Animal Breeding and Veterinary

UpEconomics and Information Technologies

Full textGusakov V.
Scientific priorities to the increasing of agricultural production efficiency
It has been given criteria and indicators of the food safety, factors and conditions of agricultural production's intensification, methods and means of realization of raised problems and purposes for the agrarian market's balancing. At the same time it has been stated the main proposals for reshaping of agricultural enterprises' structure on the basis of the market concepts, for reforming and enhancing of economic position of the insolvent farms, for creation of the cooperative enterprises and corporations with purpose of improvement of Agro- Industrial Complex (AIC) economics, stabilizing and developing of the country food provision.

Full textDayneko A.
Belarusian integration into the world economy entering new millennium
Tendencies of forming of international complex are demonstrated. Essence, aims and tasks of international relations in Belarus are determined. The mechanism of Belarusian integration to the world economy is discovered allowing for the regulations of international marketing. Special attention was given to the adaptation of the Belarusian economy torn entry conditions of the World Trade Organization. Positive and negative aspects of these process are studied. It has been stated that it will be possible to achieve the stable economic growth of the country only with effective use of foreign-economic factor.

Full textVorobyov I.
Problems of the CIS agrarian market formation
In that article after an example of the greatest agrarian region of Republic of Kazakhstan it has been grounded necessity and the ways of solving the common agrarian market formation problem in Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). It has been analyzed food export-import relation, an influence of the world market on the food safety situation. It has been stated the principal ways of exit from crisis-formed situation in Agro-Industrial Complex (AIC), directions of the common agrarian market formation. Author's approach to these problems' solving is rather Interesting for Agro-Industrial Complex of Republic of Belarus.

Full textValuev V., Rubel M.
Methodical approaches to the determination of the cost and profit in the inflation condition
Systematic approach of FIFO and LIFO which are used in the foreign practice about estimating of good-material resources as stores of ready-made products, the determination of the cost-price and profit in the conditions of the inflation process are given in this article. These facts allow to take into account interconnections between given economic indices most fully and to set their influence on forming of commercial activity by the purchase-selling cycle of stores depending on times of their acquisitions reliably.

UpArable Farming and Plant Growing

Full textCusnetsov G., Smejan N., Tsitron G., Shibut L., Zenkovitch A.
Cadastral estimation of fertility of soils of Belarus and basic conceptual rules of its realization
In the article are reviewed the basic methodological approaches of realization of three cycles of landjudgement in territory of republic. Are set up the conceptual rules of an evaluation scale of soils of arable lands on their suitability for cultivation of the main agricultural cultures and its usage at realization of a cadastral lotical estimation offertility of soils of Republic Belarus. Are adduced the outcomes of a cadastral estimation reflecting potential fertility of soils at optimal amelioratical, agrochemical and engineering reclamatical their condition and effective (modern) fertility. Are determined the controlling factors of a reserve of increase of quality of soils of arable lands.

Full textDembitskiy M., Bosak V., Smeyanovich O.
Evaluation of role of agrochemical factors by forming of barley yield in field experiment
Due to results of conventional experiments which were built on the data of poly-factorial experience by the method of consistent applying of factors, share participation of liming in the forming of barley yield varied within 13,5-43,1%, manure - 6,2-28,7, phosphorous-potash fertilizers - 5,5-12,3, nitrogen - 21,3-44,2% depending on the backgrounds, on which was studied their efficiency and methods of processing of investigation results. The use of various methods of processing of data allows to estimate the experiment results more detailed.

Full textPavlovich L., Druzina Y., Grib O.
Change of features and properties of spring barley in the process of varieties' change
Change of traits and properties of spring barley in the process Of change of varieties with different square of nutrition - 20x2,5 cm (40 grains per 1 m) and 20x5 cm (20 grains per 1 m) was studied. Succession of traits change in the process of change of varieties was determined. The reduce degree (%) of grain productivity elements with increasing of cenosis density can characterized varieties.

Full textLaman N., Prokhorov V.
Biologic-ecological principles of high-productive cenoses formation of cereals: technological aspects
The necessity for concentrated attention to a plant as a biological resource for intensifying the production process in high-yielding agrocenoses of cereals is substantiated. There are considered peculiarities of the sowing structure and its development in ontogenesis for achieving high yields, criteria of cenosis estimation as a biological system at any stage forfinding out the conformity of sowing development with major program parameters. The advisability oftaking into accont heat provision of early vegetation stages and dynamics of changing duration of day, when developing technologies for obtaining really possible yields, is emphasized.

Full textPirogovskaya G., Sheyko L., Silkova A.
Influence of forms of nutrie slow-acting fertilizers with addition of growth stimulants of plants on the yield and quality of perrenial silage
It has been given the data on research of the influence of nitric and nitrogen-containing fertilizers with extended time of action and nitric with addition of growth stimulants of plants on yield, productivity, accession of zesium-137, chemical composition and quality of perennial silage.

Full textBakhnova K., Milkevich J., Olshanikova A., Verbitskaya N.
Description of lettuce-like plants grown on zeolite-containing substrate "Biona 211" and soil
Biological composition of Raphanus sativus L. and Brassica pekinensis (Lour.) Rupr., Beta cicla L., Borago officinales L. is presented. Radish and Pe-Tsai cabbage were grown on the ion-exchanged substrate and soil. Application of solid standard nutrient substrate with additions of natural biogenic cation saturated zeolite enriched with potassium (K) and ammonium offers yields of vegetable production characterized by the biochemical composition of full value and high lasting qualities.

Full textTsyganov A., Kal V., Ryabtsev P.
Infra-red express-method of determination of the main biochemical indices of winter rye's quality
The infra-red express method was applied to determine the main biochemical indices of winter rye 's quality. The main task of application of analysis programs by infra-red method is to get a calibration equation for the analysis of indices of winter rye's quality. It has been noted that in the calibration equation "cut-off" statistical characteristics SEC and SEV(c) have no evident differences between themselves on every index of the grain quality. Consequently, the calibration samples have no deviations within allowable quantities. It has been stated a high convergence of the results of both chemical and infra-red analysis of the samples with determination of grain quality indices that indicates on high efficiency of the infra-red method.

Full textRupasova J., Ignatenko V., Vasilevskaya T., Matyushevskaya E., Kukhareva L.
Features of the mineral composition of (Agastache rugosa (Fish. et Mey) in the conditions of Belarus
Accumulation parameters and main regularities have been determined in seasonal dynamics of five macronutrients - nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium as well as common ash in some organs and overground mass of Agastache rugosa (Fish. et Mey) under introducing in soil and climatic conditions of Belarus. Differences in the content of ash substances in hay mass of the plant are shown in daily dynamics at the stage of mass flowering.

Full textZavadskaya L.
Carved-crown narcissus in the collection of the Central Botanic Garden (CBG)
The results of long-term observations and comparative estimation of the differen varieties of slit-crown narcissuses in the Central Botanic Garden (CBG) are presented. With purpose to wide cultivation it has been recommended the following varieties: Cassata, Canasta, Molls, Hobby, Baccara, Chanterelle, Articol, Elise, Arena, Jeanne

UpAnimal Breeding and Veterinary

Full textGolushko A.
Protein - vitamin - mineral addition provit
The chemical, amino acid, mineral and vitamin composition of the new protein-vitamin-mineral addition provit was studied. It has been stated that its content of the main nutrient substances, amino acids, macronutrients and microelements is not less rich than paprin and hydrolytic yeast and provit is better in some nutrients.

Full textStolyarov G.
Optimization of fodder rations in an active contamination zone for intensive development of stock-raising
In this article it has beem calculated some variants for the optimal structure of milk cow herd's fodder rations in a radioactive contamination zone in dependence of the radiation density, balanced in primary nutritives including digestible protein which might be recommended to the farms of Gomel Region suffered from the Chernobyl nuclear power station (CNPS) explosion. It has been determined their costs and contamination by caesium-137.

Full textGoryachev I., Zhuk N., Vorobyov D.
Influence of different levels of nutrition of high-yielding twingestating recipients on their state during gestation, parturition, post-partum period and on the progeny viability
Black and While cows with twin-gestation induced by embryo transplantation method producing 6000-8000 kg of milk per lactation should be fed according to BRIAP recommendations (1992) from 150 days of gestation to 120 days after parturition (the level of vitamins and minerals is 20-50% higher than in AVAAS (1985) requirements), the level of nutrition being increased in dry period by 15-20% what favorably affects cow's health during perinatal period and progeny viability by 10-12,5%.

Full textMedvedev G., Turchanov S.
Dependence of bulls' fertility from the morphology development of their sexual glands
The morphology development of sexual glands in bulls of Black and White, and Holslein breeds was studied. The measuring of the scrotal sizes was conducted and correlation of these sizes with sperm-production measure was defined. The high-reliable dependence of weight and majesty of testis on majesty of the scrotal sizes, age and body weight of bulls, spermproduction measure was found.

Full textAndrosik N., Moskalyova N.
An etiological role of enterotoxigenic strains Clostridium perfringens of type A in enteroxemia of calves
The purpose of our work was to study a role of enterotoxigenic Cl. perfringens, type A strains in cases of development of gastrointestinal diseases in newborn calves. During research it was found that in a number of farms anaerobic enteroxemia of calves was recorded caused by the mentioned agent isolated in 54,3% of examined materials. Besides, 12 (31,5%) strains were isolated by us, which could not be typified by Standard diagnostic serum, Enterotoxin developed by these bacteria had lethal, erythemic diarrheal properties and induced clinical signs and pathologic and anatomic changes after experimental infections which were typical for natural infections.


Full textKhodosovskiy D., Khochenkov A., Solyanik V., Bezmen V.
Metabolic energy of feed barley for poultry
The article is about the problem of metabolic energy (ME) evaluation in barley for poultry. New approach to ME evaluation is suggested. Multiple regression equation with multiple coefficients of determination - 0,845 includes such exponents as humidity, objectionable admixtures in grain and barley nature.

Full textGromov I.
Immunomorphogenesis in youngsters, vaccinated against bursal disease and immunostimulators' influence on it
The influence of immunostimulators (timalin, sodium thyosulfate, laevamisol, ASD-2) upon immunogen properties of absorbed inactivated vaccine against the infectious bursal disease has been studied in this work. It has been stated that addition to this vaccine sodium thyosulfate (up to 7%) has increased the immunomorphogenesis in youngsters and contributes to development of higher immunity.

Full textSosnovskaya T.
Izamben applied in poultry
It has been staled that izamben applied once every day in dose 20 mg/kg of poultry in 24-hours age and then before the vaccination against Newcastle disease in the same dose doesn't affect badly chicken 's organism and contributes to the forming of stable immunity, improves the health state, increase chicken 's organism resistance, increase at 19% weight growth in comparison with poultry's control group.

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