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2011 №3

To the 80th anniversary of the Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry
Animal husbandry and veterinary medicine
Mechanization and power engineering
Processing and storage of agricultural production
Scientists of Belarus

UpTo the 80th anniversary of the Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry

Full textLapa V. V., Bogdevich I. M., Chernysh A. F.
The basic stages of the development of the Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry

Full textChernysh A. F., Romanova T. A., Chervan’ A. N., Kasyanchik S. A.
Assessment of the potential of soil-land resources of agricultural organizations of Belarus applying GIS and their use in the process of optimization of land use
The article offers methodological approaches to the assessment of the potential of soil-land resources of agricultural organizations of typical erosion and waterlogged areas in Belarus. The possibility of using Geographic Information Systems in the course of making inventory of natural conditions and assessment of resource potential is identified. The dependence of the prime cost of production of agricultural products on the size of the resource potential of the types of land is established, suggestions on the rational use of agricultural land are made.

Full textTsytron S. V., Shulgina O. V., Matychenkova O. V.
New approaches to the assessment of soil fertility
In the article new approaches to the assessment of the genetic potential of fertility of authomorfic sod-podzol natural and to different extent cultivated soils of various genesis such as sandy, loamy sandy and light loamy of granulometric composition, and also Hortic Anthrosols are examined. It is shown that the amount of internal energy of humus in a 0–50 cm layer of natural authomorfic sod-podzol soils can be used for the assessment of their natural fertility, in agronatural analogues this index can be used for the effective assessment of fertility, and in Hortic Anthrosols – for the assessment of the rate of potential fertility of soils.

Full textBogdevich I. M.
Seraya T. M., Bogatyreva E. N., Biryukova O. M., Rodina M. E.
The paper presents the analysis of agrochemical protective measures conducted on the contaminated lands in Belarus within 25 years after the Chernobyl catastrophe. A high efficiency of protective measures, especially liming and differential application of K and P fertilizers is shown. As a result of works and natural decay, sorption and migration of radionuclides, the inflow of 137Cs has been reduced by 15–20 times and 90Sr – by 3 times, the fertility of arable and grassland soils to guarantee the production of foodstuff with a permissible level of radionuclides has been increased. The ways to increase the efficiency of protective measures and optimize agrochemical indices of soils fertility are examined.

Full textSeraya T. M., Bogatyreva E. N., Biryukova O. M., Rodina M. E.
Influence of the systems of fertilization on the productivity of crop rotation on sod-podzol loamy sand soil
The influence of different systems of fertilization on the efficiency of crop rotation on sod-podzol sandy loam soil is studied. Organic and mineral system of fertilization providing for the application of N87Р58К118 against 8-12 t/ha of manure ensures the maximum average annual efficiency of crop rotation (9.07-9.48 ton fodder units/ha). Net profit from application of fertilizers is 495.9–549.9 thousand rubles with the profitability of 64%; 1 kg of NРК that is contained in manure, promotes receiving 6.4-7.0 fodder units, 1 kg of NРК of mineral fertilizers – 9.2-8.8 fodder units. The significant increase from application of organic fertilizers is got with cultivation of the first three cultures of crop rotation. The recoupment of manure for cattle within the first year is about 60%, within the second year – 22%, within the third year – 18%.

Full textLapa V. V., Ivakhnenko N. N., Lomonos M. M., Bachishcha A. V., Shumak S. M.
Efficiency of the systems of fertilization of winter triticale while cultivating it on sod-podzol loamy sand soil
The results of the research on the influence of mineral fertilizers on the yield and quality of winter triticale to be cultivated in grain-grass crop rotation after red clover on sod-podzol loamy sand soil show that split application of 150 kg/ha of N150 (N90 at the beginning of vegetation + N30 within the phase “1st joint of shooting” + N30 within the phase “last leave”) against P40 K80 and aftereffect of 40 t/ha-1 of straw manure provide triticale yield 72.6 c/ha-1, at the same time protein content in grain is 12.4% and protein yield is 768 kg/ha-1.

Full textKasyanchik S. A., Mikhailovskaya N. A.
Influence of mineral fertilizers and Azobacterin on the yield and quality of perennial grasses
The research shows that optimization of mineral nutrition and water regime is the primary conditions for high productivity of perennial grass and legume-grass mixtures on reclaimed dystric Gleysols. The potential possibilities of cultivating perennial grasses due to the application of biofertilizer Azobacterin on the basis of nitrogen-fixing bacteria are presented. In accordance with the data of the field experiments plant genotype and the level of N-nutrition of grasses are considered to be the most important factors influencing the efficiency of biofertilizer Azobacterin.


Full textIlyina Z. M.
Global food problem and threats
The search for the optimal solution to the food problem of the earth is becoming one of the most hot issue problems both for the whole world and for each separate country. Currently, the problem is far beyond agriculture, and its solution is connected with the agreement of the countries on demographic, social, economic and foreign policy. This situation says about the necessity to develop the strategy of formation and rational use of food resources of each country on the basis of research of world tendencies and market condition.

Full textLych G. M.
Government support of agriculture: radical alterations are necessary
The paper presents the drawbacks of the government support of agriculture and its negative consequences. In this connection the necessity and main directions of the improvement of the government support of agriculture are substantiated. Proposed is the transfer to the equivalent commodity exchange between agriculture and industry due to observing price parity of industrial and agricultural goods. The arguments to substantiate the practicality of this measure are stated.

Full textKireenko N. V.
Methodological approaches to the formation of sales strategy in agroindustrial complex
In the article the methodological approaches to the development of the sales strategy of an agricultural enterprise are generalized and systemized. The technology of forming the promotion policy of agricultural products which meets the requirements of stability, efficiency and economy is proposed. Factors, principles and criteria of the choice of goods sales techniques which determine the final results of an organization activity are substantiated. On the basis of the marketing concept the functional scheme of sales channels management that ensures the increase of income of an agricultural enterprise is proposed.

UpAnimal husbandry and veterinary medicine

Full textLoban N. A., Vasiliuk O. Y, Sheiko I. P.
Improvement of Belarusian great white breed of pig’s traits using marker genes
Polymorphic genes variants of reproductive (ESR) and meat-milk traits (IGF–2) effect on performance of Belarusian Great White Breed of pigs was studied. It is identified that sows with BB genotype of ESR gene surpass (Р<0.001) their analogues with AA genotype on multiple pregnancy rate by 0.87–1.57 piglets per farrow. It is also identified that boars with QQ and Qq genotypes of IGF–2 gene surpass their analogues with qq genotype on development and young animals – on meat-milk traits. ESR и IGF–2 genes can be considered as genetic markers of reproductive traits and growing speed of Belarusian Great White Breed of pigs. Selection schemes on improvement of reproductive and meat-quality traits are presented in the article.

Full textHolushko v. M., linkevich s. A., Roshchin v. A., Holushko A. V., Sytko A. V., Shatsky M. A.
Influence of mixed feeds with different content of metabolizable energy and aminoacids on productivity of pigs
The ratio of lysine and other essential aminoacids as well as lysine amount counted per 1 MJ of metabolizable energy is considered to be an important factor of full value of mixed feeds. Standards of essential aminoacids content in mixed feeds taking into account their availability allow to increase significantly the productivity of all sex and age-related groups of pigs. It’s identified that the increase of aminoacid feeding level of young animals promotes the perfection of meat traits of animals and decrease of nutrients spendings, including protein counted per 1 kg of weight gain.

UpMechanization and power engineering

Full textSharshunov V. A., Mazhuhin E. I., Rubets S. G.
Substantiation for geometrical parameters of the knife edge of a mowing machine to be used on reclamation objects
Theoretical and experimental research on the substantiation of geometrical parameters of the knife cutting edge in a rotary mower while cutting bush vegetation on reclaimed lands shows that the rational parameters of a knife can be either an upper or a two-side sharpener of cutting edges, the sharpening angle of which is about 20-25&#730;.

UpProcessing and storage of agricultural production

Full textVasilenko Z. V., Tsed E. A., Koroleva L. M., Volkova S. V.
Natural drinks fermented on the basis of rice fungus as a perspective direction of the development of soft-drinks production
Shown are the prospects of the use of natural bioculture of microorganisms – rice fungus – as a component for fermentation when receiving soft drinks that differ with the absence in their structure food additives which are alien for a human body. It is identified, that the drink “Risovit” to be received on the basis of rice fungus has a high biological value and considerable antagonistic activity in relation to pathogenic and conditional-pathogenic microorganisms, which enables to include it in the category of probiotic foodstuff.

UpScientists of Belarus

Full text
Ivan Phedoseevich Harkousha (To the 115th Anniversary of Birthday)

Full text
Vladimir Crigorievich Ivanyuk (To the 70th Anniversary of Birthday)

Full text
Vasiliy Mikhailovich Holushko (To the 70th Anniversary of Birthday)

Full text
Vitaliy Vitalievich Lapa (To the 60th Anniversary of Birthday)

Full text
Zoya Vasilievna Vasilenko (To the Anniversary) .

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