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2014 №2

To the 85th Anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Agriculture and Plant Cultivation
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine
Mechanization and Power Engineering
Processing and Storage of Agricultural Production
Scientists of Belarus

UpTo the 85th Anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Full textPrivalov F.I., Shlapunov V.N., Grib S.I.
History of arable farming

Full textLovkis Z.V.
Development of science in food industry


Full textGusakov V.G.
History and prospects of cooperative relations in the agricultural-industrial complex of Belarus
The article deals with the stages of the development of production cooperation in Belarus and presents the proposals to improve it in the nearest future. The paper also concludes that cooperative systems are necessary and unavoidable under the conditions of market relations.

Full textIlyina Z.M., Kondratenko S.A., Buben S.B.
Food market of Belarus under the conditions of the development of international integration process
The article presents the results of the development of the directions of forming the balanced national food market under the conditions of the international integration process, including theoretical and methodological aspects of the assessment of the market balance in the context of food security; tendencies and factors of the development of the world market; assessment of the stability of production of the main types of agricultural raw materials and self-reliance level in the member states of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space. A special attention is paid to the substantiation and approbation of the indicators of the assessment of food security and independence. The directions of ensuring the balance of the food market of the member states of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space are specified.

Full textLensky A.V., Mikhailovsky E.I., Lenskaya T.I.
Analysis of the competitiveness of potato growing agricultural enterprises
The paper deals with the factorial and cluster analyses of the competitiveness level of potato growing agricultural enterprises. Substantiated is the possibility of using the system of indicators united into the groups of organizational, economic, technological, and technical factors.

UpAgriculture and Plant Cultivation

Full textLapa V.V., Mikhailouskaya N.А., Ivakhnenko N.N., Kasyanchik S.А., Poghirnitskaya Т.V.
Influence of the fertilizers system on biological activity of Luvisol loamy sand soil
The paper researches the influence of the fertilizers system in a crop rotation on the integral microbiological parameters (microbial biomass, metabolic activity of microbial communities) and the activity of the key biochemical processes connected with carbon and nitrogen cycles (ammonification, mineralization of carbohydrates, humification) in Luvisol loamy sand soil. A more ecologically acceptable fertilizers system ensuring a saving level of biological activity and a high productivity of crop rotation is identified. Basing on the data of biological tests, activity of organic substances mineralization (hydrolytic enzymes), microbiological, agrochemical properties and the productivity of crop rotation it’s established that the following fertilizers system is more acceptable on Luvisol loamy sand soil: compensation of 125 % of P and K removals (N84P70K120) with split application of nitrogen fertilizers. This system ensures a high productivity of grain-grass rotation, a saving level of soil enzymatic activity and soil organic substances mineralization.

Full textTsytron G.S., Shul’gina S.V., Matychenkova O.V.
Resistance of granulometric composition of sod-podzolic soils of Belarus to anthropogenic influence
The results of the research on anthropogenic influence on the change of granulometric composition of sod-podzolic soils are considered in the article. The paper presents the average statistics on the fractional composition of the mineral component of natural soils and their agronatural analogues, and the data on concrete profiles. The research shows that large dust fraction increases in plowing soils regadless of granulometric composition; clay fraction is accumulated in soils on sandy sedimentation and decreases in soils which are developed on light loams in comparison with natural soils, and eluvial part profile increases in agrosod-podzolic loamy soils.

Full textKukharchyk N.V., Kastrytskaya M.S., Hashenka O.A.
Micro-propagation of hop varieties in vitro
The basis for the establishment of virus-free hop plant production has been created for the first time in Belarus. Regeneration of apical meristems and vegetative buds of hop in vitro has been studied. Biological and technological elements (culture medium composition at different stages of propagation in vitro, types of explants and variety peculiarity) have been developed.

UpAnimal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine

Full textKataeva S.A.
Economic efficiency of the use of bulls’ daughters of domestic and foreign breeding
The influence of bulls of the Belarusian, Canadian, American, Swedish and Hungarian breeding on the main traits of daugh-ters is studied. The genotypes of new generations which are more effective in respect of productivity indicators are identified.

Full textAgeyets V.Yu.
Fish farming of Belarus in the world aquaculture
Achieving by the world fish industry the limited amount of seafood catch made it necessary to develop aquaculture in order to provide people with protein food. The total number of fish to be raised in aquaculture as well as the number of valuable fish species is increasing. Besides salmon and sturgeon, the amount of raised eel, tilapia and African catfish is also increasing. The main objectives for fish farmers of Belarus in the nearest future are not only to increase the amount of fish in order to stabilize the food safety of the country, but also to extend its species composition, first of all due to the quick increase of raising valuable fish species, such as trout, sturgeon and catfish.

UpMechanization and Power Engineering

Full textOrda A.N., Shklyarevich V.A., Vorobei A.S.
Influence of the modes of operation of agricultural machinery on trace forming
The article considers the processes happening in the course of forming a bulb of pressure under the influence of running systems of mobile agricultural machinery. The mathematical models enabling to identify the trace depth depending on various soil conditions at different modes of operation of mobile agricultural machinery are made.

Full textGrudanov V.Ya., Sekatskaya Yu.A., Posdnyakov V.M., Brench A.A.
Modelling of water deferrization process in a gas-liquid multinozzle ejector
The paper describes the process of groundwater deferrization by means of a gas-liquid multinozzle ejector in mineral water production lines. The substantiation of the ejector technological parameters with peripheral supply of active medium is presented. The 2D math model of a one-stage ejector is developed, and its adequacy to the real process is experimentally proved. Also the results of industrial trials of the pre-production ejector model are presented.

UpProcessing and Storage of Agricultural Production

Full textKandratava I.I., Tamashevich S.E., Kananovich V.M., Shostak L.M.
Research on staling of marshmallow soufflé enriched in food fibres
The article deals with the data on the influence of food fibers on staling of marshmallow soufflé. It is established, that the use of powder from the tubers of Jerusalem artichoke and oligofructose slows down the formation and growth of sucrose crystals due to the ability of crystals to increase the content of moisture in marshmallow soufflé, and also due to the ability of oligofructose to increase the solubility of sucrose. Inulin slows down sucrose crystallization in marshmallow soufflé owing to its ability to raise the dynamic viscosity of dispersion medium of marshmallow soufflé.

UpScientists of Belarus

Full text
Evgeny Кuzmich Аlekseev (To the 130th Anniversary of Birthday)

Full text
Аrkady Ivanovich Lappo (To the 110th Anniversary of Birthday)

Full text
Sergei Ivanovich Nazarov (To the 85th Anniversary of Birthday)

Full text
Ivan Nikolaevich Nikitchenko (To the 75th Anniversary of Birthday)

Full text
Leonid Stepanovich Gerasimovich (To the 75th Anniversary of Birthday)

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