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2015 №4

Agriculture and Plant Cultivation
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine
Mechanization and Power Engineering
Processing and Storage of Agricultural Production
Scientists of Belarus


Full text Kireyenka N.V., Kondratenko S.A.
Food security of the Republic of Belarus: global and national aspects
The paper deals with the results of the research of modern aspects ensuring food security at the global and national levels. Presented are the directions improving the methodology of threats monitoring, including the indicators of assessment of the quality of food, its ecological safety, the instruments identifying and preventing the influence of threats on the quality of life of certain social groups. The results of assessment of the level of food security reached in 2014 are stated. The range of potential threats and their influence on food security of various farms is underlined. The parameters of the strategy of the national food security in the Republic of Belarus till 2020 are proved taking into account the potential of domestic market and other factors.

Full text Meliashchenia A.V., Shakel T.P.
Export of dairy products from the Republic of Belarus to the European Union countries
The paper considers the level of self-sufficiency of the European Union countries in milk and dairy products, volume of dairy products export from Belarus to these countries, import duties on dairy products. The structure of the customs law of the European Union countries is presented. Described are non-tariff measures of import regulation, the main requirements for the import of agricultural products, rules of dairy products import, and documents regulating food products import.

Full text Gusakov E.V.
Conceptual methodological models of creation and stable functioning of cooperative-integrative structures under market conditions
The article presents the conceptual models of organizing cooperative-integrative associations in relation to the newest (market) managing conditions: self-government model, strategic development model, innovative association model, complex (combined) model. The models are aggregated on a number of signs and include the criterion function, the main problem, the mechanism of problem solution and achievement of the criterion function, peculiarities of an organizational structure and activity, methods and principles of organization, requirements for implementation. The usage of the proposed models allows finding the most effective solutions and developing the projects of associations for specific practical conditions.

Full text Metlitskiy V.N.
Peculiarities of a franchise market and mechanism of its development in agroindustrial complex
The article deals with the analysis of the development of franchise market in 2014 in Belarus. The analysis shows agreat interest of the population of Belarus in franchising. It’s established that there’s a minor share of registered franchise contracts. The author proposes the development mechanism of franchise relations in agroindustrial complex and the directions improving franchise legal regulation.

UpAgriculture and Plant Cultivation

Full text Cherenkov А.V., Zhelyazkov А.I., Kozelskij А.I.
Efficiency of the methods increasing grain productivity of different varieties of winter wheat in northern steppes of the Ukraine
The paper deals with the assessment of the influence of predecessors and the level of mineral nutrition on grain productivity of the new varieties of winter wheat cultivated in northern Steppe of the Ukraine. It’s established that application of mineral fertilizers with further top dressing of young crops in the tillering stage ensures the maximum yield. With this nutrition regime the variety Skabnitsa demonstrates the highest yield of 7.30 per hectare. When winter wheat is planted after pea and sunflower more productive is the variety Pisanka with the yield of 4.76 and 4.15 tons per hectare.

Full text Mikhailovskaya N.А., Charnysh A.F., Kasyanchik S.A., Barashenka T.B., Tarasyuk E.G., Pogirnitskaya Т.V., Dyusova S.V.
Potential for increasing the yield of wheat on eroded soils using phosphorus-solubilizing inoculant
The field experiment data show that application of phosphorus-solubilizing inoculant increases spring wheat and winter wheat yields at different slope elements – watershed, medium and severely eroded soils. The yield increase is caused by multifunctionality of phosphorus-solubilizing inoculant which possesses the properties of plant growth promoter, biofertilizer and biopesticide as well. Quantitative parameters of the influence of phosphorus-solubilizing inoculant on the yield and phytopathological state of crops are presented.

Full text Matychenkov D.V., Tsytron G.S., Severtsov V.V.
Program-information complex for optimizing the use of soil resources of a separate agricultural enterprise
The paper touches upon the method of creating a program-information complex for optimizing the use of soil resources on the example of an agricultural enterprise "Bolshevik-Agro", Soligorsk region. The article discusses the information components of the complex, algorithms of their interaction to determine suitability of soil for cultivation of certain crops, and possible forms for practical application of the results.

Full text Likhatsevich A.P., Avramenko N.M.
Regularities of peat deposit settlement after drainage
Mathematical model of settlement of peat deposit after drainage has been proposed and tested. This model integrates two stages of settlement process, and its efficiency is confirmed by high statistical indicators of coordination of theoretical curve and experimental points.

UpAnimal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine

Full text Tarasevich L.F., Kozlova N.N.
Possible use of hereford stud bulls for improvement of kazakh whiteheaded cattle
A comparative evaluation of the age dynamics of live weight and meat productivity in purebred and crossbred bull calves less than 15 months old has been done. It is established that crossbred Hereford bull calves are superior to their peers of Kazakh whiteheaded cattle in respect of growth intensity, external appearance, and slaughter indicators of a carcass.

Full text Sheyko I.P., Loban N.А.
Acceleration of form breeding process in pig breeding based on a complex of breeding and genetic methods
The article dwells on the efficiency of methods of classical and marker selection in pig breed formation process. It’s determined that complex use of classical and marker selection in pig breed formation process ensures acceleration of the effect of selection in generations in respect of performance traits by 2–3 times. A new concept for pig breed formation process in pig breeding has been developed. The concept allows accelerating the breeding process for Belarusian large white breed of pigs and plant types “zadneprovsky” and “dneprobugsky”.

Full textKosyanenko S.V.
Improvement of crosses of poultry of domestic breeding
The estimation of poultry breeding and prospects of its development in Belarus are given. The results of the research of poultry crosses of domestic breeding are presented, productivity indicators of the lines of hens, ducks and turkeys are studied. On the basis of the results of the estimation of young poultry the best ones have been selected into the nucleus for further breeding. Parent flocks of hens of the crosses Belarus Autoseksny, Belarus Korichnevy and Temp-1 have been created for breeding of the young.

Full text Charheika O.A.
Use of probiotics in feeding of broiler chikens
The article demonstrates the results of the experiment on the use of probiotic Bifidobacterin in the process of rearing broiler chickens. The optimal doses of this preparation are specified; the economic indicators are calculated.

Full text Кurdzeka А.P.
Veterinary and technological methods of prevention of cattle diseases
Veterinary and technological methods of prevention of cattle diseases have been developed taking into account changes in the technology of cattle keeping and use. The introduced recommendations will enable to organize the treatment of sick animals at modern level and increase the efficiency of the branch due to the reduction of diseases and at minimum costs.

UpMechanization and Power Engineering

Full text Kazakevich P.P., Lensky А.V., Sayganov А.S.
Efficiency of the use of small aircraft for chemical treatment in Belarus
One of the key elements of a successful use of modern intensive technologies of crop cultivation is a timely and high quality chemical treatment of young crops. The paper considers the possibility of the use of small aircraft means for chemical treatment, describes the advantages and disadvantages of this method. The parameters of the effective use of specialized planes “Fermer-3” have been substantiated, and their economic evaluation has been carried out.

Full text Azarenko V.V., Misun A.L., Larichev А.Yu.
Investigation of the reasons and conditions of a dangerous situation during fodder crops harvest
The paper deals with the reasons and probability of a dangerous situation during fodder crops harvest in the systems: operator, harvester, manufacturing environment, transport. The formula for safety of fodder harvest has been obtained, the dependence of safety of the “man” system of fodder harvest on labour conditions and service reliability of a harvester is established.

Full text Кitun А.V.
Research on fodder grinding
The formula for calculation of the frequency of grinding of a fodder particle in a vertical grinder has been obtained. On the basis of this formula grinding equipment has been produced. According to the results of the research a curve of a grinder performance on the number of knives has been formed. The construction of a working part with a holder with two cutting knives has been proposed. This construction allows increasing the frequency of meeting of a fodder particle with a cutting element by 50%.

UpProcessing and Storage of Agricultural Production

Full text Lovkis Z.V., Shabeta М.P., Petyushev N.N., Stankevich О.N.
Theoretical analysis of the possibilities to activate the process of fluid outflow from foams using the example of potato and starch production foam
The article shows the results of the theoretical analysis of the methods of an effective impact on production foams, which reduce their average “resistance”. The article presents the assessment of the impact of increased and decreased pressure over the foam volume on the effectiveness of interbubble fluid outflow as the main component which determines foam fracture properties.

UpScientists of Belarus

Full text
Stepan Gordeevich Skoropanov (To the 105th Anniversary of Birthday)

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Ivan Antonovich Golub (To the 65th Anniversary of Birthday)

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