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2004 №4

Economics and Informatics
Agriculture and Plant Cultivation
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine
Mechanization and Power Engineering

UpEconomics and Informatics

Full textGusakov V.G.
Methodological base of development of cooperate system of APC of Belarus
Main methodological statements of formation and development of cooperate system of APC of Belarus have been shown in the conditions of creating infrastructure of market relations. It is given consideration to formulation of principles of cooperation, purposes and tasks of cooperate organization of agriculture. Main types of cooperatives have been given, ways of formation of acting cooperating organizations on a base of traditional agriculture enterprises have been given. Procedure of formation of cooperative associations, vertical and horizontal integration union and so on have been considered.

Full textIl’ina Z.M.
National food safety and person safety
Conceptual position of food safety including the main concept, direction of agrarian policy, model of national food safety, technique of an estimation of food support, mechanism of implementation of a strategic purpose have been considered. Features and commonality of food safety purposes at world and state levels have been researched. Recognizing a legitimacy of the researches of food safety from positions of agriculture predominantly the directions of perfecting of methodology of the problem development have been offered. It is represented to actual call to a problem of food safety at a context of a concept of a person development. The tool boosting efficiency of a registration and regulation of interests of the citizens is monitoring of life quality including its major aspect — food safety of the person.

Full textBelskii V.I.
Actual directions of perfecting of economic mechanism of national regulation of agriculture market
Essence of first-priority tusks of development of national regulation of agrarian sphere of economics in the fields of financing, crediting and stabilization of agrarian market.

Full textBraude K.Z.
Methodic problems of definition of power-consuming of agrarian production
Existing approaches to definition of power-consuming of agrarian production have been reviewed. A new interpretation of power-consuming index defined on a base of energy powers and recommendations of perfecting of statistical reporting and of definition of indexes of power-consuming of agrarian production have been proposed.

Full textDulevich L.I.
Perfection of a technique of a definition of the parameters of investments efficiency
Scientific and methodological bases of the «budget approach» at development of investment projects are stated. Most frequently found mistakes at defining of pure flows of cash and at calculation of the basic parameters of economic parameters of investments efficiency are analyzed and the technique of their definition is offered.

UpAgriculture and Plant Cultivation

Full textLikhatsevich A.P.
Model of harvest of agrarian cultures
Interdependences in a system «plant — environment» are analyzed. Standard means of environmental indexes are marked out. Gradient model of harvest is created on their base. Model identification has been done on results of field investigations of influence of the fertilizers onto harvest. Its correlation to tests data on connection of harvest to levels of water consumption of agrarian cultures, plant protection and technical equipment of agricultural production have been shown.

Full textGrib S.I., Bulavina T.M., Bondarenko A.V.
Basic elements of technology of cultivation of summer triticale on various granulometric types of soil
Basic elements of technology of cultivation of new grain-forage cultures of summer triticale with reference to soil-climatic conditions of the Republic have been developed. It is shown a necessity of expansion of assortment of chemical facilities of plants protection on summer triticale crops.

Full textLapa V.V., Golovach A.A., Mezentseva E.G., Mikhailovskaya N.A.
Influence of different kinds of organic fertilizers onto microbiological activity of sod-podzolic light loamy soil
The article provides results of the researches of influence of various sorts of organic fertilizers on to microbiological activity of sod-podzolic light loamy soil. It has been established that application of a combination of straw, liquid manure in a quantity of 80 t/ha and mineral fertilizers N90P50K120 has been most influenced onto increasing of enzymes activity of soils (as on background of the return green gross of legume as on background of the return of crop residues of legume). Application of straw manure (on background of the return green gross of legume) and straw with mineral nitrogen and with mineral fertilizer N90P50K120 (on background of the return of crop residues of legume) advantaged to inhibition of cellulose-decomposing microorganisms.

Full textPrishchepa I.A., Zherdatskaya T.N.
Efficiency of the medicar preparation against tomato and cucumber diseases in a protected ground
Many years microbiological investigations of grounds and diseased plants from greenhouses of the Republic have been shown that the late blight, powdery mildew, Fiisarium and bacterial wilt dominate among tomato diseases in a protected ground and Fiisarium plant wilt dominate in cucumber crop. Home-produced medicar preparation having fungicidal properties and a wide spectrum of action has been recommended based on numerous experimental data for application in a protected ground against a complex of tomato and cucumber diseases. Soaking of tomato and cucumber seeds in the preparation solution stimulates linear growth and germs development. Evaluation of phyto-toxicity of preparation to cucumber and tomato crops has been given. It has been determined that successive fungicide application by a way of watering under plants root with the 0,5% preparation solution and growing of spraying plants with the 0,5—1% solution gives an opportunity to improve the phytosanitary crop conditions and to decrease tomato plant kill from wilt diseases for 83—90% and cucumber — for 66—86% depending on a degree of the disease development. High biological and economic efficiency of the fungicide on tomato against late blight and powdery mildew has been obtained.

Full textBudevich G.V., Pavlovets R.Ya., Shashko Yu.K., Shashko M.N., Ermolenko N.L.
Influence of nitrogen fertilizers and protection from diseases onto productivity and quality of new spring wheat varieties
Results of researches of an influence of terms of nitrogen fertilizers applying and its doses, sowing protection from diseases to crop capacity and protein content in grains of new spring wheat varieties Rostan and Darya have been shown. Varieties reaction onto such remedies of intensification as mineral nitrogen application and protection by Rex fungicide at vegetation has been shown. Optimal variant for Rostan variety is the variant with a separate nitrogen application, «quality feeding» and treatment by fungicide at flag leaf. The distinctive peculiarity for Darya variety is a single application of a full nitrogenous dose.

UpAnimal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine

Full textSheyko I.P., Fedorenkova L.A., Khramchenko N.M.
Comparative estimation of pork quality indexes of young pigs of different genotypes
Physical properties of muscular tissue, chemical composition of muscular and fat tissues and organoleptic characteristics of pork of hybrid pigs received by crossing of dams of Large White and Byelorussian Mealy breeds with Duroc x Pietrain hybrid boars have been studied at the scientific-production experiment. It has been stated that crossbred boars did not affected negatively on a quality of pork. Probably, dams of Large White and Byelorussian Meaty breeds have influenced positively onto pork quality, because they were found have high resistance to stress. Our results show that Pietrain hybrid boars can be used to obtaining hybrids having high quality of meat and fat.

Full textKoval M.P., Alekseev N.P., Tret'yakova E.M.
Monitoring of protein exchange of cows blood during a period of indoor maintenance
Period of indoor maintenance of the cows is characterized by the certain character of gomeostaz and exchange processes and also certain level of adaptive opportunities. Monitoring of protein exchange of milch cows blood during a period of indoor maintenance has been shown that concentration of a common protein and its fractions is a mobile factor varied under influence of external influences (season of year, quality of forages, etc.). With approaching to the end of a period of indoor maintenance of the cows there was progressive decrease of common protein in whey of blood having high degree of reliability (from 79,4 to 75,5 g/l), albumens (from 29,4 to 24,3 g/l) with appropriate increase of a- and fi-globulins and decrease of y-globulin. The monitoring of metabolic tests during the certain period of animals life enables to expect and to warn development of this or that pathology.

Full textGorbukov M.A., Chavlytko V.I.
Effectiveness of growing for meat of thoroughbred and cross Belarussian harness horses
Growth dynamic of thoroughbred Belarusian harness young horses and first generation cross with Lithuanian draft-type and thorium horse breed has been researched. Correlation of newborn foals live weight to development parameters after wean has been determined. Economic advantages of early (18 month old) realization for meat of superfluous foals have been revealed. The best of them judging by accretion of life weight and parameters of control killing were Belarusian-Lithuanian cross stallions. Effectiveness of using of hormone-active sires in selection has been stated.

Full textKoronets I.N., Yakusevich A.M., Shemetovets Zh.I.
Hereditability of milk productivity and butter-fat of cows of Belarusian black-gay breed at pedigree factories
Coefficients of hereditability calculated by a method of correlation «dam — daughter» for milk yield in the first and in the highest lactations are equal to + 0,15—0,16 and + 0,116—0,056, respectively and for fat content + 0,064 — 0,078 and by a method of dispersed analysis of single factors complexes of bulls daughters for milk and fat content are equal to + 0,37— 0,27, + 0,32—0,25, respectively. Different influence of regression on hereditability of milk productivity by daughters from dams of different quality has been stated.

Full textVishnevets Zh.V.
Toxic-pharmacological characteristics of artemizitan
Phytotherapy has increasing significance for a veterinary in our days. It gives possibility to use local vegetative raw that is ecological pure and available. Artemizitan is a drug prepared from absinth grass. Toxic properties of artemizitan; its influence onto clinical status of animals, onto morphological and biochemical parameters of a blood and onto natural resistance of an organism have been studied.

Full textAbraskova S.V., Bouryako I.A., Astapovich N.I., Stefanovich L.I.
Application of bacterial preservatives for increasing of grass fodder action
Effectiveness of using of bacterial preparations Sillactim and Lacsil at ensiling of vegetable materials and productive action of obtained fodder have been evaluated. It has been established that application of bioferment raises digestibility of fodder nutrients and increases live weight gains of young farm animals at 13—14%. Cost efficiency of Lacsil application is equal to 33%. It is recommended to apply biopreparations Sillactim — for ensiling cereal, cereal-legume grass mixtures and Lacsil — for non-ready digestible high-protein feedstock (cereal-legume grass mixtures).

UpMechanization and Power Engineering

Full textNagorskii I.S., Azarenko V.V., Klybik V.K.
Modelling of soil milling
Effective reception of superficial improvement of meadows and pastures is reseeding of grasses in the strips loosened with a soil cutter. Interaction of knifes with ground at passing and counter milling has been investigated by a method of mathematical modeling with a purpose of substantiation of parameters of design and operating modes of the soil mill providing with a minimal expenses of energy required quality of performance of technological process (crushing sod and a herbage, and filling with ground milled in sod strips also).

Full textSharshunov V.A., Chervyakov A.V., Pontalev O.V.
Substantiation of optimal constructional cinematic parameters of auger working part of expander
Calculation models for determination of main parameters of operating of expander of fodder grain have been proved and optimal constructional and cinematic parameters of its auger (main working part) have been determined on a base of theoretical and experimental researches.

Full textDashkov V.N., Kitikov V.O., Samosyuk V.G.
New methodic ways to substantiation of means of mechanization in milk cattle breeding
Methodic ways to a choice of direction of reconstruction of milk farms and complexes of the Republic of Belarus by new technologies and technical facilities have been formed. It will give possibility essentially increase quality of producing milk and to decrease of man-caused losses of production at 10—15%. Method of evaluation of effectiveness of technology and devices in milk cattle breeding on criterion of power-consuming has been proposed.

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