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2014 №4

To the 85th Anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Agriculture and Plant Cultivation
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine
Mechanization and Power Engineering
Processing and Storage of Agricultural Production
Scientists of Belarus

Up To the 85th Anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Full text Sheiko I.P., Saskevich P.А., Sadomov N.А.
History of livestock studies in Belarus


Full text Ilyina Z.М.
Threats in the food sphere: global problems and national security
Current problems of the development of the world food system are considered in the article. Defined are the factors of ensuring physical and economic availability of food to population in the context of quality of life and security in the food sphere. The potential of threats to food security as well as their conditions are indicated. Identified are the preventive measures including improvement of the system of social protection and rendering targeted support, increase of the efficiency of agrarian and industrial complex, development of foreign economic activity, scientific support.

Full text Rastorgouev P.V.
Сonceptual bases for forming economic mechanism of motivation of agricultural goods quality
The basic approaches to the formation of an effective incentive mechanism of production of agricultural products of high quality are presented in the article, the essence and content of structural elements of the conceptual bases for its formation and development under current conditions are described. The model of the economic mechanism of motivation of agricultural goods quality, as well as the system of assessment indicators of the efficiency of its functioning are developed.

Full text Baihot L.N.
Analysis of agricultural goods import capacity in the context of balanced foreign trade
The paper deals with the analysis of the volumes and import of agricultural goods and food in the Republic of Belarus. The ratio between intermediate and consumer import is determined, the import capacity is estimated. The main directions to reduce the import capacity of national goods production as well the measures to implement the import substitution plan in the agrarian sphere are identified.

UpAgriculture and Plant Cultivation

Full text Vostrukhin N.P.
Long-term stationary field experiments – an integral part of basic and applied research in arable farming
Stationary experiments are the main source of information while studying basic problems of arable farming, and their results are the basis for stable and efficient arable farming. The field experiments on crop rotation, soil technology and fertilizer systems function at the Experimental Station of Sugar Beet. The analysis of the peculiarities of the main elements of the arable farming system and technologies of crop cultivation in a definite climatic zone is conducted on the basis of the results of stationary experiments on a long-term influence of different types of field crop rotations, soil protection and energy saving soil technology, fertilizer systems on the fertility of soil podzolic soils, on the yield and quality of sugar beet and other crops.

Full text Likhatsevih А. Р.
Optimization of crop irrigation mode
The existing method of optimizing an irrigation mode doesn’t take into account the economy of irrigated crops cultivation, and irrigation is only oriented towards operating cost saving what restricts possible economic benefits in irrigated farming.
That is why further improvement of the methods for optimizing crop irrigation mode is of great interest as it allows taking into consideration all the possible reserves and establishing the indicators which ensure the highest economic efficiency while growing irrigated crops.
The analysis of the components of the additional net income derived from irrigation shows that economically sound irrigation rate is a complex function of water holding capacity of soil, the selling price of irrigated crop products and irrigation costs.

Full text Kadyrov M.A., Zoubkovitch A.A., Anoshenko B.Yu.
Improvement of the system of breeding process management of self-pollinated crops in order to increase its informative value and effectiveness through the example of Hordeum vulgare l.
Approaches to the improvement of breeding process in order to increase its informative value and effectiveness are presented. The researches have been conducted on the true breeding process of Hordeum vulgare L. and comprehensively cover all its stages.

Full text Gornovska S.V., Fedorenko V.P.
Reasons for the appearance of a new pest – sunflower tumbling beetle (mordellidae, mordellistena parvulliformis) – in Ukraine

Full text Koltun N.E., Grebneva Yu.N.
Control of pear psylla number and its harmfulness in the orchards of Belarus
The paper deals with the system of measures on the decrease of pear psylla number and its harmfulness in the orchards of the republic based on biological features. The optimum terms and efficiency of application of prospective pesticides with a different mechanism of action allowing to reduce the pest number by 89.3 and 95.0 % and increase the yield from 11.2 to 17.3 cwt/ha are determined.

UpAnimal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine

Full text Fedorenkova L.A., Petukhova M.A.
Comparative estimation of quality indicators of muscle and fat tissues of pigs to be reared in the Republic of Belarus
The article presents the results of the research on the quality characteristics of meat of pigs to be reared in the Republic of Belarus. Superiority of young animals of the Belarusian breed in respect of all the estimated indicators over foreign genotypes is established.

Full text Burnos A.Ch., Kosko I.S., Novitskaya T.A.
Influence of purebred Duroc and Pietren boars of French selection on physical and chemical properties and chemical composition of meat and fat of young animals
Studied is the influence of purebred Duroc and Pietren boars of French selection on the quality indicators of lean and fat tissue of young animals to be bred from parent pigs F1 Л x Й and Й x Л. It’s established that the use of Duroc and Pietren boars in crossing with parent pigs F1 Л x Й and Й x Л doesn’t make worse physical and chemical properties of meat and fat of young animals. The animals of (КБ x Л) x Д, (Л x Й) x Д, (Л x Й) x П, (Й x Л) x П crosses have a tendency to the reduction of water content in meat (72.34–72.91 %) and increase of intramuscular fat (6.65–8.19 %), what ensures a higher quality of pork.

Full text Roshchin V.A.
Regulation of the content of exchange energy and essential amino acids in combined feeds for young pigs
The determining factors of regulation of nutritional value of combined feeds for pigs are the level of exchange energy and the amount of lysine per 1 MJ of exchange energy. In this case the necessary condition is to comply with the ratio of other essential amino acids to lysine. Balancing of combined feeds on essential amino acids taking into account their availability promotes a significant increase of live weight of weaners and piglets at growing by 9.9 % and at fattening – by 4.2 %, feed costs being reduced by 10.4–11.5 % in comparison with combined feeds calculated in accordance with the detailed regulations of feeding. Exchange energy costs per unit of protein deposited in the body of pigs are reduced by 14.4 %.

Full text Radchikov V.F., Tsai V.P., Cot A.N., Kireenko N.V.
New feeds in feeding heifers under the age of 3 months
Feeding heifers at the age of 1–3 months on the feeds with probiotics of national production and a substitute for skim milk powder and applying highly nourishing mineral additives bring about a weight gain of 787–797 grams per day, feed costs per 1 kg of gain being 3.65–3.78 u. Also it allows increasing the energy by 7.2–8.7 % and reducing the prime cost by 5.8 %.

Full text Kovalev N.A., Buchukury D.V.
Study of rabies and development of methods of its prophylaxis in Belarus
The paper deals with the results of studying rabies in the Belarusian Research and Practical Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology and S.N. Vyshelessky Institute of Experimental Veterinary Medicine. The data of the research in the sphere of epizootology and epidemiology of rabies in the republic, pathogenesis and improvement of rabies diagnosis are presented. A special attention is paid to the development of vaccines against rabies and methods of oral vaccination of wild carnivores against rabies.

UpMechanization and Power Engineering

Full text Herasimovich L. S., Laknevich L. S., Sinenky А. V.

Conceptual design of the system of complex energy supply of an agricultural settlement using local and renewable resources
The article considers the major approaches, methods and stages of the conceptual design of the high energy-efficient system of complex energy supply of agricultural settlements using local and renewable energy sources. It is based on the structural and functional modeling and interests of all the parties concerned and includes objectives, requirements and assessment criteria for each stage of designing.

Up Processing and Storage of Agricultural Production

Full text Sharshunov V.A., Urbanchyk E.N., Shaluta A.E.
Optimization of the modes of thermomechanical processing of germinated peas
The modes of thermomechanical processing of germinated peas have been optimized. Changes of vitamin B1 content and amino acids lysine during thermomechanical processing of germinated peas have been established. A complex influence of the factors of thermomechanical processing on the quality of products is determined. The indicators of quality and safety of germinated peas flakes are identified.

Up Scientists of Belarus

Full text Sergei Nikolaevich Vyshelessky (To the 140th Anniversary of Birthday)

Full text Аndrei Ignatyevich Ivitsky (To the 110th Anniversary of Birthday)

Full text Grigory Yosiphovich Lashkevich (To the 110th Anniversary of Birthday)

Full textTo the Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University – 60 years

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