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2013 №1

Agriculture and plant cultivation
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine
Mechanization and Power Engineering
Processing and Storage of Agricultural Production
Scientists of Belarus

Full textGusakov V.G.
Journal «Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Agrarian Series» – 50 years old


Full textGusakov V.G.
How to ensure stability and competitiveness of the national agroindustrial complex
The article analyses the problems of a perspective and stable development of the agroindustrial complex, identifies the weaknesses that keep down its efficiency. The system of measures on improvement of the agroindustrial economic management mechanism is formulated.

Full textSkakun А.S.
Priorities increasing the efficiency of the agroindustrial complex
The paper presents the results of research of the financial-economic performance of agricultural organizations in Belarus. The main problems of foreign economic activity, technical service, staffing and price formation are studied. Proposed are the principal actions to overcome the negative tendencies in agroindustrial complex and increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the national production and products.

Full textSayganov A.S., Trigub N.A.
Methods of estimation of dairy products competitiveness at processing enterprises of the agroindustrial complex
The article presents the methods of estimation of dairy products competitiveness. On the example of OJSC «Orsha dairy industrial complex» estimation of competitiveness of its products for 2010–2011 was calculated. As a result the economic effect of the activities on increase of products competitiveness is substantiated.

UpAgriculture and plant cultivation

Full textNikonchik P.I.
Nitrogen balance in different crop rotations depending on crop structure
Different crops and crop rotations with a different crop structure have a different influence on biological interchange of the matter. Depending on the crops and their balance, removal and return of nutrients change greatly. That is why while developing specialized crop rotations it’s necessary to take into account their agrotechnical evaluation along with the economic one. Nitrogen status is one of their elements. The results of 24 year researches in the stationary experiment on the study of nitrogen balance in different types of crop rotations are discussed in the paper. The values of the accumulation of biological nitrogen in soil due to fixation through the air in crop rotations with leguminous and leguminous-cereal grasses were determined. Soil nitrogen balance, as well as economic one, is largely dependent on the type of crop rotation.

Full textTchernysh A.F., Мikhailouskaya N.А., Каsyanchyk S.А., Yukhnovets А.V., Тarasyuk Е.G., Barashenko Т.B.
Effectiveness of biofertilizer kaliplant on spring wheat sowings on eroded sod podzol soils on morain loam
Effectiveness of biofertilizer Kaliplant (K-mobilizing bacteria) on spring wheat sowings is established in the field experiment laid in accordance with geomorphologic profile of sod podzol soil on morain loam. The research shows that application of biofertilizer Kaliplant through sowings treatment results in the increase of spring wheat productivity by 3.9–5.6 c/ha f.u at all slope elements. Most significant positive effect (5,6 c/ha f.u) is observed on severely eroded soil that underlines antistressful properties of Kaliplant. The application of biofertilizer Kaliplant increases the use of soil potassium (by 3.5 %), especially on severely eroded soils. Biofertilizer affects positively the biological value of grain production. The best indices of grain quality are observed when spring wheat is grown on moderately and severely eroded soils.

Full textGolovaty S.Е., Kovalevich Z.S., Lukashenko N.К.
Parameters and forecast of selenium accumulation in hay of perennial grasses when applying selenium fertilizers
Due to the long-term field experiments on sod-podsol loamy and sandy soils the efficiency of application of selenium fertilizer in doses of 100; 200 and 300 g Se/ha is studied when growing perennial grasses. Parameters of selenium accumulation are developed, and prognosis of selenium accumulation in hay of grasses are made.

Full textMaletsky S.I., Melentyeva S.A., Tatur I.S., Maletskaya E.I., Yudanova S.S.
Maintaining heterosis of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) apozigotic offsprings
The results of comparative field trials of 14 sugar beet apozigotic offsprings (generation A3) and two parental hybrids (generation F1) are demonstrated in the article. It’s shown that apozygotic offsprings in terms of economic productivity (yield of roots and sugar yield per unit area) are either equal or surpass parental hybrids. The possible genetic and physiological mechanisms to maintain heterosis of sugar beet apozigotic offsprings are discussed.

Full textTsyganov А.R., Chernukha G.А.
Agroecological justification of the application of a new polyfunctional polymer on radionuclide-contaminated soils
Due to the experiment it’s proved that treatment of sod-podzol sandy soil with the new polymer – poly-N,N-dimethyl-3,4- dimethylenpyrroldine chloride – promotes the increase of oat grain yield by 4.7-59.7% in the first year of research, and by 6.5-18.7% in the second year of research. To a great extent it is connected with a positive effect of the polymer on the soil structure and soil aggregate water stability. The application of the polymer influenced greatly on the parameters of radionuclide accumulation in crops. In the first year maximal multiplicity of reduction in Kn levels for cesium-137 was 2.1 times and for strontium-90 – 1.8 times, in the second year – 3.8 and 2.8 times respectively. Meanwhile, reduction in Kn levels of cesium-137 and strontium-90 radionuclides from soil to plants was caused by both radionuclide fixation with the polymer and by biological dilution.

UpAnimal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine

Full textVertinskaya О.V., Tanana L.А., Petrushko I.S.
Meat productivity and efficiency of rearing of bull-calves of hereford breed and its hybrids
Studying meat productivity and efficiency of rearing of bull-calves of the Hereford breed and its hybrids with the black-and-white one shows that calves of meat genotypes surpass their black-and-white herd mates in respect of body weight, daily average gain, slaughter indices and leather quality. At the same time the consumption of feed required for products formation is lower.

Full textSamsonovich V.А.
Activity of alkaline phosphatase of contents and mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract of pigs
The article states the results of research on the activity of alkaline phosphatase of contents and mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract of pigs when intensive technologies of rearing are used at different age periods. It is established, that the activity is the highest in the thin and first parts of the large intestine. The highest indices are observed at pigs in the first 60 days of life, then the activity reduces and remains at a low level up to 180 day old age. The critical period of the activity transition is the age of 60-80 days. It should be taken into account when pigs are reared at industrial enterprises.

Full textGandzha А.I., Sheyko I.P., Letkevich L.L., Кuzmina Т.I.
Optimization of culture media for in vitro fertilization and maturation of cows’ oocytes
The models of in vitro maturation of cows’ oocytes allowing to obtain up to 43% of embryos at final stages of pre-implanting development are presented in the article. The results of sperm capacitation are analysed, optimal media formulation for fertilization is identified that increases significantly the efficiency of the experiments on in vitro oocytes fertilization.

Full textVashkevich I.I., Poznyak Т.А., Sviridov О.V.
Construction and technical characteristics of the test system for chloramphenicol enzyme immunoassay in food of animal origin
An enzyme immunoassay system for the quantitative chloramphenicol determination in foods of animal origin has been developed and tested. The principal components of the system structure are a detachable 96-well microplate-based immunosorbent, control and calibration samples and a conjugate of chloramphenicol with horse reddish peroxidase. Immunochemical interaction among these components proceeds at a room temperature for 1 h and ensures high indices of sensitivity (0.02 ng/ml), repeatability (coefficient of variation – 6%) and a concentration range (up to 5 ng/ml). The technical characteristics of the test-system meet the requirements of enzyme immunoassay quality as well as the demands of a safety control of agricultural products. It has been shown in special experiments that a finished form of the system is stable during storage or use under laboratory conditions.

UpMechanization and Power Engineering

Full textGrudanov V.Ya., Brench А.А., Datsuk I.Е.
Modelling of the process of separation of meat-and-bone raw materials in boning presses with improved tools
Developed is the mathematical model of separation of meat raw materials in screw presses, enabling to identify the change of concentration of a muscular tissue both on height of a spiral flute and on length of a working part of the screw. Proposed are new technical solutions increasing the performance of boning presses due to the interrelation of perforation holes of a separating plug with the direction of normal pressure force to be created by tapered shaft of a screw, and the equality of compression ratio of raw materials along the working part of a screw.

UpProcessing and Storage of Agricultural Production

Full textSharshunov V.A., Urbanchyk E.N., Ivanov P.G.
Rationale the of air-water regimes of soaking for technology optimal germination of maize
The research of maize sprouting with an air–water steeping method is conducted. The influence of the temperature of water on steeping is studies. The change of maize microstructure in the process of sprouting is aralysed. The optimal models of maize steeping and sprouting are identified.

Full textBespalova Е.V., Dymar О.V., Savelyeva Т.А.
Studying the dynamics of decrease of lactose content when producing a high protein dairy product for sportsmen feeding
The article presents the results of research on the creation of a special dairy product with a low content of lactose. This product is used by sportsmen and people suffering from lactose intolerance. The main results of research on the changes of weight content of lactose and monosaccharides received in the process of hydrolysis are presented. The influence of this technological operation on physical-chemical and organoleptic indicators of primary products is shown.

UpScientists of Belarus

Full text
Yakov Nikitich Aphanasyev (To the 135th Anniversary of Birthday)

Full text
Аndrei Grigoryevich Мedvedev (To the 115th Anniversary of Birthday)

Full text
Ivan Маtveevich Каrputs (To the 75th Anniversary of Birthday)

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Vladimir Grigoryevch Gusakov (To the 60th Anniversary of Birthday)

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