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2006 №5

Economics and Informatics
Agriculture and Plant Cultivation
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine
Mechanization and Power Engineering
Processing and Storage of Agricultural Production

UpEconomics and Informatics

Full textBaigot M.S.
Application of tariff’s quotas in Belarusian agriculture
The article deals with the experience of application, possibility and advisability of using tariff’s quotas for imported products (one of the methods of international trade regulation) in the context of Belarus joining to the WTO. The researches show that according to the situation at the domestic market of agricultural products the application of this method is advisable for poultry meat, beef and pork.

Full textBatova N.N.
The perfection mechanism of relationships in linen branch
The article describes the possible forms of relationships between the agricultural organizations and processing enterprises. The mechanism of relationships offered by the writer will promote further integration and creation of mutually beneficial and economically effective systems.

Full textBelchina E.M.
Joint-stock property - a source of the additional income
Each owner of the agricultural production co-operative society has his own shares. However, most agricultural production cooperative societies don’t pay the dividends to the shareholders. The purpose of the article is to describe the ways of shares stimulation, taking the APCS of Starie Dorogi as an example. The offered method of shares formation and dividends payment lead to the workers’ income rise.

Full textHorbatovskaya O.N.
The cooperation and organization of management in agroindustrial formations
The extension of cooperation and integration in modern conditions of managing is the basis for strengthening of production and economic relations and also for the association of the separate participants of production in a unit. The indicated processes influence directly the organization of management in agroindustrial formations. There is a rise of socioeconomic effect from joint cooperation and creation of a new control mechanism, which is directed by the creation of your own strategy in production.

Full textYonchyk L.T.
The methodical approaches to the estimation of products competitiveness in the market of pork
The article touches upon the definition of the essence of the market of pork, states its segments and objects. The main principals and the algorithm of the estimation of products competitiveness at this kind of the market are described.

Full textZaprudskaya T.A.
The increase of management efficiency of agricultural land tenure
In the article the author presents his own estimation of the effi ciency of agricultural land use in Brest region taking into account the distinction between productive and economic, agroclimatic and rent conditions. Also the article states a number of administrative solutions in the sphere of agricultural land tenure.

Full textKlimova M.L.
Marketing researches in the field of consumer references on dairy products
In this article the author considers complex marketing research according to the following plan: interrogation on the basis of questioning, allocation of social groups, the descriptive characteristics of the preferences of dairy products consumers who belong to different social groups. The received results confirm the conclusions about the system of values of the consumer and show the necessity of using special marketing methods to create a demand and promote sales in accord with the attitude of consumers from different social groups to dairy products.

Full textKondratenko S.A.
Stability of the regional food market (on the example of Vitebsk region)
In the article the technique of a complex estimation of stability of the regional food market including the system of absolute, comparative and integral metrics is offered. The technique allows to define a degree of adaptivity to the changeable factors of the environment. In the article the author describes the conditions of the market creation of Vitebsc region, their tendencies and inluence on stability. The tendencies and prospects of the development of the consumer market are established.

Full textLepetilo N.N.
The world sugar market: tendencies of development
The purpose of the paper is to analyze the dynamics of the development of the world sugar market and to describe its general tendencies and the changes of the structure. The analysis allows to reveal a number of factors influencing the development of the world sugar market.

Full textLeshchanka E.A.
Quality as a factor of efficiency of fodder production
In aggregate factors and means of increase of efficiency of animal industries, growth of efficiency of cattle and decrease in the cost price defining value belongs to creation in the agricultural organizations of an intensive forage reserve, to improvement of quality of forages, realization of available opportunities in escalating volumes of fodder grain, grassy forages on an arable land and on meadow.

Full textLabanava L.A.
Export potential of Gomel region: tendencies and directions
In the article the basic parameters of the development of Gomel region are investigated: its food supply due to its own manufacture, the tendencies of the development of foreign trade activities. Despite the ecological situation the agriculture of Gomel region is able to satisfy the needs of the population for the basic food stuff and to provide with raw material the processing branch. It allows to draw a conclusion that the formation of an effective, competitive, steady manufacture of foodstuff for full satisfaction of the demand at the domestic market and escalating of export are among the primary goals promoting the economic growth of the region.

Full textMalavko O.K.
Сooperation and integration as a solution to the problems of industrial production of beef
Nowadays the meat subcomplex of the republic is a set of isolated enterprises which manufacture, process and sell meat products what doesn’t allow to use industrial resources rationally. Therefore the development of cooperative and integration relations of the multilevel structure in a technological process is an integral part of economic mechanism of cattle breeding that leads to the effective use of production resources. Agroindustrial cooperation on a mutually beneficial basis increases the competitiveness of beef manufacture.

Full textPapko I.V.
Policy of development of the rural area in the EU and the USA
The article deals with the experience and results of the EU countries and the USA in the development of rural area. They are: an increase in the competitiveness of the agricultural sector, the improvement of the conditions of environment and rural territories, the improvement of the quality of life for country people to overcome poor living conditions and receive the equal starting capital together with the inhabitants of other districts. The stated problems are of great interest for our country and it’s necessary to study foreign experience to solve them.

Full textPashkevich O.A.
Personnel management system in agricultural organizations: essence, structure, ways of perfection
Market development has led to the changes in economy and redistribution of administrative functions between the state and the organizations. The role of the operating system has increased and as a result the objective necessity of application of new approaches to the organization of personnel management has appeared. This fact causes the necessity to carry out scientific researches on revealing the peculiarities of the creation of personnel management system in agricultural organizations and the interaction of this system with the foreign market of agrarian work that enables to establish the ways of its perfection according to the regional development of the labour resources in agriculture.

Full textPilui V.N.
Harmonization of taxation systems of the agriculture of Russia and Belarus
The article touches upon the essential difference between the basic elements of Russian and Belorussian taxation systems and the approaches to the process of taxation in general. Therefore to harmonize the systems of two countries it is advisable to use the approach of “a tax variety” under the conditions of the identical level of taxation.

Full textPashtovaya I.G.
Improvement of the stimulating mechanism of high quality milk production
The system of payment is an essential factor affecting milk quality and security. The article provides the results of the scientific research in the sphere of stimulation of high quality milk production, the mechanism of which is based on the additional payment for the output of a wide range of milk products.

Full textRudenko D.V.
Manufacture and selling of meat products perfection
The article deals with the creation of a new form of promotion of goods as an Agrarian industrial trading group which would unite and coordinate all links of a technological chain in manufacturing, processing and selling of meat products. The facilities of Grodno region are taken as an example. The described structure will help to restructure a technological chain, to create an effective system of the quality of raw materials and produced goods, to lower industrial expenses due to the application of the internal prices on the basis of the normative cost price, to reduce transport costs, to increase the degree of loading of the participants capacities.

Full textSazanovich T.V.
The structure of food demand and its dependence on incomes
The article describes the structure of food demand of various social groups of population. Using the theory of elasticity, studying the budget of different categories of population the quantitative interrelation between food consumption, income rates and prices is revealed. On the basis of the received results it is possible to judge about the degree of satisfaction of people’s needs in products.

Full textSalov D.S.
Sales commercial activity of agricultural organizations in Vitebsk region
The significant role of sales activity as a factor improving the efficiency of operation of agricultural organizations is described in the article. The existing structure of trade channels of agricultural products (Vitebsc region serves the example) is analyzed. Taking into consideration the international experience of some directions of the improvement of the system of goods sales of agricultural enterprises are found out.

Full textSeviarynava M.V.
Directions of decrease of the cost price of cereals in Vitebsk region
The main directions of the reduction of cereals cost price are stated in the article. To reduce the cost price it is necessary to take up a number of measures that will lead to the growth of cereals productivity and as a result additional gross products will be got.

Full textSerakova L.A.
Formation of the cost price of pork in conditions of the intensification of its production
The article analyzes the level of the intensification of pork production, presents the estimation of possible variants of dynamic and static development of the brunch in the future, describes the formation of the cost price as a primary factor of the competitiveness of products. The necessary level of intensification to achieve some parameters is established and the parameters of efficiency of the best enterprises of the brunch are presented.

Full textTsiniakova L.A.
Economic estimation of flax cultivation and processing in Belarus
The article deals with the improvement of the organization and economic relations of flax cultivation that allows to stabilize the output of the competitive products and to increase the efficiency of production using the achievements of the national breeding, technical potential of the flax sector and stimulating flax production.

Full textChayevskiy S.I., Dymar O.V.
Prospects of development of the market of substitutes of whole milk in the Republic of Belarus
The purpose of the paper is to present the market development of whole milk substitutes in the Republic of Belarus, to describe the main technologies of their production, their advantages and disadvantages. The basic developments in the sphere of fodder products are presented. It’s underlined that using classical and combined technologies, it is possible to improve the quality of domestic whole milk substitutes and to retain acceptable prices.

Full textShingareva T.I., Kuptsova O.I., Polyakova T.A., Paleeva A.V., Kovalenko N.V.
Research of the structure and properties of dairy whey of Belarus
The article deals with the systematic researches of dairy whey of various kinds (cheese, thermoacid, and cottage cheese) with reference to Belarus: the structure of dairy whey is stated, its physical and chemical, biochemical parameters and mineral structure are researched.

Full textShvets M.G.
Agricultural chemistry service of agricultural production overseas (on the example of the Russian Federation)
The analysis of the agricultural chemistry service shows that the deficit of fertilizers, pesticides, machines and other resources has always been the main cause of breaking the technology of agricultural crops growth in Russia. Consequently the strategy of the development of the agricultural chemistry service of Russian agriculture should include the following directions: the preparation of machine operators personnel and the improvement of its financial stability, the creation and improvement of the work of machine-technological stations, the creation of consulting centers.

UpAgriculture and Plant Cultivation

Full textAvdey V.I.
The importance of variety in potato responsiveness to fungicides use during the vegetation period
The article presents the results of studying the responsiveness of potato varieties to fungicides use against leaf-stem infection. A medium early variety of Odyssey with low resistance to the blight of leaves and high resistance to the blight of tubers and a late variety of Atlant with high resistance to blight of leaves and tubers are taken as examples. It is shown that the peculiarities of varieties influence not only the degree of potato affecting but also economic efficiency of the program of fungicides use. It is necessary to regulate their intensity taking into consideration the variety resistance to diseases.

Full textAndronik E.L.
Inheritance and transgressive variability of quantitative attributes in hybrid populations of flax (Linum usitatissimum L.).
The article describes the inheritance of the quantitative attributes in F1 among the varieties of flax (Prizyv2, Vesna, G 1071/4, 1288/12, Lyuda, LD-147,Lira) and presents the results of the analysis of transgressive variability (F2) of the attributes of flax productivity. Genotypes perspective for the purposes of practical selection are distinguished: Prizyv 2 x Lira, 1288/12 x Lira, Vesna x Lyuda.

Full textBoiko A.K.
The affecting of spring barley varieties by Fusarium ear blight
The article presents the results of studying of spring barley varieties affecting by Fusarium ear blight during the period of ripeness. It is underlined that early ripe and fodder varieties of barley are less affected by Fusarium ear blight than late ripe varieties. The analysis of the given data shows that there are no varieties of barley resistant to this disease.

Full textBoika S.V., Zvankovich U.K.
The features of biology of cereal chafers larvae
The article deals with phytosanitary state of agrocenosis of crops relating to the number of cereal chafers larvae. Biological and morphological features of development, spread prevalence and nocuity of cereal chafers larvae in the conditions of Belarus are described. A high number of larvae is found in Rechitsa and Gomel region.

Full textVlasov A.G.
The effectivity of agrochemical application of mixtures to the weeding of spring wheat
Herbicide certo plus, WDG mixed with retardant khlormechvatkhloride 460 BASF, insecticide decis, CE, nitrogen fertilizer CAS doesn’t have fititoxic influence on spring wheat. The use of mixtures reduces the number and mass of weeds and leads to the increase of wheat productivity. Complex use of pesticide allows to increase economic and energetic efficiency of spring wheat grain production.

Full textDosina E.S.
The estimation of the initial material of string bean on the high attachment of beans
The article deals with the estimation of the initial material of collection samples of foreign selection of a string bear and hybrids of the first generation according to such attributes as the attachment of bottom beans and the corner of deflection of lateral branches from a central stalk. The samples with a compact form of a bush and the height of the attachment of bottom beans from the surface of ground 12 sm which will be used in further selection on suitability for mechanized gathering are distinguished.

Full textIlyashenko D.A.
The influence of environmental factors on pathogenesis of potato stem nematode
The article presents the results of studying of the role of environmental factors in pathogenesis of potato stem nematode. Favorable conditions for epiphytotic development of disease are determined.

Full textKomlach A.А.
Economic and energy estimation of the efficiency of different elements of sugar beet growth technologies
The best part for cultivation of sugar beet is peas – potato – sugar beet. The best level of saturation is 10 % of sugar beet in a crop rotation. 20 % saturation is acceptable for the agricultural facilities located not far from sugar plants.

Full textKorpanov R.V.
Graminicide in soya crops
It is found out that when soya crops are contaminated with such cereal weeds as wheat grass creeping, chicken millet, poae annual it is possible to use graminicide Aramo 50 EC, Zellek super, EC, the Leopard 5 EC, which destroy cereal weeds up to 74,6–100% and decrease the weight up to 93, 6–99,9%. However it is very important to use graminicide in time (when the height of wheat grass creeping is 10–15 sm and in a phase of 2–4 leaves of annual cereal weeds) as the premature use of graminicide affects only sprouted weeds.

Full textKrutko S. M.
Water-security role of bioengineering constructions in agricultural fields of irrigation
In the article the reasons of environmental contamination in the conditions of animal industry are considered. The recommendations on water cleansing from biogenic elements and the design of bioengineering constructions are stated. The basic problems of the change of water allocating ability of pond filling and the efficiency of sewage cleansing are described. The obtained data can be used not only in agricultural fields of irrigation, but also in other objects of agriculture where it is necessary to cleanse sewage.

Full textLeonovich I.S.
The productivity of apple orchards with various intensity
The increase in the quantity of trees per area unit and the decrease of distance between trees and tree rows led to the decrease of fruit weight, but it didn’t always lead to the increase of harvest per area unit. Two and three row planting designs are inferior to the one row design relatively to the total cropping and fruit quality during the age growth. When orchards are used for more than 10 years it’s recommended to apply the planting design for the cultivar “Antey” and similarly fruiting cultivars which are 4 x 2 – 1,5 m (density being 1250-1665 trees per ha) on the semi-dwarf rootstock 54-118 and 4 x 1 m (density being 2500 trees per ha) on the dwarf rootstock 62-396.

Full textLukyaniuk N.A., Starthevaya S.M., Grinashkevich E.V., Roznow A.V.
The efficiency of insecticides and fungiticides at the processing of sugar beet seeds
Combined insecticides and compounds made on the basis of imidoclopride are of great interest for the Republic of Belarus as they have both a high biological effect and the least cost of a sowing unit. The application of the seeds with this kind of processing can be recommended only for the facilities with a high level of arable farming and productivity not less than 40/ha at a moderate number Agriotes pp.

Full textMishuk O.L.
The economic efficiency of magnesium and sulfur containing fertilizers application in the process of spring rape cultivation on sod podzolic light loamy soil
The article touches upon the dependence of efficiency of magnesium and sulfur containing fertilizers application in the process of spring rape cultivation on the content of exchangeable magnesium in soil. The dependence was discovered during the experiment on sod podzolic light loamy soil. As a result of this experiment it has been found out that sulfur-containing fertilizers application and out side root top dressing with sulfate magnesium on the background N 80+30 P 60 K 90+B is more effective.

Full textPingol A.P., Kozlova L.N.
The assessment of potato varieties and lines according to sugar content and chips color
The article considers the results of potato varieties and hybrids research according to the reducing sugar content and chips color under different temperature regimes of storage. The samples that have a low content of reducing sugar and meet the requirements of processing are distinguished.

Full textPliakhnevich M.P.
Modern methods of potato late blight disease forecasting
This article reviews modern methods of potato late blight forecasting and their role in chemical control strategies. Main operation principles of NegFry, SimPhyt and PLANT-Plus Decision Support Systems are reviewed. Major obstacles, causing absence of broad application of DSS’s in Belarus are indicated.

Full textPaplauski V.A.
The influence of soil biofumigation with spring rape on apple saplings quality and soil microflora propagation
The article deals with the data of possible use of soil biofumigation with spring rape in a fruit nursery to prevent replant problems. The data of influence of biofumigation on eight ecotrophic groups such as ammonificators, sporiferous, prototrophic microorganisms, that use mineral nitrogen compounds, oligonitrophilous, oligotrophs, nitrificators, cellulose decomposing microorganisms and micromycetes are also presented. Fallow land is used for comparison. During the experiment a slight growth of plants was observed and a very few standard one and two year saplings were received. Statistically, there is no difference between one year and two year saplings in the variations of the experiment. In spring the total content of microorganisms in variation was 2.5 times higher, but during the vegetation period the difference became less and fell to the point of 1.5 and 0.9 in autumn. During the vegetation period the number of prototrophic microorganisms that use mineral nitrogen compounds, oligonitrophilous and cellulose decomposing microorganisms was higher in biofumigation soil.

Full textRusetsky N.V.
Virus infection effect on economic propeties of potato plants
The article presents the research results of the effect of monoinfected and mixed PVM, PVY, PVX viruses on economic properties of three varieties of potato that fall into some groups according to maturity and resistance to viruses. Virus infection effect on economic properties of potato plants is determined to be dependable on variety resistance, viruses combination and their interaction with each other and a host plant.

Full textSarsaniya V.N.
Technology culture of reed cannarygrass
In 2002-2006 in Minsk region the biological particularities of different varieties of reed cannarygrass were studied. The research results presented in the article promote the improvement of the technology of the cultivation of reed cannarygrass and its adaptation to the soil-climatic conditions of our republic.

Full textStepanova N.V.
The influence of complex preparation HOM-K, used for preseeding processing seeds of flax at growth plants of the initial stages
The article considers the results of the laboratory researches that show the positive influence of complex substance Hom-K on the growth of the bodies of flax at the initial stages of the development and the opportunities of its use for preseedng processing of seeds. It is established, that the forms of Hom-K stimulate the growth of roots, stalks, sprouts and increase their biomass in comparison with the control. Form Hom-K-2 is considered to be the most effective form of the substance for the seeds preseeding process.

Full textStrahov S.E.
The prospects of application of geoinformation technologies for the account of a technical condition of meliorative systems
The purpose of the paper is to present the results of the development of the project GIS “The Account of a technical condition of meliorative systems”. The article states the primary goals, the opportunities, the components, the logic of the construction of a geoinformation system, the main task of which is to monitor and keep the information about operational and technical characteristics of hydraulic engineering constructions and reclaimed grounds.

UpAnimal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine

Full textAsadchaya R.L.
Vaccines used in fish farming
The article presents the data on the use of vaccines in fish farming. The attempt to develop the substance with bacteria g. Aeromonas RNA for prophylaxis aeromonosis of fish in the fish farms of Belarus is described. Recombinant vaccine with bacteria g. Aeromonas strains from the fish farms will be developed.

Full textDegtyarik S.M.
Fish Parasitosises spread in natural reservoirs and fish-farms of Belarus
The article shows the analysis of an epizootic situation, the changes of an invasion level that are caused by parasites depending on the type of reservoirs and species composition of ichthyophauna.

Full textKovalevsky I.A.
Behavioural reactions of cows depending on the design features of milking plants
The article deals with the results of the research on studying the behavior of cows, depending on the design features of milking plants. The received data are important for the economies which reconstruct livestock barns or build new ones.

Full textMoskalev A.A., Sidorenko S.V.
Rational use of colostrums
In the article the results of the researches on definition of the efficiency of modular colostrum use to calves are presented. The received data show that feeding of calves with modular colostrum for about three days of their life gives the best effect: the degree of the diseases reduces, the natural resistance and productivity of calves raise

Full textMuzika A.A., Baranok M.N., Piachonava M.A., Malashko D.M.
The use of biophysical methods for increasing a growth rate of born calves
The purpose of the paper is to show that the application of infrared low, intensive radiation together with direct magnet field (exposure 180 s) contribute to the immunity correction of new calves bodies in early postnatal period. As a result, the growth rate of calves increases and the diseases of calves decrease.

Full textPiashko V.V., Tanana L.A.
The estimation of the bulls for service of various line selections at Grodno breeding enterprise according to kappa-casein gene
It has been discovered that the bulls for service at Grodno breeding enterprise have polymorphism of kappa-casein gene (CSN3) (the genotypes AA and AB). The genetic bulls of home and Western-European line selection of kappa-casein gene (CSN3) have been studied. The gene equilibrium has been analyzed.

Full textPoloz A.I., Finogenov A.J., Sofiyskaja T.V., Mistejko M.M.
Structurally modifying means of diseases of the impellent device of horses.
The article deals with the reasons and kinds of the diseases of the impellent device of sports horses, the process connected with the development of these diseases, the most active substances and their application which allows to stop the degenerate process and to stimulate the restoration of fabrics and the substances made on their basis.

Full textPuchka M.A.
The features of microclimate formation in the buildings with various constructive and technological design and its influence on the clinical parameters of animals
The article deals with the data of research concerning the features of microclimate formation in the buildings with various constructive and technological designs and its influence on the clinical parameters of animals. It is proved that the liquidation of the negative influence of factors on animals’ bodies should be taken into consideration while improving the buildings of milk production technologies. On the other hand, it is necessary to strengthen the factors having a positive infl uence on animals’ bodies.

Full textSazanov V.B.
Black carp in Belarus
The purpose of the paper is to present the first results of the black carp introduction into fish culture reservoirs of Belarus. The article contains the data of the sanitarian value of the pond polyculture new object, the physiological and ichthyopatological state of underyearlings and two-year-olds of the black carps.

UpMechanization and Power Engineering

Full textAntoshuk S.A.
The defenition of key parameters of loose materials screw dosatore and allocator
The mathematical dependences allowing to prove the form, the sizes, the location of sowing apertures in a casing screw are received. Sowing apertures of the rectangular form are most rational. Apertures should be rejected aside the screw rotations on some corner. The corner size depends on screw parameters and material properties. The area of apertures should increase on curvilinear dependence with the reduction of a screw filling rafe.

Full textVashchula A.V.
Calculation of the parameters of a frontal plough under the condition of balancing of an arable unit in a longitudinal – vertical plane
The purpose of the article is to define the number of cases of a frontal plough which allows stabilizing an arable unit in a longitudinal-vertical plane. The performance of the operations connected with a ground processing under the influence of the forces of traction resistance and the weights of the agricultural instrument and also at the crossing of a landscape roughness the case of a tractor gets a trim caused by copying of a district and springs deformation of a suspension bracket. To balance an arable unit under the influence of the forces of resistance and weights a lot of attention is drawn to the search of some new ways of using a tractor with soil-cultivating instruments. However, in case of the use of a caterpillar tractor on an elastic suspension bracket, the creation of this kind of unit without a preliminary calculation can be inconvenient owing to the significant trims of a tractor case during the working process. The case of a tractor is stabilized if the points of the external forces influencing the tractor on the part of the instruments are equal and Lagrange coefficient have opposite signs. The calculation has shown that, for example, with a six case plough it is possible to use a three case plough on a front device.

Full textKostroma S.P.
The perfection of working bodies for potato tops cutting
The most ecologically safe way of preharvest removal of potato tops is a mechanical reducing by special machines. The problems of substantiation of working bodies of machines for reducing potato tops and their rational parameters are considered in the article. The research shows that the rational parameters for disk knives on flexible connection are the following: diameter – 80 mm and a corner of sharpening – 30 degrees. Installation of disk knives on an axis with an opportunity of turn raises the quality of indicators of the performance of technological process and the resource of their working bodies.

Full textPunko A.I.
Substantiation of the parameters of the automatic washing device of milking machin AP-100
On the basis of the has been worked out researches the design of the modern adapted automatic device of washing milking equipment for application on existing farms and complexes. Its application will allow to improve essentially a sanitary condition of the milking equipment and to increase the quality of produces milk. It is shown, that the control system of the automatic device of washing of the dairy equipment should be based on the application of microprocessors that allows to increase essentially reliability of work and to expand the functionalities of the equipment.

Full textTernov E.V., Punko A.I.
Preliminary data treatment of computerized milk calves feeding
The material stated in the article generalizes the way of treating preliminary data generated with a computerized milk (milk powder) calves feeding station. The next step of researches is to decrease time when a calf stays near a feeder nipple after a milk cup is already empty (about 5 minutes, but the calf drinks a 1,5 liter dose only for 30–45 sec). It is advisable to test totally free visits the calves to the milk feeder instead of two times per day drinking.

UpProcessing and Storage of Agricultural Production

Full textArnaut S.A.
About the development of technology of apple chips reception
The article considers the process of apples cutting for further use to get apple chips. The materials and test techniques are described. The obtained data are used for working off the technology and a correct choice of modes and parameters of cutting in the technology of apple chips reception.

Full textDymar O.V.
The technique of the analysis of technical systems
The article demonstrates the creation of the technique of the estimation of a level of technical systems development. It is based on the standard methods used in engineering forecasting. The analysis of the heating up and cooling devices used in the dairy industry is shown.

Full textEfimova E.V.
Improving soft acid-rennet cheese technology
The technology of soft acid- rennet cheese production has been studied with the use of starter cultures containing bifido and lactis bacteria. Effects of the most important technological parameters (such as quantity of starter cultures and Rennet, temperature of coagulation) have been studied. As a result regressive models have been received that describe correlation between technological factors and main properties. Investigation gives possibilities to decrease the losses of dry raw materials and losses of fat and receive good taste and texture.

Full textKorotchenko N.F., Shuliak T.L.
Proteolitic activity of starter cultures microorganisms for fermented milk products
The article focuses on the research of the proteolitic activity of different starter cultures for fermented milk products. It is proved that starter cultures of Bulgarian sticks, kefir starter cultures have the highest rate of proteolitic activity. The starter cultures with proteolitic activity are selected for the creation of antiallergic products.

Full textLitvinchuk A.A.
Application of ozonized water for disinfecting of molasses nutritious solution in the process of yeast manufacturing
In the experiments on the research of the perspectives of ozone use for disinfecting nutrient mediums of barmy manufacture disinfectant properties of the ozonized water are revealed. On the basis of the ejector the installation for ozonization of water is developed. Comparative industrial tests of the developed technology are made. The developed technology can be applied to the process of disinfecting of nutrient mediums in biotechnological manufacturing.

Full textPranovich M.V.
The use of ozone in pure water systems
The analysis shows, that water should meet definite microbiological requirements. In order to reduce its fatal influence on the health of people clearing and preparation of water is necessary. The development of a technique and means of clearing without chemical technologies, including ozone treatment technologies, allows to lower and to get rid of application of chemical compounds and reagents. Therefore the questions of development of safe technologies and means for preparation and water treatment are actual and duly.

Full textPchelnikova A.V.
Fat and oil products enriched with functional ingredients
This article represents the results of work on creation of new kinds of fat and oil products, having a balanced fatty acid composition and enriched with biologically active complexes on the basis of vegetative raw material.

Full textRachkovskaya A.I.
The prospects of ozone application for disinfecting of the industrial equipment in the food processing industry
This article represents the results of researches of bactericidal action of ozone on a surface of constructional materials (stainless steel) used at manufacturing of the industrial equipment in the food processing industry. High efficiency of ozone as disinfectant is shown.

Full textRyzhankova T.P., Tananaika T.M.
The usage of maltose syrups in beer production
The purpose of the paper is to characterize different kinds of raw materials used in beer production and the effectiveness of their application. The usage of maltose syrups in beer production has many advantages. Maltose syrups can replace up to 30% of malt that leads to the increase of the capacities of a brew house. Thus, it is very easy to increase wort extract content until 18 %. The application of the syrups allows to increase beer colloidal stability because proteins and poliphenols amount reduces. Also it contributes to the reduction of beer colour.

Full textSotchenko O.G.
Studying of some aspects of bacterial concentrates production technology
One of ways of improvement of technology of bacterial concentrates production technology is drying by a method of sublimation of the granulated biomass received at freezing in the environment of liquid nitrogen.

Full textShepshelev A.A.
The classification of free-flowing and pastelike foodstuff according to rheological characteristics
The article is devoted to the classification of free-flowing and pastelke foodstuff according to the rheological characteristics. The obtained data will be used for the development of scientifically-proved techniques and settlement dependences necessary for designing of new and modernization of existing less power-intensive equipment in view of rheological properties.

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