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2005 №5

Economics and Informatics
Agriculture and Plant Cultivation
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine
Mechanization and Power Engineering, Processing of Agricultural Products
Agriculture and Plant Cultivation

UpEconomics and Informatics

Full textTakun S.
Development of agrarian policy of the Republic of Belarus in the context of the introduction into WTO

Full textBaigot M.
Internal support of the agriculture of Belarus as one of the methods of regulating of foreign trade in conditions of the entry of the country in WTO

Full textAndreeva E.
The analysis of development of export of agricultural products of Belarus

Full textLabanava L.
Regional aspect of the creation of the export potential of agricultural raw materials and foodstuffs

Full textCheplyansky A.
Theoretical Aspects of the State Support of Agricultural Sector

Full textSedneu Ya.
The theoretical basis of priorities of the regional structural investment policy in agriculture

Full textKazakevich I.
Grounds for conditions of expanded reproduction in agriculture of the Republic of Belarus

Full textYonchik L.
The fundamental theory of the creation of competitiveness of the production

Full textBatava N.
Competitiveness: the essence and features of forming

Full textHarbatouskaya O.
The main principles of organization and management of agro-industrial formations

Full textKandratsenka S.
Perspectives of creation of the system of the wholesale food markets in the Republic of Belarus

Full textPashtovaya I.
Influence of the main production factors on the productivity in milk cattle-breeding

Full textSerakova L.
Economic evaluation of the cost price of pork for different levels of animal efficiency

Full textRastorgoueva E.
Motivation of observance of technology ? a basis of improvement of quality of pig breeding branch production

Full textKazakevich A.
Assessment of efficiency of potato growing in agricultural organization depencing on conditions of production

Full textKulaga I.
Technique of the estimation of the overall performance of the association on manufacture and processing of potatoes

Full textZaprudskaya T.
Perfection of the regulation of land resources in the Republic of Belarus

Full textSeviarynava M.
Estimation of structural shifts costs of production on plant growing

Full textYarashinskaya A.
The current state and main trends of organization of production and creation of the market of hop in the Republic of Belarus

Full textPilui V.
The problems of record beeping in the agricultural organizations

Full textPiatrunina N.
Price parities in agriculture: dynamics and trends of normalization

Full textTsiaslionak N.
Economic contents of infrastructure of sales

Full textSazanovich T.
Economic contents of the infrastructure of sales

Full textPashkevich O.
Formation and development of the personnel of the agricultural organizations of the Brest area

Full textBarysenka A.
Foreign Experience of Motivation of Labour

UpAgriculture and Plant Cultivation

Full textAzaronak T.
The agrogenic evaluation of soddy-podzolic loamy soils of Soligorsk region

Full textDmitrenkova Ju.
Territorial peculiarity of the role of climate in crops yield varying in Belarus

Full textBlizniuk N.
Influence of fertilizers on using of nutrients by winter triticale plants

Full textMezenceva E.
Influence of different kinds of organic fertilizers on the yield and quality of barley

Full textSudnik A.
Influence of phytoregulators and fungicides on stability to diseases and productivity of different genotypes of barley

Full textRytvinskaya Ya.
Influence of brassinosteroids on winter-resistance of winter

Full textKovel O.
The influence of brassinosteroids on the containts of watersoluble carbohydrates in different genotypes of barley in conditions of low temperature stress

Full textGartvik R.
The efficiency of some complex organic-mineral fertilisers

Full textZvankovich V.
Spring weath protection from major leafnibble pests

Full textZhukovsky A.
Susceptibility of the fungus Fusariym nivale isolates – winter triticale snow mould agent to seed dressers

Full textBoika S.
Influence of retardanats on number of sucking pests in winter grain crops

Full textKozich I.
Storage pests and control measures in republic of Belarus

Full textVolchkevich I.
Weed plants in onion sowi

Full textBuben M.
About spread of mix infections depending on origin of potato seed materials

Full textDalmatau D.
Protection of tomatoes and cucumbers against root-knot nematodes in greenhouses

Full textLeаnovich I.
Productivity of apple cultivars depending on planting constructions

Full textYarmolich S.
Preliminary results of study of new introduced apple cultivars grafted on rootstock 62-396

Full textBuynovskiy O.
Growth and fruiting of apple cvs. «Antey» and «Tellisaare» depending on intercalary insertions

Full textPingol A.
Evaluation of brands and hybrids of potato on adaptability for crunch potatoes

Full textBorisevich V.
Walnut selection for nut quality

Full textSavostianik He.
Influence of the ecolist on physiological concition and yield an apple-tree

Full textMartshuk Ju.
Resistance to cancer diseases of scab-resistant cultivars and hybrids of an apple-tree

Full textHurin A.
Previous evaluation of influence of storage method on parameters of apple fruits of Belarussian assortment and its biochemical composition

UpAnimal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine

Full textMaskaliov A.
Body resistance, growth rate and development of calves depending on the technology of calving

Full textKovalevsky I.
The microclimate of animal breeding rooms

Full textZayatz Ul., Nadarinskaya M., Rukol S.
The milk efficiency and the content toxicants in milk of cows at feeding of special fodder additives

Full textNalet’ko A.
The assimilabity of nutritious and biologically active substances by gobies at the feeding with the fodder additive on the basis of peat enriched mycelium mushrooms

Full textNadarinskaya M.
The efficiency of application of different levels of selenium on the exchange of nitrogen and in organic substances at cows with the milk yield of 6000-7000 kg of milk in the basic milking period

Full textAstrencov A.
Few components forage for carp

Full textKrasnikova H.
Study of the origin of tuberculosis infection at experimental infection of transformed formed forms of nitrobacteria

Full textPoloz S.
Influence of bacterial and nematodes invasions on the organism of forbearing animals at cage keeping

Full textMistseika M.
The cultivation of М. hyopneumoniae on the developing egg-shells

Full textDegtyarik S.
Parasites of fish in the lakes of Belarus

Full textAsadchaya R.
Use of probiotics for prophylactic against bacterial diseases of fish

Full textLeschenko A., Papinachanka T., Baran T., Caraba D.
The results of reslarches in the field fish larva waterbelly (Coregonus albula (L.)) in artificial conditions

UpMechanization and Power Engineering, Processing of Agricultural Products

Full textLabanau Ju.
Apparatus for volume desinfection with aerosols on enterprises of milk industry

Full textKorako V.
Machine for sanitary trealment of packages (botfies)

Full textSotchenko O., Danik S.
Development of scientific and technical foundations for cryonic frosting of lactobacillus

Full textEfimova E.
New directions in cheesemaking

Full textGryb E.
Application of natural biologically active substances in cooked meats of preventive purposes from the point of view of the theory of adequate nutrition

Full textDarashkevich I.
Perspectives of storage of Medicinal Herbs in the Republic of Belarus

Full textDymar O.
Technique of defining of factor of local hydraulic resistance of streams of a complex configuration

UpAgriculture and Plant Cultivation

Full textAvdey V.I.
The importance of variety in potato responsiveness to fungicides use during the vegetation period
The article presents the results of studying the responsiveness of potato varieties to fungicides use against leaf-stem infection. A medium early variety of Odyssey with low resistance to the blight of leaves and high resistance to the blight of tubers and a late variety of Atlant with high resistance to blight of leaves and tubers are taken as examples. It is shown that the peculiarities of varieties influence not only the degree of potato affecting but also economic efficiency of the program of fungicides use. It is necessary to regulate their intensity taking into consideration the variety resistance to diseases.

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