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2007 №3

Agriculture and Plant Cultivation
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine
Mechanization and Power Engineering
Processing and Storage of Agricultural Production
Scientists of Belarus


Full textPopkov A.A.
Urgent problems of the agroindustrial complex of the Republic
In the article the author states the mechanisms of the implementation of the main points of the State Program on the Revival and Development of a village for 2005–2010 that lead to the increase of the production and competitive capacity of agricultural products. The described mechanisms include: the introduction of the economic criterion of estimation of the effectiveness of work of the agrarian branch in general and also the governmental organs involved in this sphere and agricultural organizations – the income from the estimation of agricultural fields, the changes of the functions of governmental organs involved in agroindustrial complex management, the adjustment of economic direction to the structure of plant breeding, the changes of the structure of animal husbandry according to the potential of fodder resources of the Republic, measures directed to self-supply of animal husbandry with protein, the increase of the quality of products of food processing industry of agrarian production on the base of the changes of ways of raw resources production, the increase of the personal interest of workers of agroindustrial complex.

Full textIlyina Z.M.
Strategy of food industry of the Republic of Belarus
In the article the basic directions of the strategy of national food safety are stated. The problem is considered globally, in the context of the Agenda for XXI century, in the interrelation with the tendencies for formation of world food resources. The author comes to a conclusion that in prospect, as well as now, each country should solve a food problem, proceeding from its own resources at maximal guarantees of safety mainly due to own production.

Full textDrahun N.P.
Definition of basic competitive advantages for the marketing strategy of an enterprise (by the example of dairy enterprises of the Gomel region)
The author offers the methods of defining the basic competitive advantages for the marketing strategy of reprocessing enterprises of agroindustrial complex. The results of its approbation are given by the example of dairy enterprises of the Gomel region. The author established that the variation of levels of competitiveness of dairy enterprises of the Gomel area for 1999–2005 was determined by the influence of not separate competitive advantages but of their system set. The production competitive capacity and the market power are the basic points for the marketing strategy of the enterprises under consideration in the current period (a growth of the production competitiveness by 1.0 items causes the increase in the competitiveness of the researched enterprises by 2.32 items, sizes of market authority – by 1.75 items), the ability of the enterprises under consideration to satisfy the purposes of property owners, consumers and the state are the basic points in the long-term period (a growth of the size of ability of the enterprises to satisfy the purposes of property owners by 1.0 items causes the increase in the competitiveness by 0.77 items, consumers – by 2.64 items, the state – by 1.51 items).

Full textSuboch F.I., Pilipuk A.V.
Social-economic prerequisites for becoming the coevolutinal development of agroin-dustrial complex enterprises
In the article the social-economic prerequisites for becoming forward coevolutional development of agroindustrial complex enterprises are revealed. The priorities of investment policy and economic relationship mechanism of the integration process participants, as one of the directions of the coevolutional development are defined. The role of firm trade in the economic activity of agroindustrial enterprises and its development under the strengthening of the competitiveness at the food market is discribed. The logical model of processing industry development on the basis of the cooperative-integration reltions is covered. The key factors of success that play central role in reaching the strategic purposes of an enterprise are selected.

Full textGusakov V.G., Svyatogor A.P.
Reserves of the intensification-based efficiency of meadow-pasture fodder production
In the article the advantage of development of grassland fodder production due to intensification factors is shown for a stable growth of the production efficiency of milk and meat of cattle using extensive analytical and calculation data. Convincing facts are given of a growth of productivity of pastures and hay making, optimal recoupment of physical resources when the scientific recommendations on applying mineral and organic fertilizers and on supporting a required standard of the cultivating of grassland are kept. It is important to note that the article proves the necessity to concentrate intensification factors, first of all, of fertilizers on more fertile grasslands. Realizing such recommendations can provide a basis for solving the problem major for the agronidustrial complex of the Republic – production of a sufficient amount of qualitative available and cheap fodder for the branches of cattle-breeding.

UpAgriculture and Plant Cultivation

Full textShlapunov V.N., Lukashevich T.N., Kapylovich V.L.
Interplanted crops as a reserve of plough land productivity increase
The results of the researches on the evaluation of the fodder crop productivity and technological peculiarities of their cultivation in interplanted crops are analysed in the article. It has been established that agroclimatic resources of a growing season in Belarus allow to one obtain two yields a year due to the agricultural crop cultivation in winter, undersowing, postcut and postharvest interplanted crops. Productivity of 1 ha with interplanted crops increases by 1.5–2.0 times as compared to a main crop yield.

Full textPodolyak A.G., Bogdevich I.M., Ivashkova I.I.
Prognosis of accumulation of _37Cs and 90Sr in the herbage of the main types of the Belarus Polessje meadows utilizing agrochemical soil properties
On the basis of long-term stationary experience it was established that the minimum accumulation of _37Cs and 90Sr in the herbage of the waterless valley, marshed and flood types of the Belarus Polessje meadows contaminated by Chernobyl radionuclides is seen when the optimum basic agrochemical soil properties are achieved with the application of the scientifically reasonable protective measures. It was demonstrated that in the remote period of the accident for the prognosis of radionuclides contents in natural and cultural meadows herbage it is advisable to use of transfer factors (TFa, Bq/kg : kBq/m2) based on the complex agrochemical parameters – basic saturation degree (V, %) and agrochemical cultivation soils index (Iac), which take into account several soil characteristics simultaneously. This article provides the equations of linear and multiple regressions thаt can be used to calculate the transfer factors for _37Cs and 90Sr uptake and the herbage contamination degree for the main types of meadows of the region, which will allow one to reduce the volume of forages production (hay, green bulk) thаt is not adequate to the established permissible levels: Republican allowable levels of the contents of cesium-137 and strontium-90 in agricultural raw material and forages.

Full textRupasova Zh.A., Autko A.A., Autko An.A., Varavina N.P., Rudakovskaya R.N., Pirogovskaya G.V., Poznyak O.V.
Influence of fertilizers on the carbon accumulation in vegetable products on sod-podzol light loamy soils
The results of comparative study of parameters of accumulation of main fractions of soluble sugars and pectic substances in carrot, table beet and late cabbage material with the application of mineral and organic (in the case of table beet) fertilizers of various types and doses in a 10-variant experiment on sod-podzol light loamy soils are presented.

UpAnimal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine

Full textDoroshko A.A., Tanana L.A., Dashkevich M.A.
Efficacy of productive use of the black-motley cows of different genes
The researches are devoted to the study and comprehensive analysis of economic-useful signs of the cows of Holland and Golshtin line selection in the farms with different zootechnical background, since a subsequent genetic improvement of the cattle of Belarusian black-motley breed is planned to make in the direction of crealing milk and milk-meat inbreed types. As a result of the studies made it is established that in the farms of the Volkovusk district the first heifers of Holland line selection are superior to the coevals of Golshtin line selection by the milk rate by 142–302 kilogram, in the milk fat content – by 0.02– 0.05% and in a milk protein content – by 0,07–0,08%. The tendency of superiority of the cows of Holland line selection to the cows of Golshtin line selection during 3 lactations in the milk production by 87–425 kilogram, in the milk fat content – by 0.02–0.05% and in the milk protein content – by 0.01–0.10%, is found.

Full textAdamovich K.F.
Biological peculiarities of sow diets with sapropel supplement
Researches helped to determine the perfect norms of dry sapropel supplements in diets for sows. 3% of sapropel in a diet increases the assimilation of nutrients, activate the immune system defensive mechanisms, enhance the quantity of piglets born alive and gives more energy for a growth.

Full textRukol S.A.
Physiological status, productivity and toxicant content in milk with mineral-vitamin and mineral supplements
The researches have found that feeding milk cows with mineral-vitamin supplements in a winter period and withmineral supplements in a summer period influences an increase in a daily milk yield recalculated for milk of 4% fatness by 4.8 and 11.2%, a the decrease of toxicants in milk: copper, lead and nitrates by 8.0%, 14.3% and 8.4% in the winter period and 6.3%, 7.9% and 3.2% in the summer period.

Full textSluorat E.K., Degtjarik S.M., Grebneva E.I., Sivolotskaya V.A., Benetskaya N.A., Govor T.A., Asadchaya R.L., Kuzmionkova O.V.
Some aspects of interconnection of fish-farm parasite complexes and their water sources under the Belarusian conditions
The parasite fauna composition of Belarusian lakes and their localization in reservoirs are estimated. A correlation between fish-farm parasite fauna and parasitcenosis of natural reservoirs (that are water sources of fish-farms) is established. The ways of mutual penetration of an invasion agent into the system “ponds – water sources” are observed.

UpMechanization and Power Engineering

Full textDashkov V.N., Basareuski A.N.
Substantiation of the optimum output hydraulic parameters of a water system of a drum-type sprinkler
In the article, proceeding from the agrotechnical demands, optimum boundary lines of target hydraulic parameters of a water system and motion characteristics of an irrigating jet of a drum-type sprinkler are determined. Formulas-determination of a jet range and heights are obtained in view of the position of the sprinkler above the earth surface. A graphical interpretation of the dependences connecting hydraulic and kinematic parameters is given. The analysis of the structure and power parameters of a formed artificial rain is made. It is shown that at constant values of flow rate irrigation radius the magnitude of a layer of a rainfall is a function of a speed. It is established that the high-quality artificial rain for a range of values of nozzle diameters 21.1–27.5 mm will be gained at a pressure of no less than 54.98 m and flow rate of 39.26–66.68 m3/. (at a rain intensity of 0.29–0.35 mm/min, respectively).

Full textSharshunov V.A., Chervyakov A.V., Pontalev O.V.
Selection of expander design and parameters for processing grain and its mixtures with nontraditional raw
The quality improvement of mixed fodders in modern conditions must be based on the development and presentation of new technologies of deep treatment of mixtures of feed grain and secondary resources of forages, which allow one to considerably increase the efficiency of use of all potential of forages. The structurally-technological scheme of equipment for moisture heat treatment of mixture of feed grain and secondary resources of forages is presented in the article. Basic advantages of the offered expander desing are given with an active matrix. The methods its is calculation, allowing one on the basis of physical-mechanical properties of the processed mixture to make a selection of structural parameters of a serew and an active matrix, are described.

UpProcessing and Storage of Agricultural Production

Full textLovkis Z.V., Pranovich M.V.
Water purification in food industry
This article discusses the basic ways of water-preparation in food industry; a water-preparation plan with elements of disinfecting for production of drinking water and drinks is given. The analysis shows that water should meet definite microbiological requirements. In order to reduce its fatal influence on the health of people the clearing and preparation of water are necessary. Development of techniques and means of clearing without chemical technologies, including ozone treatment technologies, allows one to lower and to get rid of application of chemical compounds and reagents. Therefore, the questions of development of safe technologies and means for water preparation and treatment are actual and well timed.

UpScientists of Belarus

Full text
Vasilii Nikolaevich Shlapunov (To the 75th Anniversary)

Full text
Iosif Mikhailovich Bogdevich (To the 70th Anniversary)

Full text
Zinaida Markovna Ilyina (To her Jubilee)

Full text
Institute of Agriculture of the NAS of Belarus (Scientific Production Center for Agriculture at the NAS of Belarus) – 80 years

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