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2015 №3

To the 175th Anniversary of the Belorussian State Agricultural Academy
Agriculture and Plant Cultivation
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine
Mechanization and Power Engineering
Processing and Storage of Agricultural Production
Scientists of Belarus

UpTo the 175th Anniversary of the Belorussian State Agricultural Academy

Full textSaskevich P.A., Kyrdzeka A.P., Tsyganov A.R., Sharchunov V.A.
Belorussian State Agricultural Academy: from establishment to modernity

Full textGusakov V.G., Shafranskaya I.V.
Agricultural economics: establishment, development, results

Full textSaskevich P.A., Privalov F.I., Duktova N.A., Trapkov S.I., Masterov A.S.
Development of the research on agronomy at the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy

Full textVildflush I.R., Tsyganov A.R., Persikova T.F., Gorbyleva A.I.
Research in the field of agrochemistry at the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy

Full textZhelyazko V.I., Lagun T.D., Likhatsevich A.P.
Development of land reclamation in Belarus: education, science, practice

Full textGavrichenko N.I., Solyanik A.V.
History and current state of zootechnics at the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy

Full textPetrovets V.R., Klimenko V.N.
Scientific schools and innovative engineering developments of the scientists of the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy


Full textButs V.I.
Assessment of value proportions of the reproduction of basic resources and resource management аt the macroeconomic level
The article presents the assessment of the reproduction of basic resources (labor and capital) at the macroeconomic level in respect of the gross domestic product and its changes.The analysis of the social and economic development of the Republic of Belarus for the period 2000–2010 is done on the basis of official statistics. Recommendations on the improvement of resource saving management in the national economy and in the regions are proposed.

Full textFreidin M.Z., Zhuk N.I., Petrovich E.A., Timaev A.A.
Improvement of the motivation of agricultural organizations’ employees in the context of the Belarusian agrarian and industrial complex reforms
In the article modern market mechanisms of labour motivation in the agrarian sector are considered and assessed. The experience of the use of commercial calculation is generalized, and the ways of its improvement for the increase of economic efficiency of the performance of agricultural organizations are determined.

Full textVelikoborets N.V., Klippert E.N., Putnikova E.L.
Hot issue problems of the approach of the national recording to IFRS
The paper deals with the problems of reforming the national bookkeeping and approach to the International Financial Reporting Standards under the conditions of the integration of Belarusian economy into a single world economic organism.

UpAgriculture and Plant Cultivation

Full textPersicova T.F., Poshtovaya N.L.
Comparative assessment of the productivity of pure and mixed seeds of oat, spring wheat and lupine depending on the application of macro- and micro fertilizers, bio-preparations and growth regulators
 The article deals with the comparative analysis of the productivity of the legume-grass mixture (oats + wheat + lupine) and presents economic, agricultural and energetic characteristics of using agricultural practice to intensify the technology of mixture cultivation. It is established, that the agricultural practice is economically proved, as against N40P60K90 in the mixed crops (oats + spring wheat + lupine) when processing the seeds of the components with bio-preparations, zinc and epin the profit makes 193.1 and 204.5 $/ha, profitability – 109.0 and 113.9 %, recoupment of 1 kg of NPK – 11.3 and 11.5 kg of fodder, agropower index – 3.05 and 3.07.

Full textTaranukho G.I., Ravkov E.V ., Taranukho V.G., Bushueva V.I., Taranukho N.G., Vitko G.I.
The problem of protein and the role of leguminous crops breeding in its solution
The article considers and substantiates the structure of arable lands of such leguminous crops as yellow and blue lupine, field and green pea, soya, and perennial leguminous crops – red clover and eastern galega. The results of the research on creation of new varieties and samples of yellow and blue lupine, soya, red clover and eastern galega are described.

Full textDuktova N.A., Duktov V.P., Pavlovskiy V.V.
Hard wheat – a new cereal crop in Belarus: problems and prospects
The article summarizes the results of 20-year-old researches on introduction of hard wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) in Belarus. The distinctive biological and technological features of T. durum and T. aestivum. are stated. The results and basic directions of winter and spring hard wheat breeding are presented. The main agricultural methods of cultivation of spring hard wheat have been developed and substantiated. The problems and prospects of introduction as well as the issues of economic efficiency of hard wheat cultivation in the Republic of Belarus are described.

UpAnimal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine

Full textKazarovets N.V., Pavlova T.V., Martynov A.V., Moiseev K.A.
Technology of the use of purebred animals with a high yield in dairy cattle breeding
The article deals with new stages of the technology of breeding of high yield cows in milking herds. The yield of cows of different functions is characterized. The distribution of cows of a definite group in accordance with the age of the highest yield is described. The influence of selection and the qualities of mothers on the yield of daughters is presented.

Full textMedvedev G.F., Gavrichenko N.I., Kukhtina O.N., Kaplunov V.R., Khodykin D.S.
Development and use of antimicrobials for the increase of the reproductive capacity of cows and sows
The article deals with the results of the research into the domestic antimicrobials – gisterosan, uteroseptonik LC/TG, gisterosan MK, fertifil K and fertifil C used for hysteritis and endometritis treatment. These antimicrobials are also added into semen diluents for boars and bulls in order to increase the conception rate of cows with the syndrome of “estrus cycle recurrence” and raise the reproductive capacity of sows with postpartum pathology or recurring estrus cycle. The experiments show that antibacterial properties of the developed antimicrobials bring about a high therapeutic effectiveness and satisfactory indicators of reproductive performance.

Full textBarulin N.V.
System approach to the regulation of fish reproduction on fish farms
As a result of the long-term research conducted within different international, fundamental and innovative scientific projects developed is the system of fish breeding and physical-biochemical methods of regulation of fish reproduction on fish farms in order to solve the problem of providing people with fish of high quality.

UpMechanization and Power Engineering

Full textSharshunov V.A., Kruglenja V.E., Alekseenko A.S., Levchuk V.A., Tsaits M.V.
Study of a threshing device in the line of primary flax processing
The paper presents the methods and results of the experimental research into determining the degree of flax heads threshing with a device with an elastic working part in the line of primary flax processing of the firm Van Dommele Engineering. As a result of the experiment the mathematical model of flax threshing has been obtained. It’s established that the threshing degree Е = 98.81 % can be received when the speed of flax band transporting is 1.41 m/s (v = 1.41 m/s), the space between a working part and concave is 0.01 m (Δ = 0.01 m) and the frequency of cylinder rotation is 2.92 s–1 (nб = 2.92 s–1).

UpProcessing and Storage of Agricultural Production

Full textFitsuro D.D., Turko S.A., Pishchenko L.I., Rylko V.A.
Suitability for a long-term storage and directions of the use of potato varieties of Belarusian breeding
The paper presents the results of the research on the assessment of suitability of a wide range of Belarusian potato varieties for a long term storage. On the basis of the analysis of morphological, biological and biochemical properties of potato tubers of different varieties the main directions of their use are determined.

UpScientists of Belarus

Full text
Igor Robertovich Vildflush (To the 75th Anniversary of Birthday)

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