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2008 №1

Agriculture and Plant Cultivation
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine
Mechanization and Power Engineering
Processing and Storage of Agricultural Production
Scientists of Belarus


Full textPopkov A.A., Ilyina Z.M.
Food safety: modern aspects
The basic concepts, the essence of food safety, and the direction of strategy of its achievement are stated in the article. The problem is considered globally in interrelation with the tendencies of formation of world food resources and a world market conjuncture. Focusing attention on the necessities of substantiating the strategy and borders of food safety, the authors note the priority of development of national agriculture when solving this problem. At the same time it does not mean an isolation of the food system. The closed system in the conditions of liberalization of trade does not guarantee the anticipation of external threats and the competitiveness of production on the foreign market. The strategy of food safety based on the fundamentals, which conform to the sovereignty principles of the country, should not contradict its integration into world economy.

Full textGusakov V.G.
Food market of Belarus: Problems of development and strengthening of competitiveness
The article presents a brief evaluation of the state of the food market in the country. The priorities of the market infrastructure development are emphasized. The advantages of cooperation and integration of managing subjects are established to achieve the objectives of the stability of the food market. It is shown that the development of agriculture and market is the immediate task in the country. Accents are made on the necessity to improve the quality of national foodstuffs. It is shown that the foreign economic orientation of national agricultural complex is inevitable. The main directions in the complex development of the market of material and technical resources are outlined.

Full textGrigorenko A.V., Zapolsky M.I.
Integration of subjects of rural areas: some approaches to evaluating their activity
The spectrum of the problems on development and structure of a rural area is considerably changing under the conditions of the market economy making. The approaches are prevailing in the world’s practice to consider a village as a territorial unit and not as a sector. Our researches on the development of rural territories of different countries permit us to make a conclusion that currently more attention is given to the complex development of a village. The approaches, which are based on the definition “multifunctional agriculture” and provide for a necessity of integral assessment on the development of a particular rural region, begin to prevail in many countries with advanced and transitional economics. The priorities for systematic development of rural regions in Belarus, which have been emphasized by the state, require new approaches to the formation of complex evaluation of their effective social and economic functioning and the creation of a system of indices for monitoring and evaluating the rural area development. The creation of such a system is complicated due to the fact that it is to be developed for an object which has no organizational isolation.

Full textBarysenka A.O.
Remedial and substantial theories and factors of labour motivation
The substantial and remedial theories of labour motivation are considered in this article. These theories reflect the complex of internal and external stimulus to the job. The basic substantial theories are “XY – D.McGregor’s theory”, the “theory of hierarchy of needs of A. Maslou”, the “theory of existence, communication and growth of K. Alderfer”, the “theory of the got needs ofD. Mak-Kelland”, and “factorial theory of F. Gertsberg”. Among the remedial theories are the “theory of expectation of K. Levin”, the “theory of validity of S. Adams”, and the “theory of strengthening”. The “theory of human attitudes” and the synthetic model of labour motivation concern the modern approaches of the organization of otivation. The systematization and classification of the factors, which have an influence on the labour motivation, are illustrated in this article. The necessity of correct application of the factors of direct and indirect influence on the labour motivation is emphasized.

Full textSaiganov A.S.
Formation and development of the secondary market of agricultural machinery in agrarian and industrial complex of Belarus
In the article the definition of the concept of the secondary market of agricultural machinery is presented and the main principles of its formation and effective functioning are established. Alongside with this the analysis of the present stage of development of the market of second-hand means of mechanization for agrarian and industrial complex in Belarus is given. Thus, the principal reasons for constraining its further becoming are found. As a result, the organizational-economic model of its development in the agriculture of the country, which includes effective schemes of mutual relations between the basic counterparts of the market and also the developed specifications reflecting changes in the market cost of agricultural machines in shares from their initial balance cost depending on the duration of operation and service life of machines is offered, the method of definition of expediency of purchase of new or second-hand agricultural machinery depending on the financial and economic condition of consumers, immediate directions in the regulation of development of the secondary market of agricultural machinery in agrarian and industrial complex of Belarus is also proposed.

UpAgriculture and Plant Cultivation

Full textKukresh L.V., Ryshkel I.V.
Protein estimation of pulse crops by amino acid composition
The research results on the amino acid composition of pulse crop protein for the years 2005–2006 are presented in the article. Garden pea Millennium, field pea Alex, spring vetch Udacha, and blue lupine Khvalko were the objects of esearch. The protein biological value has been estimated using the calculation results on the chemical number, amino acid score, Oser index as well as the Kapacci, Linder and Warg method. It has been established that a more complete estimate of fodder protein can be obtained by the modified Kapacci, Linder and Warg method where according to the amino acid completion of protein for human nutrition and feeding of agricultural animals, pulse crops are arranged as follows (from more complete proteins to incomplete ones): garden pea, field pea, spring vetch, and blue lupine.

Full textRupasova Zh.A., Garanovich I.M., Vasilevskaya T.I., Varavina N.P., Rudakovskaya R.N.
Comparative evaluation of new introduced forms and sorts of Chaenomeles Maulei (Mast.) by C. K. Schneid. based on accumulating phenolic compounds in fruits in the conditions of Belarus
On the basis of a comparative study of accumulation parameters of phenolic compounds in fruits of the form of chaenomeles spread in the natural flora of Belarus, which is the established comparison standard, as well as in fruits of its 3 sorts – Elly Massel, Vikolene, Crimson Gold and 3 hybrid forms – № 12, № 16 and № 17 – selected at the CBG of the NAS of Belarus their ranging according to how promising they are for regional assignment and selection was made for the first time. It has been shown that the priority should be given to sort Vikolene as a natural source of leucoanthocyans, sorts Crimson Gold and especially Vikolene as natural sources of cathehins, sort Vikolene – of flavonols, sort Crimson Gold – of phenolcarbolic acids, hybrid form № 12 and especially sort Vikolene – of tannins. As far as a combination of positive effects is concerned, the most promising sorts from the point of increasing the role of phenolic compounds in the biochemical composition of fruits are Crimson Gold and especially Vikolene.

Full textMilosta G.M., Regilevich A.A.
Influence of different doses and the means of introducing microfertilizers on the hop yield (Humulus lupulus)
In the research carried out in Western Belarus on sod-podzol sabulous soil, which is spread the under drift clay it is established that the maximal yield of hop of late sort (H. Magnum) is provided adding zinc (Zn(0,15+0,15+0,15)) or simultaneously adding boron and zinc by the foliar method (B(0,1+0,1+0,1)Zn(0,1+0,1+0,1)) against the background of organic and mineral fertilizers (30 tons per one hectare of organic fertilizers + N180P120K160)

Full textTsyganov A.R., Маkоwski N., Kamasin S.S., Sheljuta B.V.
Efficiency of different planting methods of alfalfa-oat and clover-honey-clover mixtures
The theoretical substantiation of the joint red clover and honey-clover growing is presented in the article. The productivity of a given grass mixture is given in comparison with the monoculture of both crops. The coefficients of the biological activity of two mixed planting methods are shown. The characteristic of the microlandscape method of planting a legume-grass mixture is outlined, the main theoretical prerequisites of the increase in the yield of the both mixture components are considered. The data on the yield of alfalfa-oat mixtures, when two planting methods are used, are analyzed and compared with the monoculture of the both mixtures.

Full textBushuyeva V.I.
Use of a new genetic fund of eastern galega for identification of varieties
A characteristic of a new genetic fund of eastern galega by morphologic and economically useful traits is given. The variability of quantitative and qualitative traits and the ability of their use for identification of varieties are shown. Criteria for identification uniformity and stability of eastern galega by quantitative and qualitative parameters are defined. A characteristic of constant variety sample – standards to the GI (State Inspection on Testing and Protection of Plant Varieties) and tables of traits for development of specific methods for testing eastern galega varieties for alentability are given.

UpAnimal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine

Full textSheyko I.P.
Conditions and the ways of improving the scientific bases of animal breeding branches
The article is concerned with the analysis of animal breeding and the potential of the forage base in the Republic of Belarus; the factors restraining the intensification of animal breeding are stated. On the basis of the analysis of the Belarusian scientific developments, the genetic animal potential and the natural forage resources of further ways of scientific support of animal breeding are determined.

Full textKoronec L.N., Tanana L.A., Taranenko Z.I.
Specific features of the growth and development of heifers of belarusian black-motley breed
Researches are directed on studying the growth and development of heifers of the Belarusian black-motley breed from bulls of Belarusian, Canadian, German, Danish and Dutch origin. As a result of the researches carried out it is established that in both farms the heifers of Dutch selection at the age of 6, 12, and 18 months surpassed their coevals in alive mass of Belarusian, Canadian, German and Danish origin. Breeding the heifers of Belarusian, European and North American origin at a gradually decreasing gain of live weight allows one to breed well developed heifers. By the age of 18 months the heifers reach a factory fatness and live weight of 403.2.422.9 kg, which enables inseminating them at the age of 17.18 months and using them efficiently in 26.27 months.

Full textPortnoy A.I., Shalak M.V.
Vegetable biologically active additive for increase of the dairy efficiency of cows and quality improvement of dairy products
Feeding cows with biologically active aromatic additives from caraway fruits in the amount of 50 gram per head daily has allowed increasing the cow productivity by 12.3% and the fat content in milk – by 0.26%, as well as the content of dry substance, lactoce, calcium and phosphorus in milk. The physical and chemical properties of milk as well as its technological ualities are thus well improved. Due to the higher technological properties of milk of the cows fed with the additive the output of cream was increased by 4.6% and that of butter – by 6.1%. At the same time their quality was improved.

Full textYakubovsky M.V., Shchurova N.Uy.
Effictiency of complex angelmintic to fasciola infection (Fasciolosis) in cattle
In the article the data on the specific features of immunity of cattle when infected with Fasciola hepatica are presented. The Fasciola infection has an immunosuppressive influence on the immune system of cattle. The influence of etrahelmintacid on the immune system of cattle when infected with Fasciola hepatica has been investigated. It has been established that the application of complex angelmintic – Tetrahelmintacid ensures increasing the immune response and decreasing the activity of transaminases whereas clozantim exhibits an immunodepressive influence on the immune system of cattle

UpMechanization and Power Engineering

Full textGorin G.S., Vashchula A.V.
Equilibration of an arable unit on the basis of a caterpillar tractor in the longitudinal-vertical plane
The present article is aimed at studying the interaction of a caterpillar tractor with an elastic suspension bracket and frontal instruments in the longitudinal-vertical plane. When processing the ground under the influence of the traction resistance force and the weight of an agricultural instrument as well as when crossing the roughness of the relief the case of a tractor gets a trim caused by copying the relief and by deforming the springs of a suspension bracket. The tractor case through the top draft of the hinged device influences the instrument, thus causing the turn of the frame of the instrument in the longitudinal-vertical plane. To solve the stated problem it is offered to counterbalance the case of a tractor by using frontal instruments (in the considered case – a plough). The equations for communication of movements of the tractor and the instrument are derived. The expressions for calculation of interaction forces of the tractor and the instrument are determined if a trim occurs. The calculations of a tractor “Belarus-2102” and a frontal plough have shown that the instrument on the frontal mounting provides a trim of the tractor case up to 3°

Full textStefanuk I.V., Shkadretsova V.G., Kuzmich V.V., Markevich V.G.
Determination of the ecological safety of anticorrosive glass-enamel coatings for protection of details of cattle breeding equipment
As a result of the sanitary-chemical and toxicological-hygienic researches of developed unprimed coatings it is established that they meet the requirements of safety shown to the system of watering animals and are suitable for protection against corrosion of details of the equipment of cattle breeding farms.

UpProcessing and Storage of Agricultural Production

Full textSharshunov V.A., Urbanchyk E.N., Kasyanova L.A., Ivanov P.G., Ageenko O.V.
Biotechnology techniques for a more efficient use of the cereal resources of Belarus
A new non-traditional technology of production of grain products with a high biological value from the germinated grain was developed. New sorts of products from germinated grain, flakes, snacks, dry and roasted grain, flour for dietary, treatment-and-preventive and everyday traditional foods necessary for man are produced. They are easy to digest, have natural form and surpass traditional foodstuffs in their biological value.

Full textVasilenko Z.V.
Quality characteristic of protein-containing lupin grain additive
The technology of production of the lupin grain additive, whose structure contains above 45% protein, is developed. The results on the quality of the protein-containing additive and its technological properties are presented. It is shown that theadditive is a valuable source of food substances, including high-grade protein.

UpScientists of Belarus

Full text
Victor Ivanovich Shempel (To the 100th Birthday Anniversary)

Full text
Ivan Matveevich Karput (To the 70th Birthday Anniversary)

Full text
Ivan Pavlovich Sheyko (To the 60th Birthday Anniversary)

Full text
Anatolii Semenovich Saiganov (To the 60th Birthday Anniversary)

Full text
Vladimir Grigorievich Gusakov (To the 55th Birthday Anniversary)

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