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1997 №1

Economics and Information
Land Cultivation and Plant Growing
Livestock production and veterinary Medicine
Poultry Production
Mechanization of production and energetics

Full textAntonjuk V., Scherbakov V.
Report, 15 January 1997 while scientist's meeting dedicated to discussion of the conception of Belarus science developing

UpEconomics and Information

Full textGusakov V.
The necessity and directions of the State adjustment of Agro-Industrial Complex
It seems that the discussion regarding the necessity of the State adjustment of AIC in the market conditions goes to its end The majority of the scientists and practical managers prove the actuality and necessity of such inter-relations between AIC and the State. The foundation of the Law "About state adjustment of AIC" have been prepared by the Research Institute of Economic and Information of AIC. The state adjustment of agro-industrial production is the economic influence of the state bodies towards to structure and volume of the agricultural production ,processing, trade and agroservice and supplying of the agricultural producers by the finance and technical resources to their developing. The tasks of stabilising of agroindustrial production, going out of the crisis tendencies, supplying with the food balance and sustainability, creating favourable conditions for export and improving of the living standards of the rural inhabitants are still exist in context of the State adjustment.

Full textChukholskij P.
The foreign experience of processing of the agricultural produce
The article includes the tendencies of the agree industrial production developments and the experience of processing of agricultural produce on the base of integration and co-operation in conditions of competition of the commodities producers in the countries of Western and Eastern Europe (Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Italy, The Nederlands, France, Switzerland, Sweden), Australia, Canada, USA, Japan. The decisions of the problems of the structural reorganisation, price formation, organisational and management forms of production in different branches of agree industrial complex found the significant attention in the paper. Utilisation of the world experience in Belarus will promote to realising of both the reforming of enterprises and agree industrial complex as a whole. Such approach will supply with the civilised transformation to market.

Full textGanush G.
The peculiarities and conditions of market relations formating in vegetable sub-complex
The conditions of stable vegetable market formating taking into account the specific features of their production and trade have been presented by this article. Organisational and economical, legislative and technological factors of the effective functioning of the vegetable sub-complex in transition to market relations have been described as well.

Full textVorobiev V.
Measuring of the levels of state adjustment of agriculture
The problem of estimation of the level and efficiency of state adjustment of agriculture is analysed in the article. The methodical questions connected with the calculation of the defence coefficients and the possibility of their using for agrarian policy analysis are examined.

Full textVorobiev L., Zagorulya B., Kazakevich L.
The generalised model of an enterprise location choice
The problem of an enterprise location choice has been examined. The aims and tasks which have an influence on achievements of them have been defined. The generalized mathematikal model of an enterprise location choice has been proposed. The analysis of the actual value and transportation costs is the basis of generalized mathematikal model. The creterion of optimum enterprise location choice has been formulated. And the statement of the task has been accomplished. Algorithm and the programm solution of task on computer (EC) have been worked out.

UpLand Cultivation and Plant Growing

Full textBogdevich I., Scherbakov V.
Affect of radioactive contamination of Belarus lands on production and quality of agricultural produce
More than 1.8 min. of hectares of the agricultural land that makes up 20.8% of the total land area was exposed to radioactive contamination. After the short lived radionuclides decay the internal component of the dose load on population is mainly determined by Cs137 and Str90 availability in food products. The contamination of the agricultural land has stipulated in the neighbouring to Chernobyl NPP zone (265 those, of hectares ) the impossibility of their use for food production. The main task of the agricultural production is the production of the agricultural products with availability of the radionuclides within the permissible levels limits on the other lands. For this purpose the complex of the special protection measures allowing to reduce the radionuclide concentration in the agricultural products has been worked out.

Full textSheljuto A.
Peculiarities of the root system's developing of the alfalfa compared to clover in the case of growing on sodpodzolic soils of the Northern zone of Belarus
The article discusses results of the experimental work done in the Belarussian Agricultural Academy, the Nortern Zone of the Republic Belarus, connekted wiht biological peculiarities of the root system development of Alfalfa in comparison with glover on the turf-podsolic soils.

Full textShuglja Z.
Phosphorus balance and dozes of fertilisers
The phosphorus balance and dozes of fertilisers under different systems of fertilisation in crop rotation have been examined while many years field experience realised by Zonal Grodno Research Institute of Agriculture. Four field crop rotation has been carried out on sod-podzolic sandy loam soil with the following crops: 1-3 rotation buckwheat, winter rye, potato, barley; 4-5 rotation, instead of planting buckwheat was used vico-oats mixture. It was defined that the optimal phosphorus balance on sandy loam soil should be as 198-210%. The phosphorus fertilisers expenditure to increase the volume of P2O5 in soil per 1 mg. in 100 g. is 66-72 kg. Pp/ha (without taking into account the phosphorus volume confiscated by crops) and 32-38 kg. P205 / ha. (taking it into account).

Full textBakhnova K., Milkevich Z., Mutko L.
BIONA-211 is the substrate for intensive technologies
The new (sinsetic) nutritive substrate BIONA - 211 which primary has the number of the biogen elements that allow to receive up to seven harvests without additional fertilisation has been discussed. 70 kg of high quality salad have been harvested during 210 days of experiment.

Full textGrinko N., Rodigina V., Zerdetskaja T.
The peculiarities of oospores formatting Pseudoperonospora cubensis (Berk et Curt ) Rostow false mealy dew disease excitant of cucumber
The detailed analysis of literature data dedicated to the origin of infection of false mealy dew disease excitant of cucumber ( oospores, zoosporangium, licelie) presented in the article. The results of the authors research and firstly described methodics of the oospores appearing Pseudoopperonospora cubensis in vitro have been presented in paper as well.

UpLivestock production and veterinary Medicine

Full textMikhedov N., Grin M.
The influence of paratypic and genotypic factors to cow's mastitis
The effect of paratypic and genotypic factors to cow 's mastitis has been studied. It has been concluded that the systematic control of cow 's mastitis and the selection of the cows proceeding from this is necessary to realise on the country's breeding farms.

Full textTrofimov A., Aleshin A., Timoshenko V., Brovko А., Muzyka A., Nogornaja Z.
Increasing of efficiency of calves keeping at the expense of rational technological decisions
The ways of calves keeping during prophylactic period have been generalized in this paper, the new decision - cage manage combining the positive side of keeping in individual cages and grouped keeping was suggested. Such a way of keeping allow to reduce calves sick rate during colostric period by 29%, to increase productivity by 5% and immulogical reactivity as well. Calves keeping in cage of a new design has led to reducing of prime cost by 4 %.

Full textFrolov A.
The use of Terpenoids for air sanitation in livestock buildings
Terpenic compounds being an important environmental component of the natural biocenosis have a wide spectrum of biological action which allows to use them to optimize the internal environment in livestock buildings. A new terpenoid called yyterol was spread in buildings for young fattening cattle. As a result, the rate of air bacterial contamination has been decreased by 64.6 - 71.6% and body resistance has been improved which ensured 2 fold decrease in the rate of calves respiratory diseased and 11% increase in average daily gains.

Full textSamsonovich V.
The influence of the small dozes of tireoidina to some indices of the natural resistance of pigs
The influence of the small dozes of tireoidina to some indices of the natural resistance and increasing of the living weight of pigs while growing period has been studied in the article. It was defined that adding tireoidina into ration in doze of 10 mg/ kg of pig allow to activise of the gymmoral factors of the natural resistance, particularly bacterial and lisocyme activity of blood serum, and fagocitarial activity of leukocytes and to increase of the daily living weight of pigs as well.

UpPoultry Production

Full textSirotkina L., Demjanovich E., Lechtman V.
The efficiency of sapropel's utilization as feed for broiler-chicken
Sapropel's utilization as component for the mixed feed allows to achieve a relatively high rate of live weight of broiler - chicken to 56 days of age. Sapropel's utilization does not negatively influence to meat quality and promote to better saving of the poultry heads and quarantee with more higher payment of feed.

UpMechanization of production and energetics

Full textAstakhov V.
The results of testing of pneumatic centralised system in the case of mineral fertilisers application
The results of testing of pneumatic centralised system in the case of mineral fertilisers application have been presented in the article. Such a system tested positively on experimental equipment for inside soil application of mineral fertilisers.

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